Gotta love Bernie …. #18!!

~~November 29, 2014~~ 

Infrastructure is the basic physical and organizational structure needed for the operation of a society or enterprise, or the services and facilities necessary for an economy to function. It can be generally defined as the set of interconnected structural elements that provide a framework supporting an entire structure of development. It is an important term for judging a country or region’s development.

The term typically refers to the technical structures that support a society, such as roads, bridges, tunnels, water supply, sewers, electrical grids, telecommunications, and so forth, and can be defined as “the physical components of interrelated systems providing commodities and services essential to enable, sustain, or enhance societal living conditions.”

Viewed functionally, infrastructure facilitates the production of goods and services, and also the distribution of finished products to markets, as well as basic social services such as schools and hospitals; for example, roads enable the transport of raw materials to a factory.[4] In military parlance, the term refers to the buildings and permanent installations necessary for the support, redeployment, and operation of military forces. Research by anthropologists and geographers shows the social importance and multiple ways that infrastructures shape human society and vice versa.

“As it appears in …. “


Born in 1941 in Brooklyn, Bernie was the younger of two sons in a modest-income family. After graduation from the University of Chicago in 1964, he moved to Vermont. Early in his career, Sanders was director of the American People’s Historical Society. Elected Mayor of Burlington by 10 votes in 1981, he served four terms.

Before his 1990 election as Vermont’s at-large member in Congress, Sanders lectured at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard and at Hamilton College in upstate New York.


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Thoughts for today …. #59!!

~~November 29, 2014~~

weather the storm

to be able to continue doing something despite serious problems

It will get better … it has to


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To start the day … “Holy Sheep Animated”!!

~~November 28, 2014~~ 

What’s another word for “teamwork”?

…… collaborate, join forces, team up, work in partnership, pool resources, act as a team, cooperate, aid, assist, agree, comply with, conspire, contribute, coordinate, further, help, participate, unite, uphold, abet, advance, band, befriend, coincide, combine, concert, concur, conduce, espouse, forward, league, partner, second, succor, back up, be in cahoots, chip in, coadjute, go along with, join in, lend a hand, pitch in, play ball, pull together, share in, show willingness, side with, stick together, take part, work side by side …..

Maybe … if you can’t beat them, joint them, too?



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~~Funny teamwork …. Holy sheep animated~~

~~Published on Feb 17, 2014~~

Team work … By Sammy Jason


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Anonymous Takes on the KKK in Ferguson …. “#OpKKK”!!

~~November 18, 2014~~ 

From a report via Newsweek

Members of the self-styled tech-revolution group Anonymous have apparently seized control of several Twitter accounts and websites belonging to members of the Ku Klux Klan in retaliation for threats made against protesters in Ferguson, Missouri.

The group of so-called hacktivists has successfully targeted websites belonging to such organizations as the Church of Scientology, the government of Zimbabwe and corporate sites belonging to Visa, MasterCard and PayPal in the past.


The hackjob, given the hashtag #OpKKK by the group, began Sunday on as the first part of a two-part “op,” as Anonymous calls its hacking activities. The second part, called #HoodsOff, involves the “doxing” of KKK members in and around St. Louis.

In its typically over the top style, Anonymous announced the attack with a YouTube video. “We are not attacking you because of what you believe in, as we fight for freedom of speech,” the video says. “We are attacking you because of your threats to use lethal force against us at the Ferguson protests.”

“As it appears in …. “



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This spat between Anonymous and the Klan comes as Ferguson is on edge, just emerging from months of intense, racially charged protests following the shooting death of Brown by Wilson. The grand jury tasked with deciding whether Wilson will face criminal charges shooting is expected to announce its decision sometime this week. 


~~ANONYMOUS Vs Ku Klux Klan #OpKKK~~

~~Published on Nov 16, 2014~~

“KKK it has came to our unfortunate attention that you have been interfering with Anonymous.

We are not attacking you because of what you believe in as we fight for freedom of speech. We are attacking you because of what you did to our brothers and sisters at the Ferguson protest on the 12th of November.

Due to your actions we have started Operation KKK. The aim of our operation is nothing more than Cyber Warfare. Anything you upload will be taken down, anything you use to promote the KKK will be shut down. DDos attacks have already been sent and have infiltrated your servers over the past 2 days. d0x’s have also been launched on leaders of the KKK. All information retrieved will be given to the public.

You messed with our family and now we will mess with yours.

Let the cyber war begin.

We are legion.
We do not forgive
We do not forget
Ku Klux Klan you should have expect us.”


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Anonymous Awakening …. depends on your vantage point!!

~~November 17, 2014~~ 

What is Anonymous?

Anonymous is not a group, it is not a person.
It is an IDEA. Specifically it is the idea that all of us deserve freedom, freedom of thought, of speech, of expression of knowledge and of belief. The freedom to determine the course and destination of our own lives.

If you share this idea then you are one of us.
You have likely heard many things about Anonymous, some of them are true and some of them are not. We are not terrorists and we are not violent. We are citizens of the World who bear witness the tyranny, oppression and censorship.


