Announcement …. “‘Tis The Season … “


~~December 9, 2015~~ 


I’m going to be away from this spot, “It Is What It Is“, for a few days. I won’t have full access to a PC or laptop.

I still have the capacity to keep an eye on what happens in the blogosphere while I’m away.

I’m not able to just disconnect, particularly with what is going on in our world at this time.

There are so many problems, issues, conflicts, injustices, bigotry, destruction, killing, wars ….. We need to stay informed and educated about “happenings“.

I will leave you today with a message.

As noted above, we won’t find peace until we extend our circle of compassion to all living things, as Mr. Sweitzer noted.

‘Tis the season …

We are all in this together. Be kind to on another.




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(Song for Humanity)

~Published on Oct 23, 2015~

A song that campaigns humanity and word peace.

The footage was taken from various sources who also campaign humanity and world peace.

Thank you for watching and remember … be kind to one another.

Official Frost


We ALL are connected through HUMANITY!! 


We ALL are ONE!! 


Google Doodle for today …. “Google doodle celebrates 130th anniversary of Statue of Liberty’s arrival in New York”!!


~~June 17, 2015~~ 

Today is the 130th anniversary of Statue of Liberty’s arrival in New York


Lady Liberty is celebrating a big anniversary.

On June 17, 1885 — 130 years ago — the Statue of Liberty arrived in New York harbor.

A gift of friendship from France to commemorate the ideals shared by French and American governments, the statue arrived in New York harbor in more than 300 pieces, according to the National Parks Service.

Google is commemorating the 130th anniversary of the arrival of the Statue of Liberty in New York with doodles in the US and France.
Users of the French search engine are met with a picture of the iconic monument on a ship, with a link below inviting them to “relive the construction of the Statue of Liberty”.

It takes visitors to an interactive timeline of the “exceptional human, artistic and technical adventure” to create it in the 1800’s.

The copper statue was assembled over the course of several months on what was then called Bedloe’s Island, according to the National Parks Service, before being commemorated on October 28, 1886.

The artist who designed the statue, Auguste Bartholdi, said he chose to put the statue on what is now known as Liberty island because of its location in the busy harbor.

“As it appears in …. full read/full credit”



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“Born in France, made in the USA. Relive the creation of the Statue of Liberty.”

“Nearly 130 years ago, France gifted the US with one of the most prolific symbols of freedom the world over,” Google said in a statement.

“Since then, it has welcomed millions of people searching for a new life on unfamiliar shores.

“Today, the Statue of Liberty is more than just a symbol of solidarity. It’s a reminder that all countries thrive on the exchange of ideas and culture.”


Officially titled “The Statue of Liberty Enlightening the World”, it was a gift from France to the US marking the countries’ friendship and a century of American independence.

It was designed by French sculptor Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi, who became fascinated by Bedloe’s Island, now Liberty Island, during a trip to New York in 1871.


He chose it as the location for him to fulfill anti-slavery activist Edouard de Laboulaye’s dream of erecting a commemorative monument for the anniversary of independence, which he had started designing the year before.

Craftsmen started work in France in 1876 and the completed statue was taken apart again to be shipped across the Atlantic aboard French Navy ship the Isère eight years later.

The statue arrived in New York harbor on 17 June to huge crowds but the incomplete pedestal meant the entire structure could not be finished for another year.

On 28 October 1886, the statue of “Liberty Enlightening the World” was officially unveiled, with one million New Yorkers gathering to watch Bartholdi pull to French flag off Liberty’s face.

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When did the Statue of Liberty arrive in New York Harbor?

~~Published on Jun 17, 2015~~

Google celebrates the 130th anniversary of France delivering the Statue of Liberty to the United States on June 17th 2015.
“When did the Statue of Liberty arrive in New York Harbor?”, asked Google in the recent search term.

Height of the Statue of Liberty: 151 feet 1 inch.
It was dedicated on October 28th 1886.
…. and has been restored several times (1938, 1984-1986, 2011-2012).


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We ALL are ONE!! 



When Did the Statue of Liberty Arrive in New York Harbor?

~~Published on Jun 17, 2015~~
Happy birthday, Lady Liberty, happy birthday to ya.


Google Doodle for today …. Emmy Noether’s 133rd birthday!!


~~March 23, 2015~~ 

New Google Doodle Honors Revolutionary Mathematician Emmy Noether

Why Einstein called her a ‘creative mathematical genius’

Emmy Noether was no ordinary person … need proof? How many people do you know can count Albert Einstein as a fan of their work?

The legendary physicist once referred to Noether as, “The most significant creative mathematical genius thus far produced,” a fitting endorsement for a mathematician who made groundbreaking contributions to the fields of abstract algebra and theoretical physics, all the while overcoming deep seated sexism in her line of work.

