At the end of the day …. “New Prince Ea video: Man vs Earth”!!


~~November 27, 2015~~ 


In his latest video, “Man vs. Earth” spoken word artist Prince Ea opens by saying,

“Fun fact:

In “Man vs. Earth,” spoken word artist Prince Ea opens by saying, “Fun fact: Planet Earth is 4.5 billion years old, mankind, about 140,000 years old. Let me put that in perspective. If you condense the Earth’s lifespan into 24 hours—that’s one full day—then we have been here for, drum roll please, three seconds.” Only by coming together, he says, can we make it to the proverbial fourth second.

Prince Ea objects to us calling ourselves homo sapiens, or “wise man” because, though we may be intelligent, we lack wisdom. “While intelligence speaks, wisdom listens,” he says. “And we willingly covered our ears to Mother Nature’s screams and closed our eyes to all of her help wanted signs.

Let me put that in perspective. If you condense the Earth’s lifespan into 24 hours – that’s one full day – then we have been here for, drum roll please, three seconds.” Only by coming together, he says, can we make it to the proverbial fourth second.”

Prince Ea objects to us calling ourselves homo sapiens, or “wise man” because, though we may be intelligent, we lack wisdom.

“While intelligence speaks, wisdom listens,” he says. “And we willingly covered our ears to Mother Nature’s screams and closed our eyes to all of her help wanted signs.


New Prince Ea video: Man vs Earth

Natalie Prolman on Nov. 24, 2015

Last Earth Day, activist and spoken word artist Prince Ea brought us the powerful and thought-provoking video Dear Future Generations: Sorry. With over 96 million views on Facebook to date, Prince Ea achieved something pretty incredible for the environmental community.

He clearly communicated the urgency of protecting our planet and inspired millions to understand the importance of mitigating climate change and taking action to stop deforestation. 

He was able to reach the hearts of the generation to whom this issue matters to most: young people. And reminded us all that the power of change is in OUR hands!

I had the honor of sitting down with Prince Ea in London last week to discuss his newest video in support of the Stand For Trees campaign.



“What was your inspiration for doing a second Stand For Trees video?”

Prince Ea

“I felt like there was more to say. The story was unfinished, I had more to get out there and in a different way. When I was brainstorming the original concept of writing a letter to future generations I came up with other dynamic ideas which I thought could be just as compelling. One of which was the 3 seconds theme, which I use in this one. This particular video is coming from an anthropological perspective (what I studied in school), looking at us as a species and the ramifications of our existence.”


“What is the message you’re sending to the world?”

Prince Ea

“The message is: An inner revolution needs to take place. Global warming, climate change, animal agriculture, pollution, pesticides … all of these things are symptoms. They are byproducts of our inner reflection and how we see the world, how we see each other and how we see the environment. We’re very separated and divided, but that is not the truth about reality.

That is the truth about our socially constructed reality. The main message is to find the truth and see that we are connected to all beings both great and small. I always end with a message of hope, I believe that we can and will turn it all around. However, I don’t think the goal is to save the world, but to reshape it.



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“Why do you think young people are such a critical audience for this message?”

Prince Ea

“I think because it’s really our future that’s at stake. We are the first generation to really see the impact of climate change and the last one who will be able to do something about it. So it’s definitely crucial that young people will become more aware. We have an opportunity to really evolve the human species into a new direction. A totally new direction from our past. One with mindfulness and love and care and understanding. No longer a business as usual approach.”


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~Published on Nov 24, 2015~

Who Do You Think Will Win?


We ALL are ONE!!


To start the day …. “Céline Dion: Hymne à l’amour Tribute to Paris”!!


~~November 24, 2015~~ 


(Edith Piaf Classic)

Celine Dion sings L’Hymne a L’Amour in tribute to Paris attack victims at American Music Awards 2015


The American Music Awards took a sombre turn on Sunday when Celine Dion sang in tribute to the victims of Paris’s terror attacks.

The Canadian singer covered Edith Piaf’s L’Hymne a L’Amour after actor-musician Jared Leto delivered an emotional speech about the deadly events.