We are your neighbors, your friends and your relatives. We prepare your food, repair your appliances, write your books, compose your music and create your technology. We are your postal workers, barbers, store clerks and lawyers. We are Atheists and we are Religious. We are everyone and we are no one. None of us are as powerful as all of us.


We are Anonymous
We are legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us!

Anonymous Awakening




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~~Published on Oct 20, 2014~~



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To start the day …. The Piano Guys: “Ants Marching/Ode To Joy”!!

~~November 13, 2014~~

I know, I know … I ended last night with a Piano Guy post and video. However, the included video is brand new, right off the presses. It’s a new video from the “Wonders” album. It’s a fun piece and I’m looking forward to post in. These are awesome performers and musicians beyond compare …. in my humble opinion.

The best way to start a day!! 

(It’s so “fresh” that there aren’t many new images out there)

“Ants Marching/Ode To Joy”

… “a mash-up that incorporates melodies from Dave Matthews Band’s huge hit “Ants Marching / Beethoven Ode to Joy…. ”


Many thanks to St George Tourism who helped make this video possible. 
Like them on Facebook: http://

We would also like to thank Tuacahn for their generosity in allowing us to film at their beautiful amphitheatre.


What began as an experiment and then exploded into an Internet phenomenon has now evolved into an incredible success story. The Piano Guys, four talented dads from Utah, released their fourth studio album entitled Wonders (Portrait/Sony Music Masterworks) on October 7th. In an incredibly competitive week of major music releases, the album makes its chart debut at an impressive #12 on the Billboard Top 200.

This marks The Piano Guys’ highest debut and biggest opening sales week of their career.


The Piano GuysSteven Sharp Nelson, Jon Schmidt, Al Van der Beek and Paul Anderson – are an American musical group who became an online sensation by way of their immensely successful series of strikingly original self-made music videos. They’ve made over 50 music videos since early 2011, including their breakout hit, an innovative multi-handed version of One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful” and a gorgeous reinvention of the hit song “Let It Go” from Disney’s Frozen.

To date, the Utah-based classical-pop group has released three major label albums on Portrait/Sony Music Masterworks: The Piano Guys, The Piano Guys 2, and the holiday album A Family Christmas.


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~~Ants Marching/Ode To Joy in 4K~~

~~Published on Nov 12, 2014~~

Story behind “Ants Marching/Ode to Joy”

Shout out to all the Dave Matthews Band fans out there! Shout out to all the Ludwig van Beethoven fans out there! Now a shout out to all the DMB/Beethoven mash-up fans out there! Introducing … Ants Marching / Ode to Joy!

OK, so this tune started in sound check at one of our shows. We were playing around with that super catchy lick at the front end of DMB’s “Ants Marching.” Using a loop pedal we’d set up the chords then improv on top of them. It then evolved. We did things like mimic the snare hit on beats 2 and 4 using a padded piano bench. We created a unique fiddle-like sound by combining a 5 string electric cello and a bowed piano string (using a disassembled cello bow.) We used a myriad of muted piano and piano percussion sounds. Then we developed the loop effect farther so that 4 guys could play a lot more parts together.

Like most of our music, ALL OF THE SOUNDS YOU HEAR WERE CREATED BY PIANO & CELLO (with the help of a tambourine).

Ode to Joy crept its way in because, well, throwing classical licks into pop tune arrangements is one of the things we love to do, but we also loved that, though the two melodies melded well, the lyrics or “messages” of the two tunes starkly contrasted each other. Poetic irony, right? DMB’s tune talks of everyone doing the same thing (um…like ants marching) and implies a meaningless, despondent and monotonous isolation of human beings from one another, while Beethoven’s “tune” talks of friendship, brotherhood, interconnectedness, meaning, and, of course, joy.

We filmed this in ONE TAKE (meaning no cuts or alternative angles) using an octocopter with an attached gimbal (pivoted support). This allowed us to alternate between fly shots and glidecam-style shots. Jeremy Crawford and Frank Nelson (our “Piano Stunt Coordinators,” in addition to a long list of specialized roles within TPG) would catch, walk with, and then release the copter during the “take.” They wore motorcycle helmets as a safety precaution!

We performed this on one of the most incredible stages on Earth – Tuacahn Ampitheatre! This happens to be in the TPG’s “hometown” of St. George Utah. We were positioned on a rotating island stage surrounded by running water, heavy fog, dramatic lights, pyrotechnics and majestic red rock mountains. Ya. It felt as epic as it sounds.


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Thoughts for today …. #18!!

~~November 8, 2014~~ 


Inspirational speaker, author, trainer, entrepreneur, university professor, and success coach. Visit:, @dannygoldberg,


Author of “Soaring To EnlightenmentThe Secret to Living a Contented Life,” “Lighten Up and Lead,” and Co-author (with Don Martin) of “The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Successful Leadership“, Dan has been the subject of stories (focusing on his philosophies of life and business) major news outlets.

Dan Goldberg is an author, writer, entrepreneur, university professor, coach, keynote speaker, former stand-up comic, and believer in using our cognitive thought processes to make this world a better place. “Leader is not a title, it is a state of being™”




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