For Noether’s 133rd birthday, it’s best to highlight the mathematician’s numerous accomplishments and shine a light on the influence Noether had on the world.


Noether’s work in algebra revolutionized the fields of mathematics and physics
Emmy Noether may not be a household name, but her compatriot Albert Einstein — someone who definitely is — once called her “the most significant creative mathematical genius thus far produced since the higher education of women began.”

Noether, born in a small town in Germany in 1882, would have been 133 on Monday, and Google is celebrating her life with a doodle. She is credited with revolutionizing the fields of mathematics and physics with her theory of non-commutative algebras, where answers are determined by the order in which numbers are multiplied.

After finishing her dissertation in 1907, Noether worked without pay at the university in her hometown of Erlangen for seven years, since women were not allowed to hold academic positions at the time. Her next post at the University of Göttingen was also denied official recognition for four years until 1919, because of objections from the institution’s staff.

She moved to Pennsylvania’s Bryn Mawr College in 1933 after Nazi Germany dismissed Jews from university positions, and died there two years later.

“I thought it would be best to highlight the mathematician’s numerous accomplishments and shine a light on the influence Noether had on the world,” wrote Sophie Diao, the doodle’s artist.

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~~Emmy Noether Google Doodle~~


~~Published on Mar 22, 2015~~

Emmy Noether Google Doodle – March 23, 2015 Google celebrates Emmy Noether 133rd Birthday with a nice Google Doodle in many countries.


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We ALL are ONE!! 


Google Doodle for today …. First Day of Spring 2015!!


~~March 20, 2015~~ 

Vernal Equinox: New Google Doodle Celebrates First Day of Spring

A celestial trifecta welcomes in the change of seasons

The Sun, the moon, and Google are celebrating the official start of spring — this year’s vernal equinox on March 20 will include a solar eclipse, a supermoon and a stop-animation Google Doodle.

As TIME wrote last year, the vernal equinox is when “earth’s axis is angled such that the world gets an equal amount of daylight and night,” signaling the start of spring in the Northern Hemisphere.

This year’s spring begins with a celestial bang. Most of Europe and parts of northern Africa and Asia will be treated with a partial solar eclipse and the few inhabitants of the Danish Faroe Islands andNorway’s Svalbard archipelago will be lucky enough to witness a total eclipse. Or, you can watch a streaming broadcast here.

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~~RELATED – 2014~~


~~Solar eclipse, vernal equinox, first day of spring Google Doodles~~


~~Published on Mar 20, 2015~~

Parts of the world will witness a solar eclipse on Friday – a rare phenomenon in which the sun is completely obscured by the moon. A solar eclipse can only happen at new moon, when the moon directly blocks sight of the sun from certain places in the world. It can take place up to five times a year, though according to Nasa, only 25 years in the past 5,000 have had five solar eclipses.

March 20, 2015, is a date that most of us recognize as symbolic of changing seasons. As we welcome spring, people south of the equator are actually gearing up for the cooler temperatures of autumn.


We ALL are ONE!!


Google Doodle for today … New Years Day 2015!!

~~January 1, 2015~~ 

New Year 2015: Google wishes Happy New Year with an animated doodle

New Delhi

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year 2015, Google has posted an animated doodle on its homepage. The doodle has been created by guest artist Cindy Suen.

This doodle is in tune with Google’s tradition of posting doodles on New Year.

The last year’s New Year doodle was in continuation to the New year’s eve 2013 doodle. The animated doodle showed a party on with speakers blaring and the digits 2-0-1-3 grooving on the dance floor and the digit 4 that had been waiting for the new year to begin replaced the digit 3 to form “2014”.



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~~New Year 2015~~

Google Doodle Collection

~~Published on Dec 31, 2014~~

Here is the Google Doodle about the New Year 2015 on January 1st, 2015. Google celebrates the year 2015 with this Doodle. It is a worldwide Google Doodle about the New Year 2015.

Have fun celebrating this day and the upcoming year.
Happy New Year!

Thumbs up for a great year!


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We ALL are ONE!! 


Google Doodle for today …. New Years Eve 2014!!

~~December 31, 2014~~

2014 trending topics: Google bids farewell to the year with top searches Doodle

Google has said goodbye to 2014, by displaying a Doodle on its homepage to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Using the bright colors which make up the search engine’s logo, the Doodle features an animation exploring the year’s top-trending searches.

The World Cup 2014, widely celebrated as one of the best in the tournament’s history and claimed by Germany, is symbolized by a bouncing football in the cartoon.

Space exploration was also given a firm nod, with both the Rosetta space mission and India’s Mars Orbiter mission pictured in the Doodle.

Also featured in the Doodle is the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, which saw people across the world chucking cold water over themselves in order to raise awareness of Lou Gehrig’s Disease – known as motor neurone disease in the UK.

