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~~January 21, 2015~~ 

Where do Babies Come From?

Babies are gifts from God

“According to Katie, when a family wants a baby, God searches all over Heaven to find the perfect baby for that family.

When God finds the perfect baby, God shows it to daddy to make sure daddy approves.

Presuming all is OK with God and daddy, God puts the baby in mommy’s tummy when mommy is asleep.

Mommy and daddy go to the hospital, and a doctor catches the baby when it comes out of mommy. The doctor may help if the baby doesn’t come out easily, that’s why mommy and daddy usually try to go to the hospital when the baby is ready to come out.

The baby comes out, and mommy and daddy and the family have a new baby.”


The Rockwell Institute for Biological Sciences


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Google Doodle …. Annie Jump Cannon’s 151st birthday!!

Annie Jump Cannon's 151st Birthday

~~December 11, 2014~~ 

Annie Jump Cannon Gets Google Doodle On 151st Birthday

Cannon was an astronomer whose work was considered instrumental in the development of contemporary stellar classification. She, along with Edward C. Pickering, is credited with the creation of the Harvard Classification Scheme. This is said to be the first “serious attempt” to organize and classify stars based on temperature.

Cannon’s astronomy career spanned 40 years, and during that time, helped women gain respect within the scientific community. She died in 1941, the year after she retired. The American Astronomical Society presents an award in her name to female astronomers each year.

Space has been of particular interest lately when it comes to Google doodles. The company recently ran one to celebrate the Philae probe, which soft-landed on a comet.



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~~Annie Jump Cannon, Astronomer~~

~~Uploaded on Oct 10, 2011~~

Picture book trailer for the first-ever picture book biography of Annie
Jump Cannon (1863-1941). It shines a light on the life of a brilliant
astronomer known as “the census-taker for the stars”

Written By Carole Gerber and Illustrated by Christina Wald

Published by Pelican Publishing


~Annie Jump Cannon 151st Birthday Google Doodle #MaMaLeIn69~

~Published on Dec 11, 2014~

Annie Jump Cannon Google Doodle – On December 11. 2014 Google celebrates the 151st birthday of Annie Jump Cannon in USA.

Annie Jump Cannon (December 11, 1863 – April 13, 1941) was an American pioneering astronomer responsible for the classification of hundreds of thousands of stars.


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