Selective Outrage

BOTTOM LINE … “Selective Outrage” could be the slogan for the Trump 2024 presidential campaign.”


The only bright spot for Will Smith from Chris Rock’s Netflix special, Selective Outrage, is that he knows at least one person watched “Emancipation”.

I pulled up Netflix Saturday night without any idea of what I was going to watch, which is a typical Saturday night for me now that I’m old and single. The first thing to pop up was Chris Rock’s live special, “Selective Outrage.” If I heard about this special coming up beforehand, I forgot. Since I didn’t have anything specific in mind to watch (more Community, IT Crowd, The Good Place?), I decided to check out Rock’s special which was coming live from Baltimore. I pulled it up during the pre-show.

The comedians during the pre-show were praising Rock and talking about how he was on fire and bringing his A-game, which to me was like when Trump announced his campaign for the 2024 presidential election…

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Florida Man

FloriDUH MAN!! — Perfection!! … “Here’s your cartoon for this week’s CNN Opinion newsletter.”


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I drew this Friday before I had the idea for my last cartoon on DeSantis that also featured Trump and Mickey. That cartoon was on the Florida bill that would require bloggers to register with the state if they write about elected officials. This cartoon is more about Trump versus DeSantis for the Republican nomination.

There were two Republican conventions over the weekend that featured dueling speeches and messages from Trump and DeSantis. Trump spoke and lied at CPAC while DeSantis spoke at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. But there was another speech (of sorts) over the weekend that I found contrasted with what Trump said that I found more interesting, and you’ll see that in the cartoon I’ll post later today.

Signed prints:The signed prints are…

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