To start the day …. “Bindi and Derek: Winners of DWTS Season 21″!!


~~November 25, 2015~~ 


Bindi Irwin wins Dancing with the Stars with performance dedicated to father

I’m a very happy camper.

I’m so very happy that Bindi and Derek won the mirrored trophy. Their effort, dedication, talent and energy showed throughout Season 21.

Bindi is a a breath of fresh air, poor unabashed joy.

Her love of her family shone through the 11 weeks that the show lasted.

I’m excited for her and Derek.

I will miss waiting for every Monday to watch the “next dance”. Thank you Bindi, thank you Derek.

Unforgettable season.


The 17-year-old daughter of Steve Irwin says show has ‘changed her life’ as she is announced winner of the US reality show with partner Derek Hough. They triumphed in the final of the reality TV show on Tuesday night, November 25, 2015.
Clem Bastow

The pair got a perfect score of 30 for their final dance routine and brought audience members to tears.

“Thank you so much for everything.

I can’t believe I’m here.

Thank you for changing my life,” Irwin said.

Irwin, who like her her father Steve Irwin works as a conservationist and a TV presenter, has been impressing audiences with her dancing flair during the past three months.

Steve Irwin died in 2006 after a stingray stuck its barb into his heart, and his daughter’s final Dancing with the Stars performance on Monday, November 23, 2015,  was dedicated to him.

First she and Hough danced quickstep to Dr. Bones, by Cherry Poppin’ Daddies, and then moved to a freestyle dance to Footprints in the Sand, by Leona Lewis.

In a video intro to the dance, Hough said: “It reminds me of where you’re from and your dad always being there no matter what.”

Irwin said: “I’ve tried to just remember his strength, knowing that Dad is kind of still with me.”

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~~Cha Cha -Argentine Tango Fusion Week 11~~

DWTS Season 21 Week 11 Part 2

~Published on Nov 24, 2015~

Bindi Irwin & Derek Hough Dance Cha Cha – Argentine Tango Fusion –
(Mirrorball Finale)


We ALL are connected through HUMANITY!!


We ALL are ONE!! 


At the end of the day …. “Bindi and Derek’s Freestyle: DWTS”!!


~~November 24, 2015~~ 


I’ve been following this season with more enthusiasm than ever before. From the day Season 21 started, I’ve been following, admiring and rooting for Bindi.

Last night, the freestyle which Derek choreographed for her was simply amazing and unforgettable.

She has been consistent in her performances. She has improved so much as the weeks have passed. She seems to be older than her years. The support of her family and loved ones has been remarkable. The presence of her father, Steve, has been quite notable.

Tonight is the night.

I’m holding my breath because I really hope she wins the mirrored trophy.

I found this YouTube video which shows the complete evolution, the practice, the reasoning, the performance and the judging of the dance.

I think it’s worth a watch.



Bindi Irwin reduces Dancing With The Stars audience to tears as she breaks down during emotional performance in memory of her late father Steve


There was hardly a dry eye in the Dancing With The Stars arena on Monday night after frontrunner Bindi Irwin took to the stage for a heartfelt tribute dance.

The Australian teenager couldn’t keep her composure and fell sobbing into the arms of her partner Derek Hough, after a childhood image of herself with her late father Steve flashed up at the end of her sequence.

The judging panel and studio audience members were visibly moved by the outpouring of emotion and many were seen wiping their eyes.

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~Bindi & Derek- Freestyle~

DWTS Season 21 Finale


~Published on Nov 23, 2015~

Bindi & Derek- Freestyle – DWTS Season 21 Finale



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To start the day …. “Peace: by Jody Steel …. Timelapse Drawing”!!


~~November 19, 2015~~ 


I found out about this awesome talented painter last night. I was traversing through the highways of social media and there is was. This awesome video.

There’s not much information about the artist except the link to her social media.

I think that this is so perfect to address the current world issues, the wars, the conflicts, the killings, the terror. World Peace Day was “celebrated” a few days ago.

We all crave peace.

Let’s at least try.





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Emerson student Jody Steel draws on thigh, gains fame

By Christopher Muther GLOBE STAFF

Students, ignore everything your parents, teachers, and professors have told you and listen carefully: Doodling in class can make you a star.

At least, that is what it has done for Emerson student Jody Steel, whose remarkable drawings, usually on her right thigh, have won her buzz, hundreds of thousands of views online, and job offers.

Since starting at Emerson College in 2011, the Florida native has been using her leg as a canvas on which to produce portraits of Bryan Cranston as Walter White in “Breaking Bad,” Radiohead singer Thom Yorke, and “Don Jon” actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Celebrity crushes, favorite television shows, and an occasional cat have found their way onto her leg as she carefully draws with a Pilot Precise V5 pen during class lectures.

The delicate shadings of her work bring to mind a series of pop-culture chiaroscuro sketches. They are documented on her iPhone and then lost to the ages with the help of soap and water.


“Completely unexpected,” Steel said of the attention. “Obviously you always hope your art will be seen, but I wasn’t expecting it to go so big and international.”

As her doodled masterpieces went viral, they became international curiosities. The story was picked up by websites in France and Britain and in newspapers across Europe. Now a website in Brazil is touting her talents. She has posted many of these stories to her Facebook fan page.

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~Peace by Jody Steel~

Timelapse Drawing

~Published on Nov 16, 2015~

For ways to help people of recent tragedy who may be thousands of miles from where you are, be sure to look into their local International Committee of the Red Cross​ organizations.



YouTube Channel




Official Website




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Something to think about …. The push back is still there!!


~~February 13, 2015~~

Discrimination by Another Name

Advocates Sound Alarm on Wave of New State Bills

(February 6, 2015 by Adam Talbot)

The HRC issued a report and resource guide for journalists compiling more than two dozen new, sweeping and seemingly coordinated pieces of legislation in more than a dozen states across the country – all geared toward undermining LGBT equality in a shroud of religious language.

The bills – many modeled on a failed attempt in Arizona last year that drew condemnation from businesses, faith communities, and elected officials in both parties – put all state non-discrimination laws at risk of being undermined or mooted. They threaten not just the LGBT community, but women, members of minority faiths and other minority classes.

“These bills do not address a legitimate problem with current law. Rather, they are written with the intention of creating harmful consequences,” said HRC Legal Director Sarah Warbelow. “They put minority groups at risk of being denied service everywhere from the convenience store to the doctor’s office—and they send a harmful message that fairness, equality and the principles of our constitution are secondary to personal discomfort and prejudice.”


Advocates are sounding the alarm with today’s report, hopeful that a similar coalition that led Governor Jan Brewer veto Arizona’s discrimination bill last year will emerge again and push back secretive interests that are advancing this new wave of legislation.

As the report notes, the harm these bills may cause doesn’t end with the LGBT community.

Under many proposed bills, an evangelical police officer could feel empowered to refuse to patrol a Jewish street festival; a city clerk could shirk the law and refuse a marriage license to an interracial couple, a divorcee seeking to remarry, or a lesbian couple; an EMT could claim the law is on his side after refusing service to a dying transgender person in the street; and the enforcement of other key sections of civil rights law could be dramatically undermined.


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~Is It Legal To Discriminate Against LGBT?~

~Published on Dec 18, 2014~

Special Thanks to Crystal Dilworth for hosting TestTube!

Gay marriage may be legal in the majority of U.S. states, but the LGBT community still faces discrimination from businesses, many of which even refuse service or employment.


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