To start the day …. The day before Three Kings Day!!

~~January 5, 2015~~

Newborn – Wise Men Still Seek Him – Alex Boye’s Christmas Original Music

A guy walks into a busy mall …. with a camel! 

Africanize Original Christmas Music “Newborn – Wise Men Still Seek Him” – True meaning of Christmas is not about consumerism, its about the first gift — Jesus Christ.

Wise Men and Women Still Seek Jesus #ShareTheGift



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~~Published on Dec 15, 2014~~

Inspiration for Newborn … from the YouTube description

“With all the hustle and bustle and consumerism that can often overshadow the real meaning of Christmas, I wanted to show the depiction of the wiseman in a modern setting who travels in time to the 21st century looking for Christ in all the chaos and media mayhem. The wiseman in the video is symbolic of all of us seeking to find joy this season, finding the balance between the craziness of black Friday/cyber Monday and the at times overwhelming task of not only shopping for the right gifts, but getting it all done in time for Christmas morning.

I am reminded of the story where the grinch who crept into the town of Whoville and stole all the presents with the goal of making them miserable when they all woke up Christmas morning to find all the presents and the food gone, but to his surprise, found them still celebrating, because it was not about the food and presents, it was about something way more important.

In closing, I share the words of a spiritual leader that I look up to greatly, president Thomas S. Monson.

“May we, as did the wise men, seek a bright particular star to guide us in our celebration of the Savior’s birth.”

Thanks to Valley Fair Mall and the West Valley City, Utah for permission to shoot on their location and property.

Heartfelt thanks to ALL the incredible extras who stuck around for hours to participate in the shopping scene, to hang out with the camel and I! You are the BEST.

Oh, and for Cosmo the camel.”

Lyrics & Music written by: Alex Boye’



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We ALL are ONE!!