IOTD …. Image of the day, #403 …. “Simple …. a resounding NO”!!


~~December 8, 2015~~ 


I must set aside the light tone of the most recent IOTD.

I’d been trying for lighthearted images to go along the Christmas spirit and the holidays.

However, due to the most recent development from the Republican front-runner for the 2016 Presidency, I feel the need to say a few short words:


The rest is up for you to find out and decide for yourself.



By Arianna Huffington
Earlier today, (December 7, 2015), the candidate currently leading in the polls for the Republican presidential nomination called for a “total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States.” That was, of course, Donald Trump. As Jeffrey Goldberg just tweeted, “Donald Trump is now an actual threat to national security. He’s providing jihadists ammunition for their campaign to demonize the US.”

The Huffington Post

“As it appears in … full read/full credit”

A Note on Trump: We Are No Longer Entertained




A dear blogger friend taught me this concept.

You can find Michelle here:


IOTD” is image of the day, a concept I came up with. I teach visual meditative therapy – or in easy terms – a mini mental holiday. For some people it is very difficult for them to get their image right. I post an image a day for people to use in their mini mental vacay. Some are serious, some are silly, and some are just beautiful!”



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IOTD …. Images of the day, #392 …. “Pure Perfection”!!


~~November 23, 2015~~ 


Donald Trump — the post-truth 2016 candidate


We’ve been around the political block long enough to know that almost all presidential candidates exaggerate, dissemble, take statements out of context and, yes, lie.

But from the start of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign (remember Mexican rapists?), he has taken this to a level we haven’t seen before in American politics.

Consider just these two examples from the weekend.

First, Trump said on Saturday in Alabama:

“I watched when the World Trade Center came tumbling down. And I watched in Jersey City New Jersey, where thousands and thousands of people were cheering.”

In fact, as the New York Times writes, “No news reports exist of people cheering in the streets, and both police officials and the mayor of Jersey City have said that it did not happen. An Internet rumor about people cheering in the streets, which said it was in Paterson, not Jersey City, has been denied numerous times by city and police officials.” But when ABC pressed Trump on his statement, he stood his ground.

“It did happen. I saw it … It was on television. I saw it.”

Second, Trump retweeted a graphic claiming — falsely — that African Americans are responsible for the killing of most blacks and whites in America. “That is not true, the Washington Post notes. “According to data from the FBI, most whites are killed by whites, as most blacks are killed by blacks.

There’s an obvious reason for that: Most people are killed by someone they know.”

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Facebook Timeline


I do not get it. I simply don’t. It’s not even a matter of which political party anyone is affiliated with or which beliefs anyone holds. I grew up in Puerto Rico, a colony of the United States but never the less “US land”. I was brought up thinking how great the US was …. as a country, as a leader, as an example to the world.

I cannot believe what I’m seeing and hearing now.

Any human with decreased number of brain cells can get what this “person” is doing and saying. There are no limits to his “statements”, nothing is off limits. He’s raised the “idiocy bar” so high that the other presidential hopefuls have no other option but to go along or even come back with more asinine statements. If they don’t, they will be left in his dust.

It’s true … this man isn’t an embarassment of this country. He’s an indictment of it.

I pity the United States of America.

(And I am an American citizen)



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I’ve used this meme before. I totally think it states the truth


We ALL are ONE!! 


Ruben Blades …. “He joins other Latinos in voicing his feelings about the “donald” ….”TRUMPADAS”!!


~~August 29, 2015~~ 


Ruben Blades

Another beloved, well know Latino joins the ranks of those who have reacted to the “donald’s” insulting, hurtful and incorrect comments directed at the Latino community.

He joins Joselyn Sánchez, J. Balvin, Maná. Christian de la Fuente, America Ferrara, Ricky Martin, Wisín and so many others.


Rubén Blades Bellido de Luna (born July 16, 1948), professionally known as Rubén Blades in Panama and within the family, is a Panamanian salsa singer, songwriter, actor, Latin jazz musician, and activist, performing musically most often in the Afro-Cuban and Latin jazz genres.

As songwriter, Blades brought the lyrical sophistication of Central American nueva canción and Cuban Nueva Trova as well as experimental tempos and politically inspired Nuyorican salsa to his music, creating thinking persons’ (salsa) dance music.

Blades has composed dozens of musical hits, the most famous of which is “Pedro Navaja,” a song about a neighborhood thug who is killed by a very attractive street walker he actually knows, he tried to kill her, she shot him, and they both die, a bum finds them, and takes his belongings, (his song “Sorpresas” continues the story), inspired by “Mack the Knife.” He also composed and sings “Patria” (Motherland), which many Panamanians consider their second national anthem.

He has won 7 Grammy and 5 Latin Grammy Awards.