Flappy Bird, the smartphone game which infuriated and delighted players in equal measure, is also represented in the animation. The game’s creator, Dong Nguyen, quickly became overwhelmed by its popularity and deleted the game from app stores in February.


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~~2014 trending topics – New Year’s Eve 2014~~

~~Published on Dec 30, 2014~~

Google Doodle for New Years Eve 2014 is about the 2014 trending topics on December 31st 2014. This is the New Year’s Eve Google Doodle 2014. It includes some of the top trending searches of 2014 like like the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, 2014 World Cup and Flappy Bird.

I’m looking forward for the New Year’s Day Doodle.


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We ALL are ONE!! 


Google Doodle for today …. Christmas Day 2014!!

~~December 25, 2014~~

Merry Christmas Google Doodle: ‘Tis the Season latest doodle begins ‘Happy Holidays’ with an amusing journey!

December 25 is here and the celebrations for the biggest festivals for the people of Christian community have begun globally. Yes, ‘Tis the Season‘, and the search engine giant Google is celebrating Christmas with a short-yet-cute movie as its ‘Doodle’.

As soon as one lands on the homepage of Google, it will see the door dressed in green color which resembles the color of the X’mas tree. The video takes you through a lovely journey beginning with a child who ages through the video (doodle) and finally ends being a grandpa hanging a gift for its pet. The latest ‘Google Doodle’ has perfectly depicted the beginning of ‘Happy Holidays’.

Google’s latest doodle is a motion doodle, in which a child begins from skating on the road, and ends up being a boy who is cheerfully riding a bicycle in the park. As the doodle progresses, the bicycling boy becomes a man riding an ice-skeeter. The amusing Google doodle then shows the man to be a family man on the ice-mountains with his family cherishing the cold weather. After the adventurous tour in the mountains, it is a sea voyage. The brief video takes the user to various stages of man’s life in an eventful journey.


The cutest part of the latest Google Christmas doodle is that the man is mow a grandpa and visits her grand-daughter’s house. It doesn’t ends there, as the generous grandpa hangs a bone as Santa’s gift for the dog (pet) that is sleeping besides the warmth of chimney.

The delighting ‘Christmas Google Doodle’ is the third doodle by the search-engine company in three days. On the eve of Christmas, the doodle depicted a young man in beards dressed in red suit dragging his sleigh, the same way a Santa Claus pulls his gifts-filled reindeers. The first doodle by Google marked the beginning of the festivities to come in next few days. The motion-doodle showed little children waving hands from the sleigh, which is driven by a Santa Claus who has descended from the moon.

Christmas 2014 is finally here and the season of long holidays has finally begun. The holidays extend till the New Year and people of age groups celebrate and enjoy the winter vacations with much joy and cheer.

We at wish you and your family a Merry Christmas 2014!

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Happy Holidays 2014

(Day 3: Christmas & 4: Boxing Day)

Animated Google Doodle ‘Tis the season!

Published on Dec 24, 2014


On 25th December 2014, Google celebrates the holiday season with the third nice animated doodle. It is the #3 doodle for the holiday series 2014 -‘Tis the season!

Google doodle has the same animation for 26th December 2014 – the Boxing Day.

Christmas brings family and friends together. It helps us appreciate the love in our lives we often take for granted. May the true meaning of the holiday season fill your heart and home with many blessings.

May joy and peace surround you in this season! Happy Holidays!

Frohes Fest! Frohes Weihnachten! Joyeux Noël! Merry Christmas!


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We ALL are ONE!! 


Google Doodle for today ….. “Tis the season”, 2014!!

~~December 23, 2014~~

One more day. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. Let’s all get ready for the celebration and the gatherings!! 

Google’s first doodle for this Christmas

‘Tis the season

Enjoy Christmas and the holidays


‘Tis the season!: Google Doodle celebrates the first day of the Christmas holidays

Google is celebrating the first day of the festive holiday season with a new Doodle depicting children in a sleigh waving as they are pulled along by a reindeer.
The festive “’Tis the season!” doodle, which gets a new incarnation each year, is the search giant’s way of celebrating the start of the Christmas holiday season for its users across the globe.


On clicking on Tuesday’s doodle, users are directed to a search results page for ‘Tis the season!, which features a disambiguation Wikipedia entry for the phrase at the forefront.

Also seen is an album widget on the right side, featuring a Wikipedia description of the ‘Tis the season! album of Christmas songs by Olivia Newton-John and Vince Gill, as well as links for all 12 songs that open lyrics and YouTube video results on a dedicated page.


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~~’Tis the season! – Happy Holidays 2014~~

~~Published on Dec 22, 2014~~

There is a Google Doodle called ‘Tis the season! on 23rd December 2014. It is a worldwide Google Doodle and the first one of a Christmas holidays series.


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We ALL are ONE!!