Thoughts for today, #288 .… “We Come in MANY Colors”!!


~~November 17, 2015~~ 


“Our skins are different.

We have many colors.

We are all Puerto Rican (Borinqueños).




Puerto Ricans (Spanish: Puertorriqueños; Taíno: boricua) are the inhabitants or citizens of Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico is a multi-ethnic nation, home to people of different ethnic and national backgrounds. As a result, some Puerto Ricans do not treat their nationality as an ethnicity but as a citizenship with various ethnicities and national origins comprising the “Puerto Rican people“.

Despite its multi-ethnic composition, the culture held in common by most Puerto Ricans is referred to as mainstream Puerto Rican culture, a Western culture largely derived from the traditions of Western European migrants, beginning with the early Spanish settlers, along with other Europeans arriving later such as the Corsicans, Irish, Germans and French, along with a strong West African culture which has been influential.

Puerto Ricans commonly refer to themselves as boricuas. “The majority of Puerto Ricans regard themselves as being of mixed Spanish-European descent. Recent DNA sample studies have concluded that the three largest components of the Puerto Rican genetic profile are in fact indigenous Taíno, European, and African”.

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We ALL are ONE!! 

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To start the day …. “Rumer and Val: Rumba”!!


~~May 5, 2015~~ 


I have been a follower of this show since it started. There have been times that it’s disappointing. My main pet peeve doesn’t have to do with the production or the contestants that are chosen. It is the fact that the music that is chosen doesn’t seem the best for the Latin dances: Salsa, Samba, Rumba, Paso Doble.

Coming from a Latin country, I’m fully aware of the music that should accompany these styles of dance. Yet, I stay and watch the show.

Last night, the selection for the rumba was perfect and couple that to the flawless renditions of Rumer and Val, it made for a beautiful dance.

Judge for yourselves.

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Rumer Willis & Val Chmerkovskiy Get Perfect Score For Rumba on DWTS

Rumer Willis and Val Chmerkovskiy definitely impressed the judges on Dancing With The Stars on Monday night (May 4, 2015).

Team ValenRue scored a perfect 40 from the judges for their Rumba to “Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps” by Doris Day for America’s Choice.

Even judge Len Goodman gave them a 10 for keeping it simple!


Rumer Willis and her partner Val Chmerkovskiy nabbed the very first perfect score of this season on Monday’s “Dancing With The Stars” after dancing a flawless rumba to the song “Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps” by Doris Day on America’s Choice Night.

Julianne Hough told the pair after their first dance, “This was the Rumer and Val we met at the beginning. I’m so passionate about the way that you dance.” She went on to say, “That was the best dance I think you’ve done.”

Len Goodman noted it was “simple” and “beautiful,” adding, “It’s great … fantastic!” Carrie Ann Inaba gushed, “That was incredible. It was sheer perfection.”

And Bruno Tonioli exclaimed, “It was a pitch perfect, refined, high-class rumba.”

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~Rumer & Val’s Rumba~

Dancing With the Stars

~Published on May 4, 2015~

Rumer Willis & Valentin Chmerkovskiy dance the Rumba to Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps (Quizas, Quizas, Quizas) by Doris Day on Dancing With the Stars’ America’s Choice + Trios Night, and it earned them the first perfect score of the season.


We ALL are ONE!!