BREAKING NEWS ….. another black death swept under the rug!!

~~December 3, 2014~~ 

I just can’t believe this is happening!!


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We ALL are ONE!! 

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At the end of the day …. “Shake It Off”, Alex’s cover!!

~~November 25, 2014~~ 

It’s been a few months since Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” music video was released, but now, a new cover by Alex Boye’ is making the world dance and surrender once more to this impossibly-catchy tune. However, the video is more than just your average cover of another pop song. What Alex Boye’ has created is an “African Hipster Version” of the melody, complete with African rhythms, voices and instruments.

Boye’ begins the video by standing in a bright, wooden room while clutching a handheld microphone in his hand. He welcomes the audience as a door panel slides open to the coaxing sounds of the piano, like a circus master during the grand opening of a show.

His grand opening is short lived, however, and the cameras then cut to Boye’ in a different room as the song starts. Boye’ is accompanied by the musical group, Changing Lanes, whose deep, timber vocals complements Boye’s sharper and higher-pitched tone. By the time the pre-chorus comes around, “But I keep cruising / Can’t stop, won’t stop moving” – what we get is a surprisingly wonderful blend of African, jazz, and funk music.


What really makes this video soar, though, is Boye’, with his vocal charm and charismatic presence in front of the camera. Unlike Taylor Swift, there is nothing awkward or clumsy about his dance moves, no slip-ups or collapses to cringe about. Nothing is truer than the words when he sings, “I never miss a beat / I’m lightning on my feet.” This isn’t to say that he doesn’t let loose, because Boye’ is anything but tame in this video.

“As it appears in …. “



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 Shake It Off – (African Hipster Version)

Alex Boye’ & Changing Lanes

~~Published on Nov 10, 2014~~

Unfortunately, Taylor Swift was not available at the time of shooting this video, although she did send a text, saying she would be late..

Many thanks to the Changing Lanes Band for representing, showin’ up and showing out!!!


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Michael Jackson …. artwork which says so much!!

~~November 19, 2014~~ 

The dramatic life of Michael Jackson represented in a touching artwork by Sarah Weaver


I recently saw part of a TV show on Reelz which detailed the results of Michael Jackson’s autopsy. They talked about the physical findings, the toxicology results, discussed the Pepsi ad when he burned his hair and much more. We all knew that he was a tortured soul …. many had names for him.

Yet, in spite of all the trials and tribulations he went through, he managed to produce a wealth of musical pieces. His work, to me, has no comparison in his genre. It’s surprising that through all this tragedy, he was able to produce the amount and quality of composition, music, videos and his dancing style. All left a huge mark in the entertainment business.

“Gone too soon … “


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Ricky Martin …. “Adios” Spanish Version Video Premiere!!

~~October 21, 2014~~ 



Ricky Martin will launch Monday his new music video “Adios” on the social network Twitter, the Puerto Rican singer’s promotion team said in a press release.

The artist’s followers will be able to see the video’s premiere on his official Twitter account, along with a Q & A session with his fans on his official Twitter account starting at 2300 GMT Monday.

The communique recalls that during the past year over a million tweets have been posted mentioning Ricky Martin, a music celeb who takes the utmost advantage of social networks to keep in touch with his fans.

The artist, who in the past few days has posted pictures and previews of this world premiere under the label #AdiosVideo, recalls in the video the flourishing arts of the 1930’s.



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(Official Video)

~~Published on Oct 21, 2014~~

Official music video by Ricky Martin performing Adíos (Spanish version).

(C) 2014 RM Enterprise


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At the end of the day …. Remembering the Pepsi generation!!


~~August 23, 2014~~ 

A trip down memory lane …..

Pepsi’s 1984 ad featuring Michael Jackson, Carlton Banks and the Jackson Five


“I actually remember seeing this commercial on the air as a six-year-old boy in 1984. It sparked my desire and my need to own one of those red jackets. Also appearing in the commercial is Alfonso Ribeiro, Carlton Banks from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.”



~~Michael Jackson Pepsi Generation~~

~~Uploaded on Jun 26, 2009~~

Michael Jackson teams up with director Bob Giraldi in a Pepsi commerical for the “new generation”.


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“National Radio Day” …. August 20, 2014!!


~~August 20, 2014~~

Radio is the radiation (wireless transmission) of electromagnetic signals through the atmosphere or free space.

Information, such as sound, is carried by systematically changing (modulating) some property of the radiated waves, such as their amplitude, frequency, phase, or pulse width. When radio waves strike an electrical conductor, the oscillating fields induce an alternating current in the conductor. The information in the waves can be extracted and transformed back into its original form.

~~National Radio Day~~


National Radio Day celebrates a great invention and communications medium.

The invention of the radio dates back to the late 1800s. A number of inventors played a role in creating this important medium. A number of inventions and discoveries were required to make the radio a reality.

This included both transmission and reception methods and technology. The radio somewhat evolved from the telegraph and the telephone, with wireless telegraph directly contributing to its invention.


August 20th of every year is designated to celebrating the invention of the radio and its importance to mass communication. While not a nationally sanctioned day this industry promoted holiday was created to bring attention to local radio stations and personalities.

In 1892 Nikola Tesla’s experiments successfully with transmission of radio frequency energy and proposes its use for telecommunication. Then in 1895 Guglielmo Marconi built a wireless system that transmitted long distance signals. One hundred years later in 1996, the birth of the first Internet radio station. 


Celebrating National Radio Day is easy listening. Simply tune into your favorite radio stations. You could also give your local radio personalities a little recognition.


The Origin of National Radio Day: We found some evidence on blogs and radio station websites suggesting that this is a more recently established holiday, dating only to the 1990s. Radio station personnel, in a number of radio stations, began talking about creating their own holiday. After all, they frequently promoted bizarre and unique holidays of all kinds. From these conversations, this special day took on life.


Research did not find a identify an individual or group having created this day.

Didn’t find any documentation confirming this to be a “National” day. There are no congressional records or presidential proclamation.

Still we celebrate!!




NPR, formerly National Public Radio, is a privately and publicly funded non-profit membership media organization that serves as a national syndicator to a network of 900 public radio stations in the United States.

NPR produces and distributes news and cultural programming. Individual public radio stations are not required to broadcast all NPR programs that are produced. Most public radio stations broadcast a mixture of NPR programs, content from rival providers American Public Media, Public Radio International and Public Radio Exchange, and locally produced programs. NPR’s flagships are two drive timenews broadcasts, Morning Edition and the afternoon All Things Considered; both are carried by most NPR member stations, and are two of the most popular radio programs in the country.

NPR manages the Public Radio Satellite System, which distributes NPR programs and other programming from independent producers and networks such as American Public Media and Public Radio International. Its content is also available on-demand via the web, mobile, and podcasts.



~~Celebrating National Radio Day~~

~~Published on Oct 10, 2013~~

The Federal Communications Commission has announced that they will be licensing thousands of new low power radio stations, called “LPFMs” to nonprofit organizations across the country. These nonprofits had to apply for their radio station license during a Oct. 15-29, 2013 application window, or their opportunity in the nation’s largest cities would be gone forever.

Brown Paper Tickets’ Doer Program created and implemented a National Make Radio Challenge to inform nonprofits about their opportunity to apply for a radio frequency.



~~Donna Summer – On The Radio~~


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