Cuba’s Coronavirus Response Is Putting Other Countries to Shame

Something must be good about Cuba … “The country combines a completely socialized medical system that guarantees health care to all with impressive biotech innovations. A Cuban antiviral drug (Interferon Alfa-2B) has been used to combat the coronavirus both inside the country and in China. “

Repeating Islands

cuban-doctors-italy[Many thanks to Peter Jordens for bringing this item to our attention.] Ben Burgis (Jacobin Magazine) says, “Cuba is caricatured by the Right as a totalitarian hellhole. But its response to the coronavirus pandemic — from sending doctors to other countries to pioneering anti-viral treatments to converting factories into mask-making machines — is putting other countries, even rich countries, to shame.” Here are more excerpts:

Last week, the MS Braemar, a transatlantic cruise ship carrying 682 passengers from the United Kingdom, found itself momentarily stranded. Five of the cruise’s passengers had tested positive for the coronavirus. Several dozen more passengers and crew members were in isolation after exhibiting flu-like symptoms. The ship had been rebuffed from several ports of entry throughout the Caribbean. According to sources in the British government who spoke to CNN, the UK then reached out to both the United States and Cuba “to find…

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Puerto Rico discovers protective supply cache amid COVID-19

For once, the incompetence proved to be positive … “The suspected mismanagement of essential supplies during Hurricane Maria turned out to be a boon for Puerto Rico as it fights a rise in coronavirus cases.”

Repeating Islands


A report from the Associated Press.

The suspected mismanagement of essential supplies during Hurricane Maria turned out to be a boon for Puerto Rico as it fights a rise in coronavirus cases.

Health Secretary Lorenzo González said Saturday that officials discovered a cache of urgently needed personal protective equipment at a hospital in the nearby island of Vieques that remains closed since the Category 4 storm hit the U.S. territory in September 2017.

He said the equipment includes face masks, gloves, gowns and face shields that were in good condition and would be distributed to health institutions.

“They’re very useful at this moment,” said González, who became the island’s newest health secretary this week, the third in the span of two weeks.

He also said officials recently located a warehouse with medicine and medical equipment worth $4 million donated during Hurricane Maria, and that nearly all of it had expired…

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Governor Andrew Cuomo ….. “🗽 ‘New York Tough’: Needs Help 🗽 …. “!!

~~April 4, 2020~~


That voice!!

A soothing, calming, steady voice in these times of uncertainty, chaos, fear, death and so much more.

I’m in Florida and I feel calm (sort of) when I watch his daily press briefings. How I wish Florida, and the nation, were guided by his steady hands!!

American Pandemic Epicenter

Bless him!


~~Published April 2, 2020~~

We can feel New York’s soul through our apartment walls: it’s the sound of our downstairs neighbor singing, of our upstairs neighbor dragging chairs across the floor. It’s the smell of our neighbor’s cooking wafting under the door, the sight of the policemen on the streets. It’s all of us – at one in our isolation, closer for our apartness – getting through this, together.

New York may be the home of tough love, but we need your help.

If you can please reach out to the New York Governor’s office at to donate masks and medical supplies to our frontline health workers.

Andrew Mark Cuomo is an American politician, author, and lawyer serving as the 56th governor of New York since 2011. A member of the Democratic Party, he was elected to the same position his late father, Mario Cuomo, held for three terms. 


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Workin’ WFH. With Yiyun Li.

For those who are working from home … “the worst kind of fidgeting is that of one’s mind … I wonder … not that one has known … but that one knows … This ceaseless effort” … It also happens to those ‘retired’ at home!!

Live & Learn

WFH. (Work From Home). No shoes. No socks.  Chained to the desk. Lower back groans.

HBR: “The risk is substantial. The lines between work and non-work are blurring… (those) who feel “on” all the time are at a higher risk of burnout when working from home than if they were going to the office as usual.”

I pause for a few page turns of Yiyun Li, Dear Friend, from My Life I Write to You in Your Life:being caught by the mesh of one’s mind.”

Friday Night. 11:30 pm. Everyone in bed – but me. I’ve shifted positions, from desk to couch.  I’m clearing out a swollen email box. 214. 210. 198. 175. 143. 138. 117.  18 hours. Calls. Conference Calls. Conference Calls. Conference Calls.  110. 108. 106. 104. 101. 99.

Get up to stretch. Walk to the kitchen. Grab a ramekin. Scoop…

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Corona Christ

“The states with exemptions for zealots are Florida, Louisiana, Tennessee, West Virginia, New Hampshire, Delaware, Michigan, and Mississippi. Oklahoma and Arkansas don’t have any bans on any gatherings. Missouri and Alabama just closed shops but I don’t know about church exemptions.” … and I live in Florida …. sucks!!



Even in states that are not giving stay-at-home orders, people are being encouraged to only venture out for essential services. Essential services usually include groceries, banks, healthcare, senior care and in Florida, gun stores. What?

But also, in a lot of our states, churches are defined as “essential.” In 11 of the most at-risk states of the coronavirus, church gatherings have not been banned.

So, why is gathering in a church not as dangerous as sitting in a restaurant? Is it because God will protect you in a church but not Applebees? Or is it that praying is worth the risk? Or (I think I got it now), Republican governors are afraid of pissing off their evangelical base, of which they are members too?

It’s no more important for you to go to a store and buy a gun than it is for me to go to the mall and…

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Happy Caturday …. “🐱 “Decaf Animated Short Film” by The Animation School 🐱 …. “!!

~~April 4, 2020~~


It’s Caturday again. Let’s combine a puppy and a kitten to make it much more fun.

Here’s one.



~~Published April 24, 2018~~

CGI 3D Animated Short Film: Decaf Animated Short Film by The Animation School – Saeed Adams, Thaband Chuene, Carike Cronje, Alexander Dewar, Mahendrie Govender, Christopher Masuabi, Stefan van der Sand