At the end of the day …. “Solutions To Terrorism: It’s Time To Wake Up”!!


~~November 19, 2015~~ 


Solutions To Terrorism: It’s Time To Wake Up

The world was shocked when Paris was attacked by extremist on the evening of November 13  and the attacks in Beirut the day before.  Humanity weeps for those we have lost in these tragic events, but it we need to look at why this keeps happening.

Russell Brand has published a video of what he thinks we need to do to end terrorism.

His ideas are great.


We must come to the understanding that we are all connected and that we share this planet with each other.

Violence is never the solution to violence, that will only fuel the flames.

If we show nothing but love to each other that will take the power away from the brutality that humans are capable of.

It is time for us to rid ourselves of these wars and unite as one on this planet.  When the history of man has reached its closure will it be ridden with acts of hatred .… or will it be the story of a logical and understanding species?

We decide.

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In 2 Minutes Russell Brand Gives The Solutions To Terrorism: It’s Time To Wake Up



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In 2 Minutes

~~Russell Brand Gives The Solutions To Terrorism~~

It’s Time To Wake Up

~~Published on Nov 17, 2015~~

We’ve written about Russell Brand several times on our website, and that’s because he is one celebrity, on an ever-growing list of stars, who is using his tremendous reach in an effort to effect positive change in the world, as well as raise awareness about several key issues that are currently facing our planet.


We ALL are ONE!! 


Something to think about …. “Remember Tom Cotton”?


~~April 13, 2015~~ 


What’s remarkable about the debacle over Sen. Tom Cotton‘s (R-Ark.) letter to Iran isn’t his hard-line policy stance, the unorthodox political maneuvering or even the GOP’s cavalier approach to so serious a foreign policy issue. In fact, Cotton has been doing genuinely wild things in foreign policy since his earliest days in Congress. His elevation to a Senate ringleader — one who appears to be taking very little internal GOP heat for a stunt that has damaged the party’s reputation — isn’t really about leadership or governing at all. It’s a sign of something much deeper than the letter: that deeply hawkish establishment Republican donors have demolished the small-government, war-skeptical tea party wing of the GOP that seemed ascendant just a few years ago.

In May 2013, then-freshman Rep. Cotton made his legislative foreign policy debut, offering the first amendments of his career in a House Foreign Affairs Committee markup session for what the GOP had dubbed the Nuclear Iran Prevention Act of 2013.

Cotton proposed an amendment that would significantly expand the list of Iranians subject to U.S. sanctions, based on nothing more than familial identity. Any relative to the “third degree of consanguinity” of the elite Iranians already on the sanctions list would automatically become subject to the same economic restrictions. In other words, as Cotton put it: “parents, children, aunts, uncles, nephews, nieces, grandparents, great grandparents, grandkids, great grandkids.”

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By Zach Carter





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We ALL are ONE!!