Leto spoke about an impromptu show his band Thirty Seconds To Mars had performed at Le Bataclan in Paris, the scene where 89 people lost their lives in the attacks 10 days ago.

He said: “Seven months later that same venue was under siege, one of a series of attacks that changed the world forever.
“Tonight we honor the victims of the unimaginable violence that took place in Paris and around the world.

“France matters, Syria matters, Russia matters, Mali matters, the Middle East matters, the entire world matters and peace is possible.”

Introducing Dion’s performance, Leto added:

“Many of us here are the sons and daughters of immigrants and Steve Jobs, the son of a Syrian immigrant, and President Barack Obama.

“The American Music Awards wanted to show its support for the people of France and the entire world.”

“As it appears in … full read/full credit”



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~Hymne à L’Amour~

Celine Dion

(Live at American Music Awards AMAs 2015)

~Published on Nov 22, 2015~

Celine Dion performs a heartfelt rendition of Edith Piaf’s “Hymne à L’Amour” as a tribute to all the victims of terrorists attacks.



We ALL are connected through HUMANITY!!

We ALL are connected through MUSIC!!


We ALL are ONE!! 


To start the day …. “Give it away and it will come back”!!


~~January 17, 2015~~ 

Give it away and it will come back

~~Alan Watts~~


‘That what I want, basically, what I really want, is what you want. And I don’t know what you want. Surprise me’.

But that’s the kinship between “I” and “thou”. So when I ask, I go right down to the question, which we started with: “What do I want?”

The answer is “I don’t know”.

When Bodhidharma was asked, “Who are you?” which is another form of the same question, he said “I don’t know”. Planting flowers to which the butterflies come, Bodhidharma says “I know not”. I don’t know what I want.

And when you don’t know what you want, you reach the state of desirelessness. When you “really” don’t know … you see, there’s a beginning stage of not knowing, and there’s an ending stage of not knowing.

In the beginning stage, you don’t know what you want because you haven’t thought about it, or you’ve only thought superficially.

Then when somebody forces you to think about it and go through it, you say, “Yeah, I think I’d like this, I think I’d like that, I think I’d like the other”. That’s the middle stage.


Then you get beyond that, and say “Is that what I really want?” In the end you say, “No, I don’t think that’s it … I might be satisfied with it for a while, and I wouldn’t turn my nose up at it, but it’s not really what I want”.

Why don’t you really know what you want? Two reasons, that you don’t really know what you want.

Number one: You have it.

Number two: You don’t know yourself.

Because you never can. The godhead is never the object of its own knowledge, just as a knife doesn’t cut itself, fire doesn’t burn itself, life doesn’t illumine itself. It’s always an endless mystery to itself. “I don’t know”.

And this “I don’t know”, uttered in the infinite interior of the spirit, this “I don’t know”, is the same thing as “I love”, “I let go”, “I don’t try to force or control”. It’s the same thing as humility.


And so the Upanishads say, “If you think that you understand Brahman, you do not understand. You have yet to be instructed further. If you know that you do not understand, then you truly understand, for the Brahman is unknown to those who know it, and known to those who know it not’.

And the principle is that any time you, as it were, voluntarily let up control, in other words, cease to cling to yourself, you have an access to power. Because you’re wasting energy all the time in self-defense, trying to manage things, trying to force things to conform to your will.

The moment you stop doing that, that wasted energy is available. And therefore you are, in that sense, having that energy available, you are one with the divine principle. You have the energy! When you’re trying, however, to act as if you are god, that is to say, you don’t trust anybody and you’re the dictator and you have to keep everybody in line, you lose the divine energy, because what you’re doing is simply defending yourself.


So then the principle is: the more you give it away, the more it comes back.
Now you say, ‘I don’t have the courage to give it away. I’m afraid’.

