Sunday Sweet Sermon …. “🙏🏽 ‘Always Watch the ‘Thought’ — It’s So Very Important’ 🙏🏽 ….. “!!

~~March 26, 2023~~


It’s so very important. It’s the basis for so much!!

It forms so very much of out reality!!


As another thought, I’m back!!


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President Demento

Perfectly apropos … “You gotta be a little crazy to write a song like “They’re Coming To Take Me Away! Ha-Haa!” and really crazy to draw cartoons or at least good ones. But you gotta be totally deranged and out of your fucking mind if you’re Donald Trump.”


I went to sleep with the radio on when I was a kid. For a couple of years in the early 80s, I lived in Ellaville, Georgia (I hated it) and the station I listened to was in Columbus and every Sunday night right around bedtime it played the Dr. Demento Show. Dr. Demento introduced me to Weird Al Yankovic and lots of other novelty songs. Obviously, I didn’t fall asleep during the Dr. Demento Show. I bet every political cartoonist listened to Dr. Demento.

One of the songs that seemed to play every Sunday was “They’re Coming To Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa!” by Napoleon XIV. There’s no actual singing in the song and the only music is rhythm from drums and hand claps. The speaking is at a normal pace but increases in speed and pitch during the chorus. It comes off as a guy going insane over his…

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This is the main point … “A penis is not pornographic. Nudity is not pornographic. It depends on the context. “David” is a classical piece of art. The only people who could be upset over stuff like this are people who want to send their kids to fundamentalist fucknut charter schools.”


Yesterday, someone commented on my Facebook post about my roughs, telling me to “be careful” because some cartoons could land me in Facebook jail. Seriously? I don’t already know that? I’m the king of being thrown into Facebook and other social media jails. And how am I supposed to be careful with posting my cartoons on Facebook? Maybe I should post them quietly. Fuck that…I will post everything thing I draw on Facebook and other social media accounts. I’m not afraid of Facebook jail and REFUSE to allow Facebook or any other platform to dictate (I said “dick”) how I work or what I can publish. Facebook doesn’t pay me. But, at least I know who’s been reporting my cartoons now. Fuckers from Florida.

How do I know it’s Florida fucks? Because a school principal in Florida was forced to resign over students seeing a photo of Michelangelo’s “David.” David…

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Walking. High on Sucralose.

Walking, walking, walking …. I really admire your tenacity and consistency!! — KUDOS!!

Live & Learn

I walk.

1055 consecutive (almost) days on this daybreak walk at Cove Island Park. Like in a row.

43° F. Spring is in the air.  Heavy fog is lifting.  A runner, a pair of kayakers, the ever present Canada Geese to remind me where I came from, and me.

I walk.

I circle back walking the wind swept shoreline, and there are my footprints, my Heavyimprints.

You’ve gained a few pounds since your last annual physical.” We’re both masked, she’s looking at me, and my eyes lock in on hers. I don’t bite on the “few pounds” slight, I know exactly how much weight I’ve gained, and I wouldn’t describe it as “few.”

Could it be triggered by the medication I’ve been taking since December?”

No chance of that,” she says, the response coming way too…

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Tick-Tock, TikTok

Here are the important things to think about … “What information is China going to get from American users that are not already being data mined by Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and maybe even LinkedIn (the most inept and useless app since MySpace)? Several representatives from yesterday’s hearing gloated over their performance and questioning of Chew … on Twitter. Couldn’t at least one of them detect the irony in that?”


TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew testified for hours yesterday before the House Energy and Science Committee and was hammered from the left and the right. Washington observers came away with the impression that it was a huge disaster for TikTok. But content creators on TikTok were less impressed by the Washington establishment.

Full disclaimer: I’m a TikTok user and I love it. It’s a great tool to expand my audience and it’s fun to make 30-second timelapse videos of my cartoons to music. But I can see the concerns about it. Even when I was a smoker I was not a fan of tobacco companies.

During yesterday’s hearing, the representatives kept trying to pin Chew down on TikTok being a tool for China to spy on users in the United States. The best they could get was “no,” and the best they could do was, “Nyuh-huh.”

Daniel Castro, the vice…

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