He is an icon in Panama and is much admired throughout Latin America and Spain, and managed to attract 18% of the vote in his failed attempt to win the Panamanian presidency in 1994. In September 2004, he was appointed minister of tourism by Panamanian president Martín Torrijos for a five-year term. He holds a Licenciado en Derecho law degree from the University of Panama and an LL.M in International Law from Harvard University. He is married to singer Luba Mason.

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This is a very intense piece of writing. It’s to the point and concise. Rubén makes an analogy between the fictional Disney character Donald Duck and D. Trump.

I would suggest that, if you are interested in reading these incredibly interesting and inspiring words describing the analogy to Disney’s Donald Duck, that you copy and paste. Transport to Google Translator and you will be able to review Rubén’s point of view.




“Walt Disney creó, hace ya muchas décadas, un personaje que inicialmente despertó mas antipatías que afectos: El Pato Donald. Su principal característica era su carácter iracundo. Cuando las cosas no eran del agrado de Donald, explotaba en un paroxismo de gritos y se expresaba utilizando un idioma que la gente normal no atinaba a comprender.

El Pato Donald me recuerda, mas allá de la coincidencia de nombre, a Donald Trump, el pre-candidato republicano a la nominación por la presidencia de los Estados Unidos de América. Existe una sola diferencia entre Donald Trump y el Pato Donald: el Pato Donald nunca ha usado pantalones.

El Donald humano se jacta de tenerlos, y bien amarrados, y como prueba de ello despotrica a diestra y siniestra contra cualquiera que tenga la osadía de contradecir sus opiniones, que son solo eso, opiniones y no programas de gobierno o propuestas concretas dirigidas a enfrentar responsablemente las complejidades que plantea la responsabilidad de la administración pública.

En esto tengo cierto conocimiento, pues he llegado a ser candidato a presidente en Panamá, participando en un torneo electoral nacional, además de haber servido cinco años en un puesto público, expuesto al examen de tirios y troyanos. Considero que esa experiencia me proporciona la autoridad suficiente para opinar objetivamente acerca de lo que dice Mr. Trump, un fanfarrón con mucho dinero y un ego superior al producto interno bruto de su país.

Su última payasada fue expulsar al periodista Jorge Ramos de uno de sus soliloquios “a la Donald” que hábilmente disfraza como ruedas de prensa. Igual que su homónimo, el Pato, Mr. Trump reaccionó expulsando a Jorge de su reino, pues se sentía incomodado por sus preguntas y, por supuesto, por su condición de miembro del equipo de Univisión, grupo mediático que fue uno de los primeros en reaccionar públicamente a sus insultos racistas. Aunque algunos opinan que el periodista fue quien provoco el incidente por no esperar su turno, o por un simple deseo de protagonismo, considero que su acción fue diriigida a presionar a que el Sr. Trump enfrentara su propio método de “bullying“. O sea, recibió una dosis de su propia medicina y reaccionó con su habitual arrogancia.


Poco después le permitió a Jorge Ramos regresar, como si le concediera un salvoconducto, una dispensa para que pudiera hacer su trabajo, Eso, desde luego, en nada altera la fea imagen que Mr. Trump representa como político.

Hoy, Estados Unidos tiene un presidente que luce como uno de los más inteligentes y bien intencionados que hayan existido en los últimos cuarenta años. Y vale la pena señalar que muchos de los planes de Obama, lo que deseaba hacer o intentó crear, ha sido destruido por el Partido Republicano representado por voceros como el Sr. Trump. No creo que estos obstáculos hayan sido producto solamente del racismo, que de hecho existe no solo en Estados Unidos si no también en América Latina. Esto es algo a lo que todos debemos poner atención.

Lo que ha obstruido los planes del presidente Barak Obama, es la oposición de ciertos sectores a que se realicen los cambios necesarios para crear una mejor y más justa sociedad. Así como Mr. Trump es un escalofrío en busca de un cuerpo, la gente que lo apoya, un segmento que aumenta cada semana después que exhibe su soberbia, nos debe causar mayor temor aún.

La verdad es que en Estados Unidos la lucha, por no llamarla guerra todavía, no es solo por dinero, si no también por ideas. Lo que se está discutiendo, solapadamente, es el tipo de sociedad que va a existir en ese país de aquí a veinte años. Con su actitud, con sus generalizaciones, con un paternalismo que pretende brindar una imagen de solidaridad, con su beligerante intolerancia, Trump representa a lo peor que existe en el noble país del Norte. Y aclaro que no son solo estadounidenses los que apoyan sus estupideces. También lo respaldan latinos, o descendientes de latinos, que hipnotizados por el éxito material de Donald, caen en el engaño en el que también cayó la gente que eligió en Panamá a un candidato millonario: que “los ricos no necesitan robar”.