And you can only overcome that by realizing, you better give it away, because there’s no way of holding on to it. The meaning of the fact that everything is dissolving constantly, that we’re all falling apart, we’re all in the process of constant death, and that –
‘The Worldly Hope men set their Hearts upon/Turns Ashes – or it prospers; and/Like Snow upon the Desert’s dusty Face/Lighting a little Hour or two – is gone all that Omar Khayyam jazz.


You know, ‘The cloud-capped towers, the gorgeous palaces, the great globe itself, I, all which it inherit — shall dissolve, and like this insubstantial pageant faded, Leave not a rack behind.’   …

All falling apart. Everything is. That’s the great assistance to you. That fact that everything is in decay is your helper. That is allowing you that you don’t have to let go, because there’s nothing to hold on to.

It’s achieved for you, in other words, by the process of nature. So once you see that you just don’t have a prayer, and it’s all washed up, and that you will vanish and “leave not a rack behind”, and you really get with that, suddenly you find that you have the power, this enormous access of energy.

But it’s not power that came to you because you grabbed it; it came in entirely the opposite way. The power that comes to you in that opposite way is power with which you can be trusted.’





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~Give it away and it will come back~

~Published on Aug 29, 2013~

Music: Ludivico Einaudi – I giorni



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We ALL are connected through HUMANITY!!



We ALL are ONE!! 


Marriage Equality in Florida …. Update #3!! Dare we hope?

~~December 23, 2014~~ 

Intervention: Congressman Alan Grayson and Osceola commissioner step in on gay marriage

Posted by Billy Manes on Tue, Dec 23, 2014 at 11:02 AM


“State Attorney Jeffrey L. Ashton informed the Clerks of Courts in Orange and Osceola counties today that his office will not prosecute them for issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples when the ban is lifted on January 6th.”

Congressman Alan Grayson (FL-09) and Osceola County Commissioner Cheryl Grieb have asked Orange-Osceola State Attorney Jeff Ashton to confirm that local Clerks of Circuit Court will not be prosecuted for issuing marriage licenses to same sex couples.



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Maybe it’s the holiday crunch and the associated number of days people will be drinking outside of the office – or perhaps because it’s a huge and necessary battle about why equality matters in this state and nationwide – but the developments in Florida’s gay marriage conundrum are happening almost every hour on the hour.

Yesterday, we reported that Miami-Dade Clerk of Courts Harvey Ruvin was seeking some clarity from the courts on whether he was actually going to be able to issue marriage licenses on Jan. 6, seeing as, well, the marriage ban is unconstitutional in every way possible, and the U.S. Supreme Court has denied U.S.

Attorney General Pam Bondi a stay on the issuance of licenses next month. Many of the state’s 67 county clerks, though, fear legal retribution, thanks to a discredited report from advisers to the state clerks association. Last night, the same advisers stood their ground, stating that clerks should still avoid being kind to the gays, because, oh no, slaps on wrists or whatever.


This morning (or maybe last night?), U.S. Congressman Alan Grayson, our congressman who actually loves the gays, joined with Osceola County Commissioner Cheryl Grieb in turning up the heat on Orange-Osceola State Attorney Jeff Ashton on the issue of pressing charges against clerks issuing licenses to same sex couples.

Ashton, you see, is characteristically playing the issue safe and down the middle. Yesterday he issued a statement via spokeswoman saying: “The State Attorney does not announce in advance which cases he will prosecute. If he receives a complaint, that complaint will be investigated and evaluated, as other complaints are, and a charging decision will be made at the appropriate time.”

Grayson and Grieb contend that this is all a violation of the Federal Equal Protection Clause of the U.S. Constitution, because that’s exactly what the U.S. Supreme Court said last year. Grayson, who wrote both myself (Billy Manes) and my deceased partner (Alan Jordan) into the Congressional Record this summer in honor of our work for equality, is once again not parsing words here. The press release is just below, and beneath that, the full letter. Game on, Ashton.

~Grayson: Don’t Prosecute Clerks Who Issue Gay Marriage Licenses~

Congressman and Osceola Commissioner Grieb ask State Attorney Ashton to use “prosecutorial discretion” when legal rulings go into effect

“As it appears in …. full read”



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Dare we hope?