37 thoughts on “One Pride Worldwide

  1. This is awesome. I’m straight, but I have so many LGBT friends and family members. What astounds me is that so many people don’t believe in LGBT rights until they are personally impacted. Where does this selfishness come from? I can’t understand it and, the worst part, is that it’s nearly impossible to explain it to people. They simply will NOT change their mind until it impacts them directly. I don’t personally need Obamacare at the moment, but I WANT it for those people whom I KNOW need it. Sure, I may need it one day in the future, but that’s not the point. There are people who need it now. Why would anyone take that away from someone in need?

    The whole thing angers me, but saddens me even more. These days, I find myself looking at my conservative friends and family members and wondering to myself, “Who are you people? How can you NOT care about others who are less fortunate? How can you label them as “lazy” people who will never be satisfied with the support they’re provided? How do you look into the face of a child and tell them that the love their two fathers or their two mothers share is wrong? How do you look into the face of a child and tell them that they’re uninsurable because of a pre-existing condition? How do you take food out of their mouths and textbooks out of their hands?

    If anyone can explain it to me, please do. In the meantime, great blog, Dr. Rex. I’m now a follower!

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    • Sorry it took me so long to answer you and appreciate your visit. TY for your visit and comment. This was a collaborative work. Not all credit is mine. I do think it turned out great!! TY ..

      Being gay has always been a stigma, in some of our centuries …. not during the Roman times, remember? Glad to say that I’m seeing and living this change in my lifetime. However, not all of the world is as
      lucky as we seem to be. The most obvious is Russia and the homophobic laws that will affect the winter olympis. And Africa is affected by waves and waves of injustices.

      On the other hand, you mention the Obamacare stuff. Yep, agree … this, to me, is unbelievable. It would be something that would help many. Yet because HE proposed it, some faction of government
      is willing to hold the country hostage before approving something that may be good in the end!!

      Thank you Miss Snarky Pants!! … for becoming a “follower” of my blog!

      Hope to not disappoint!! Have a great day!!!! 🙂

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  2. What a beautiful and moving video. I absolutely loved it. We all just need to keep on making our voices heard. Some will have to be dragged kicking and screaming, but it is pretty much a given that the majority wants to move forward, not backward. Thank goodness for that.


    • Thank you …. I’m very glad you enjoyed it. It was dine a couple of years ago & the situation has deteriorated. You may know that the law had been passed in Uganda …. SMH! So many people are now in danger!


  3. So great! Many people like me have family and friends who are LBGT! I believe NO ONE has a right to tell another person how or who to love. It’s ridiculous! When I wrote The Light-Bearer Series, I wrote it with that in mind. I have a M/M and interracial committed relationships interwoven in the series and yes, the series revolves around God’s love. Love is love! What I wrote in the series gay, interracial, and straight, it’s all the same… love. I have had many one star reviews because of it on Goodreads and Amazon. I don’t care, because I wrote what I felt in my heart and that is what matters! Karma is a Bitch, and I believe those who don’t allow others to love, will have the bad Karma hanging over them. Lots of love and hugs, Emily


    • Thank you!! Emily … thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to write this wonderful comment. It means a lot to me .. from the heart.

      I agree …. love is love. My entire life …. I have felt this. There’s no need to judge! We all are one!!

      On another note, where can I find info to the titles of your series? How many books are there?
      I have seen you and your writing since I started blogging and always wondered.

      Have a great “purple” day …. hugs!! ❤ ❤ ….

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  4. Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn, his wife, wrote “Half the Sky”. Although focused on rural societies, where women are generally expected not to be educated, work, etc . The premise works equally well in developed society’s, where significant portions of the population are excluded, due to their: race; color; birth status; sexual orientation, etc.

    When we allow that to happen, the society is short-changing itself–as is the economy, the corporation, the university, and so on. The title phrases comes from Chairman Mao, who replied, a number of decades back, what education can do. Other Asian countries also took it to heart. And that’s why many nations in Asia do not have the problems that Africa does, at least to there she extent.

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