Thoughts for today, #220 …. “What happens when I’m no longer a fetus?!!


~~August 25, 2015~~ 


Anti-abortion or pro-life movements are involved in the abortion debate advocating against the practice of abortion and its legality. Many anti-abortion movements began as counter-movements in response to legalization of elective abortions.

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Abortion-rights movements advocate for legal access to induced abortion services. The issue of induced abortion remains divisive in public life, with recurring arguments to liberalize or to restrict access to legal abortion services. Abortion-rights supporters themselves are frequently divided as to the types of abortion services that should be available and to the circumstances, for example different periods in the pregnancy such as late term abortions, in which access may be restricted.

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It seems to me the current climate on this topic, mostly by male politicians, who do not bear children, stops at defending the unborn child.

When does life begin is a very important question. Some claim the heart starts beating very early, others that life begins at the moment of conception.

Many of these are valid points.

However, what happens when the child is born?

That’s the point of this “thought“.

When I am no longer a fetus, who feeds me, clothes me, educate me .. and there are plenty more needs.

Seems that these other needs are not factored in the discussion.

They are as important and valid.

Many even more important after the child is born.

Let’s not forget that, providing for all these needs, is the investment in the future generations.



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Thoughts for today, #212 …. “Marriage is not Beautiful”!!


~~August 13, 2015~~ 


To love is to help and encourage

With smiles and sincere words of praise

To take time to share

To listen and care

In tender, affectionate ways.

To love is to have someone special

On whom you can always depend

To be there through the years

Sharing laughter and tears

As partner, a lover, a friend.

To love is to make special memories

Of moments you love to recall

Of all the good things

that married life brings


is the greatest of all




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To start the day …. “At Last”!! ♫ ♪ ♫


~~February 13, 2015~~ 


I can not believe that there could be any human heart that wouldn’t rejoice with Lennie and Pearl. They sure waited long enough and gave meaning to the “institution of marriage”. How can anyone deny this privilege to any loving, committed couple?


Living in the Overlap is the improbably true story of two girls growing up in Brooklyn in the 1940’s, falling in love in the Midwest, and making a life together in North Carolina.

Filmmakers learned about Lennie Gerber and Pearl Berlin’s 46-year love story from a newspaper article and wanted to share their philosophy of relationships and their vibrant personalities with a larger audience. Lennie is an attorney focusing on LGBT issues, and Pearl is a retired professor working on various political issues. They are surprised to have reached icon status for simply living their lives together. The film includes public and private moments in Lennie and Pearl’s lives using interviews, archival material, and sequences shot during their efforts to defeat North Carolina’s anti-gay marriage amendment.

Living in the Overlap provides an overview of how Lennie and Pearl met and fell in love before focusing largely on key episodes in their lives together now. They are recent recipients of a major award from a foundation supporting LGBT issues, an award presented at a formal gala.

Despite strong efforts against the measure, the amendment passed, and they appeared on The Last Word With Lawrence O’Donnell after the election. Along with reflections and insights about civil rights and the political process, they offer wisdom about enduring relationships, including an overarching philosophy of their relationship.

They think of themselves as two circles, often overlapping, who are both independent and interdependent.

After 46-years of living in the overlap, Lennie and Pearl still have an indelible spark.


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Names: Ellen W. Gerber (Lennie) and Pearl Berlin

Dates of wedding: June 2, 2013 (also our 47th anniversary) a traditional, legal Jewish wedding in Greensboro, North Carolina.

September 10, 2013, a legally recognized wedding, also by a rabbi, in the Jewish Museum of Maine in Portland Maine.


Pearl: retired Professor

Lennie: retired attorney; Managing Attorney for a Legal Aid office, retired and then worked primarily on LGBT issues

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~~Know + Love: Pearl & Lennie~~

~~Published on Apr 17, 2012~~

Pearl and Lennie of High Point, NC, have been together for more than 45 years. On May 8, 2012, North Carolinians will vote on Amendment One, a proposed constitutional amendment that could take away basic legal protections from unmarried and same-sex couples.


~~Love Can’t Wait~~

Lennie & Pearl

~~Published on Oct 29, 2014~~

Lennie Gerber and Pearl Berlin met and fell in love 48 years ago. They were legally married in Maine in 2013, but their marriage was not recognized in their home state of North Carolina.

Couples like Lennie and Pearl are the reason we need full marriage equality nationwide, now.


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