Sin ánimo de insultar a nadie, ese argumento es absurdo. La gente roba porque esa es su disposición, porque está en su carácter y porque lo que tienen nunca les parecerá suficiente. Esta es la principal característica de la codicia, no posee límite. Bernie Madoff, preso por la más grande estafa piramidal (Ponzi) jamás realizada en los Estados Unidos, administraba billones de dólares pero siguió hurtando, destruyendo el futuro de miles de personas, y de paso a su familia y a él mismo.

Criticar a Trump es como pegarle a un borracho por hablar idioteces. Simplemente no le demos la credibilidad que busca. Me parece que esta satisfaciendo su ego con lo que hace. No lo veo realmente dedicado a ser un candidato serio y creo que cuando se acerque la hora crucial de transformar su alharaca y sus vagas generalidades en argumentos concisos y serios, se retirará de la campaña por incompetente. Seguro culpará a terceros, pero no llegará a la otra orilla. Entre tanto, se divierte y recoge la fama que su complejo necesita, y que lo hace creer que lo que dice o hace, importa.

Más escalofriante que él mismo, es descubrir cuánta gente encuentra en su postura el sustento de sus esperanzas, sin darse cuenta de que esto equivale a esperar del Pato Donald un diálogo pausado, racional y productivo.

Donald Duck fue creado para provocarnos risa. El otro Donald, tal como lo veo, está programado para causar daño.

Y eso si que no es cosa de risa.

Rubén Blades
New York,
27 de agosto, 2005





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We ALL are ONE!! 


To start the day …. “Jorge Ramos and the “donald”!!


~~August 26, 2015~~ 


Jorge Ramos, the Univision anchor and journalist, extensively squabbled with Donald Trump twice in testy exchanges at a news conference before his rally here in Dubuque, with a security officer at one point ejecting Ramos from the event.


This one is coming from the heart.

I was watching TV last night, keeping my cell phone close, when I saw feeds coming through Twitter about this incident in Iowa involving Jorge Ramos and the “donald”.

I can not hide my contempt for the “donald” and it’s not simply because of this incident. Even prior to his candidacy announcement. I never watched any of his shows.

His mere looks were a definite “turn off” for me (and I don’t mean his hair). There’s something about the man which exudes vibes that are totally and completely negative.

His past history with women, his altercations with Rosie O’Donnell, his mere presence.

Then came the announcement for his presidency bid and the insults started.

He managed to alienate, in one single moment, a huge portion of a voting base: Latinos.

I was flabbergasted when he started his comments about the Mexican people!

Then the debate came along. His mannerisms, his arrogance, his body language, his derogatory comment about Rosie. Followed by his relentless campaign against Megyn Kelly.

In my personal opinion, this man is very dangerous.

He’s so full of himself that it’s a wonder doors don’t need to altered to accommodate the passing through of his huge ego. He’s extremely arrogant, bombastic, narcissistic, crass, slimy, hard, sleazy. He seems to have no compassion. He’s a person with no heart and prides himself on begin a ruthless businessman who knows the “art of the deal“.

Seems to me, he thinks he’s the center figure in

You’re Fired“.

Last night, he openly showed his contempt for those he feels are beneath him.

He’s the epitome of the “Ugly American“.

I really pity this country …. if the majority votes for him to be president. You always have to be careful what you wish for.

You may get it … tenfold.



Ugly American is a pejorative term used to refer to perceptions of loud, arrogant, demeaning, thoughtless, ignorant, and ethnocentric behavior of American citizens mainly abroad, but also at home. Although the term is usually associated with or applied to travelers and tourists, it also applies to U.S. corporate businesses in the international arena.

“As it appears in … full read/full credit”



Donald Trump Kicks Jorge Ramos Out Of Press Conference: ‘Go back to Univision’

“Sit down, Go back to Univision” …. the disdain and contempt for Jorge is dripping from his lips. Notice the way he “sics‘ the bodyguard on Jorge. 

~~Published on Aug 25, 2015~~


Donald Trump KICKS Out Jorge Ramos Univision Reporter during Press Conference!


~~Published on Aug 25, 2015~~

Donald Trump Confronted by Univision Jorge Ramos at Iowa Press Before Rally Speech – Univision anchor thrown out of Trump event,@realdonaldtrump yells “you weren’t called!”

Trump takes on Jorge Ramos of Univision Fusion. Jorge Ramos was forcibly removed from a Donald Trump press conference.


“Sit down, you weren’t called. Go back to Univision,” Republican front-runner Donald Trump scolded Univision anchor Jorge Ramos at a press briefing in Dubuque, Iowa, on Tuesday.

As Ramos continued to try and ask a question, Trump kept denying him the opportunity, and the well-known Mexican-American journalist was then escorted out of the room by security.

