To Trump … “How Low Can You Go?”!!



~~November 27, 2015~~ 


You don’t have to be a Republican.

You don’t have to be a Democrat.

All you have to be is a human being.

There’s compassion for the fellowmen and women.

There’s charity for the needy.

There’s also a law known as the “Americans with Disabilities Act”.

There’s the “Golden Rule”.

Mainly there’s common sense.

This man truly believes that he’s above everyone and everyone.

He doesn’t care about badmouthing or disrespecting anyone. Remember the Mexicans, John McCain, Megyn Kelly, “illegal immigrants, Jorge Ramos, Black Lives Matter …. and so many others.

The list is endless.




Donald Trump Slammed For Mocking Disabled New York Times Reporter Serge Kovaleski

Speaking at a rally in South Carolina on Tuesday night Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump seems to mock New York Times reporter Serge Kovaleski, who has a chronic condition called arthrogryposis which affects the movement of his arms.

Trump imitates Kovaleski while defending comments he has made over the past few weeks, asserting that members of the Muslim communities in New Jersey celebrated following the collapse of the World Trade Center Towers in 2001.

The New York Times has slammed Trump’s actions as ‘outrageous’.



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(This is not direct discrimination, it’s lower than that).

The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) is a law that was enacted by the U.S. Congress in 1990. In 1986, the National Council on Disability had recommended enactment of an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and drafted the first version of the bill which was introduced in the House and Senate in 1988.

It was signed into law on July 26, 1990, by President George H. W. Bush, amended and signed by President George W. Bush with changes effective January 1, 2009.

The ADA is a wide-ranging civil rights law that is intended to protect against discrimination based on disability. It affords similar protections against discrimination to Americans with disabilities as the Civil Rights Act of 1964,[4] which made discrimination based on race, religion, sex, national origin, and other characteristics illegal.

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~Donald Trump mocks disabled New York Times reporter~

~Published on Nov 26, 2015~

Donald Trump mocks reporter with disability

Donald Trump Criticized After He Appears to Mock Reporter Serge Kovaleski – New York Times Slams Trump’s ‘Outrageous’ Mocking of Reporter With Congenital Condition


We ALL are ONE!!


At the end of the day …. “Am I the only one concerned here?”


~~March 24, 2015~~ 


I almost promised myself that I wasn’t going to give this idiot any time on my “spot”. However, as I read more and more. As I listen to more information, I’m getting quite concerned.

Is this the country that I want to live in? Is this the country that I’ve looked up to all of my adult life?

I can’t help it. I apologize for those who don’t enjoy politics or don’t even follow any political topic. But this man is scary …. and he has tossed his hat in the ring of the future candidates running for the USA presidency in 2016.

Is there any way that this could be stopped? How many voters will be taken is by his insane rhetoric?

I don’t even know what more to say. Please, if you can and want to, listen to this video.

I am scared!!



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~~Insane Conspiracy Theories Ted Cruz Actually Believes~~

~~Published on Mar 23, 2015~~

“Cenk Uygur ( host of The Young Turks discusses the revelation of some pretty whack conspiracy theories Senator Ted Cruz believes.

Believing in wild and wacky things is nothing new to either Republicans or Democrats so it should surprised absolutely no one that Texan Republican Senator Ted Cruz holds dear so rather tall tales. Things Cruz believes range from, but are certainly not limited to; Communist infiltrators of Ivy League schools to a devious plot to destroy the game of golf. And this is only the tamer things that he is sure of.”


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We ALL are ONE!!