At the end of the day …. “It’s too much; I’m going … “!!


~~November 23, 2015~~ 


I couldn’t have said it any better.

There’s so much going on.

It’s too much.



Stop The World I Want To Get Off

I’ve had enough, why we cannot get on with each other
I’ve never known times so rough,
Where ‘o’ where has all the love gone
Why show the hate with a roadside bomb,
Freedom riots crushed with tanks,
Write about flowers and beautiful nature?

No thanks
Stop the World I Want to Get Off!
Countries with no one to kill rape the earth
Destroying forests so fast leaving nothing but dearth,
Then boffins who can’t make a car that can go slow
That so many road victims so early to heaven must go.
To top the hate cake 911 shook the world
As the news and horror unfurled,
Stop the World I Want to Get Off!
I’ve booked a flight on the first shuttle leaving soon
To live with that loving man who lives on the moon,
I know those with love who are left will win in the end, but
I must leave now or I’ll go round the bend.

Ken e Hall




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We ALL are ONE!! 


To start the day …. “Refugee Crisis 101 …. Understand it now?”!!


~~September 18, 2015~~ 



The gruesome civil war in Syria started several years ago. Iraq and Afghanistan have been roiling ever since the U.S. invasions more than a decade ago. Ethnic strife and political repression have been common in parts of Africa for even longer. But the wave of migrants seeking sanctuary from these places in the European Union has only spiked this summer, with thousands of asylum seekers arriving every day.

Why are they coming now? It depends on whom you ask.

The migrants themselves, when they arrive in the E.U. by boat on the shores of Greece or walk across border into Hungary, will often say that their choice to migrate in the last few weeks was personal or coincidental.

One Syrian woman, whom TIME met as she walked through northern Serbia with four of her young children, said her husband was imprisoned by the Syrian regime a year ago, and she only fled when he told her how little hope he has of being freed.

A young man from Afghanistan, who came ashore in a packed motorboat on Friday morning on the Greek island of Lesbos, said he left home last week mostly because his parents finally finished the months-long process of scrounging up the money for his journey.


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But there are many other factors behind the sudden rush.

Perhaps the main draw for migrants fleeing Syria was the German government’s pledge last month to take all Syrian asylum applications, regardless of how they reach German territory.

Normally, under E.U. rules on migration, a refugee can only claim asylum in the E.U. country he enters first. That means migrants traveling overland from the Middle East can get stuck in the less prosperous nations of southern and eastern Europe. But in light of the chaos unfolding in Syria, German Chancellor Angela Merkel made a promise to all Syrian refugees: if you manage to physically reach Germany, you can apply for asylum in Germany.

The safest and easiest path for these migrants to reach Western Europe is known as the Balkan route, which takes them more than a thousand miles northwest, by land and sea, through Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Hungary and Austria. Authorities in Hungary, which is governed by a populist right-wing party called Fidesz, have taken the hardest line against migrants crossing their territory. And in July, their promise to seal off their southern border with Serbia spurred tens of thousands of migrants to take the Balkan route before Hungary severs it with a four-meter high fence.

“As it appears in …. full read/full credit”

Why Refugees From Old Wars Are Only Rushing To Europe Now


~Here’s Why Refugees Are Rushing To Europe Now~

~Published on Sep 16, 2015~

Unprecedented numbers of refugees continue to land on Europe’s shores every day.

Thousands are willing to risk their lives to reach parts of Europe before winter arrives and EU countries continue to tighten their borders.


This is not their doing.

Through no fault of their own, millions of people had to leave what they knew, their country, their material belongings, their jobs. They are fleeing constant war, persistent shelling, corruption, violence, disruption, torture, death.

They are traveling through uncertain places, through dangerous routes.

Some don’t even know how to swim and they try to cross the Mediterranean Sea.

As we all know plenty have lost their lives.

The civil war in Syria started several years ago.

Iraq and Afghanistan have been very unstable ever since the U.S. invasions more than a decade ago.

There’s a moral responsibility here.

If only for the fact that they are members of the human race.

Some people of the “invaded countries” have shown some heart by even offering their homes to these scared humans who have nothing left now but themselves and their families.

Many have lost family members and/or their whole family.



Syrian toddler Aylan Kurdi

They have no money, the borders are starting to close and they will be left in limbo.

Winter is soon approaching.

What will happen to these human beings?

Something needs to done.

More than it already has.



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We ALL are connected through HUMANITY!! 


We ALL are ONE!!