At the end of the day …. “Why I’m Vegan: Athlete Tim Shieff”!!


~~July 20, 2015~~ 


When he’s not leaping across tall buildings, doing one-handed handstands or performing other daredevil antics, free runner Tim Shieff can often be found whipping up delicious vegan meals and speaking out for animals on his YouTube and social media channels.

Now, he’s combined his two passions to make a stunning new pro-vegan free-running video for PETA!

Tim isn’t alone in finding that plant-based foods help him perform at the highest level. Some of the world’s fittest, strongest athletes have performed extraordinary feats on a vegan diet



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Some of the typical benefits experienced by athletes after going vegan include:

Enhanced performance
Lean body mass
Improved endurance and stamina
Quicker recovery time
Resistance to illness

Of course, knowing that their diet isn’t harming any animals is an enormous, immeasurable benefit for all vegans, whether they’re athletes or not!

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Freerunner Tim Shieff Goes to Extraordinary Heights to Show the Power of Kindness

~Published on Sep 2, 2014~

Tim Shieff, American Ninja Warrior veteran and parkour champion, sprints, somersaults, jumps and climbs across the city in this breathtaking video, demonstrating how much anyone can thrive by choosing vegan.
Strong, fit and focused, Tim Shieff is a walking advert for the benefits of a vegan diet.

He explains: “I’m healthier and happier than I’ve ever been, and most importantly, no animals are getting messed with. Since going vegan, I can train longer and harder and even noticed my body heals a lot quicker”.


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~~Freerunner Tim Shieff: Why I’m Vegan~~

~~Published on Sep 2, 2014~~

In an exclusive interview, parkour champion Tim Shieff explains how a compassionate vegan diet has boosted his performance as an athlete, giving him more energy and helping his body become more resilient – which is vital to the sport of free-running.

He also shares tips for getting all the nutrients you need to be fit and healthy without harming any animals.


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MEDICAL CORNER …. Sea Salt vs Table Salt!!


~~February 2, 2015~~ 

What’s the difference between sea salt and table salt?

The most notable differences between sea salt and table salt are in their taste, texture and processing.

Sea salt is produced through evaporation of ocean water or water from saltwater lakes, usually with little processing. Depending on the water source, this leaves behind certain trace minerals and elements. The minerals add flavor and color to sea salt, which also comes in a variety of coarseness levels.

Table salt is typically mined from underground salt deposits. Table salt is more heavily processed to eliminate minerals and usually contains an additive to prevent clumping. Most table salt also has added iodine, an essential nutrient that helps maintain a healthy thyroid.

Sea salt and table salt have the same basic nutritional value, despite the fact that sea salt is often promoted as being healthier. Sea salt and table salt contain comparable amounts of sodium by weight.

Whichever type of salt you enjoy, do so in moderation.

Katherine Zeratsky, R.D., L.D.


I personally have switched from table salt to sea salt water and have noticed a difference in the texture and flavor. I appreciate the fact that sea salt has less processing and natural minerals are left behind. 

In my opinion, less human intervention, the better.


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~What’s the Difference Between Table Salt and Sea Salt? ~

~Published on Nov 14, 2013~

The differences between table salt and sea salt explained, both in nutrition and taste.


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