Trump-Fox feud boils over as CEO fires back “You can’t just stand up and scream. He’s obviously a very emotional person. So I have no problem with it,” Trump said later as another reporter asked about the incident.

The tense exchange with Ramos prompted another reporter to also ask about what happened only minutes prior.

“Certainly he was not chosen,” Trump responded. “He just stands up and starts screaming so maybe he’s at fault.”



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Jorge Ramos (born March 16, 1958) is a Mexican-American journalist and author. He is currently based in Miami, Florida. He anchors the Univision news television program, Noticiero Univision; hosts the Univision Sunday-morning, political news program, Al Punto; and hosts the Fusion TV English-language program, America with Jorge Ramos.

Jorge Ramos has won eight Emmy Awards and the Maria Moors Cabot Prize for excellence in journalism.

In 2015, Ramos was one of five people selected for Time‍ ’​s feature “The World’s Most Influential People”.

“As it appears in … full read/full credit”


No human being is illegal. – Jorge Ramos, news anchor at Univision

First, Trump booted Univision anchor Jorge Ramos out of his news conference.

Then things got interesting.


The “donald”



Two minutes into Donald Trump’s news conference here Tuesday night came the question he tried to silence.

“Mr. Trump, I have a question,” said Jorge Ramos, the top news anchor at Univision and one of the country’s most recognizable Mexican-Americans, as he stood up in the front row of journalists.

“Excuse me,” the Republican presidential front-runner told Ramos. “Sit down. You weren’t called. Sit down.

Ramos, holding a piece of paper, calmly tried to ask Trump about his plan to combat illegal immigration.

“I’m a reporter, an immigrant, a senior citizen,” he said. “I have the right to ask a question.”

Trump interrupted him. “Go back to Univision,” he said. Then the billionaire businessman motioned to one of his bodyguards, who walked across the room and physically removed Ramos from the room.

Trump’s dismissal of a major television news anchor lit up social media. Reporters asked Trump why he removed Ramos. At first, he accused Ramos of violating his news conference protocol. “He stood up and started screaming,” Trump said of Ramos. “He’s obviously a very emotional person,” said Trump.

But moments later, Ramos returned to his seat in the front row — and Trump called on him. For five minutes, they tangled over immigration policy, an issue on which both men have passionately different views. It was one of the more compelling moments of the 2016 campaign.

“Good to have you back,” Trump told Ramos, signaling to him to begin his questioning.

“Here’s the problem with your immigration plan,” Ramos said. “It’s full of empty promises.”

Ramos pointed out it would be unconstitutional to deny citizenship to what Trump calls “anchor babies,” children born in the United States to undocumented immigrants. Trump disagreed, saying it could be done as an act of Congress and that some legal scholars argue the 14th Amendment should be changed.

“A woman’s getting ready to have a baby,” Trump said. “She crosses the border for one day, has the baby, all of a sudden for the next 80 years — we have to take care of” the child.

The next question from Ramos: How do you build a 1,900-mile wall across the U.S. border with Mexico?

“It’s very easy,” Trump said. “I’m a builder…. What’s more complicated is building a building that’s 95 stories tall.”

The questioning continued. At one point, Trump said, “I can’t deal with this.” A Trump aide interrupted and told Ramos, “Is there one question — one question?”

Yet Trump let the questioning continue, seemingly determined to prove his case. “I have a bigger heart than you do,” he told Ramos. “We’re going to do deportations in a very humane fashion.”

Trump went on to assert that gang members in Baltimore, St. Louis, Ferguson and other cities are illegal immigrants.

“Listen, we have tremendous crime,” he told Ramos. “We have some very bad ones… Do you mind if I send them back to Mexico?”

Ramos replied, “No human being is illegal, Mr. Trump.”


The response: “Well, when they cross the border, from a legal standpoint, they’re illegal immigrants when they don’t have their papers.”

When Ramos pressed Trump on polls showing his unpopularity with Latinos, Trump would not accept the premise of the question. First, he interrupted Ramos and turned the question on him: “How much am I suing Univision for right now? Do you know the number? I know you’re part of the lawsuit.”

Trump filed suit against the network in June, alleging defamation and breach of contract, after Univision ended its relationship with him and canceled plans to broadcast the Miss Universe pageant he owns following his controversial comments about Mexican immigrants.

“I’m a reporter,” Ramos said.

“Five hundred million dollars,” Trump replied. “And they’re very concerned about it, by the way. I’m very good at this.”


“As it appears in …. full read/full credit


~~Jorge Ramos confronted Donald Trump in Iowa~~

~~Published on Aug 25, 2015~~

Jorge Ramos recaps the night’s events with Fusion correspondent Mariana Atencio.


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