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Radonna is a professional artist and graphic designer with an eye for innovation and creativity. She has been in the industry for over five years and has worked the gamut of clients. Her greatest expertise revolves in social media, brand identity design, content creation, and collateral. Her goal has always been to combine her knowledge and expertise in these areas, to deliver the best creative to her clients and their audience. Radonna has three beautiful boys and enjoys creating art and writing poetry. She currently resides in Hohenwald, TN.

Sign the petition, Save the Gaza Children

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     The war in Gaza has been a major concern to many, everyone is talking about it, it makes headlines in all newspapers and TV stations… But what we are not talking about is the ‘Children in Gaza’.
     The Israel-Gaza conflict‘s death toll has now exceeded 1,000, most of them Palestinians, including innocent young children. These young children are going through a lot: some are being killed, others are injured or loose their parents to the seemingly unending conflict. Most of them no longer go to school, they do not play freely anymore, they don’t feel safe, there’s always a sense of danger, they’re always on the run… I worry so much about them, just as I worry about the Syrian children whose condition almost brings tears to my eyes and leaves me frustrated that I can’t do much to change the situation.
       Here’s apicture of…

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We enter the meditative state induced by counting laps, and observe the subtle play of light as the sun moves across the lanes. We sing songs, or make to-do lists, or fantasize about what we’re going to eat for breakfast. Submersion creates the space to be free, to stretch, without having to contend with constant external chatter. It creates internal quiet, too. Michael Phelps, the most decorated Olympian of them all, was found to have A.D.H.D. when he was a child; he has called the pool his “safe haven,” in part because “being in the pool slowed down my mind.”

…Five hundred lengths in a pool were never boring or monotonous; instead, Dr. Sacks writes, “swimming gave me a sort of joy, a sense of well-being so extreme that it became at times a sort of ecstasy.” The body is engaged in full physical movement, but the mind itself floats…

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5 Adorable Facial Expressions Prince George Stole From His Dad

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How adorable is this?

The Huffington Post

Originally published June 21, 2014

Happy 32nd birthday, Prince William!

It has been quite a year for the Duke of Cambridge, taking on the role of doting father to the adorable and dapper Prince George. Though we’ve come to know and love William over the years, his almost 1-year-old son is the ultimate trendsetter and style star in the family now.

But today we’re celebrating the birth of the handsome Prince William by showing all the times he and his son made strikingly similar facial expressions. It’s become pretty clear that lil’ G inherited the ability to look sassy, brooding and charming all at once from his suave dad.



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