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Dear General Kelly, You’re A Military Hero Who May Have Rushed To Judgment About Rep. Wilson

In my mind and in my book, if it matters whatsoever, this man …. John F. Kelly … lost his hero status! He works in this White House … he’s tainted! He’s just became like HIM!! He’s a racist, a liar and an enabler now! He crossed the line and joined Drumpf in the gutter!!

Gronda Morin

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Dear General John Kelly,

Your words to the public on October 19, 2017 were stirring and crucially timed to touch the hearts of Americans who rarely have contact with military families.

The vast majority of ā€œwe the peopleā€ think of you as a man of integrity, honor , decency, with a sense of appropriate decorum. We will always be grateful for your service to our country, especially during these troubled times. If there is one institution that most of us still maintain a level of trust in, it is our US military.

If somehow, you ever made a misstep, most of us would give you the benefit of the doubt because you have earned our respect and trust. Unfortunately, we donā€™t all feel the same about your boss, President Donald Trump.

However, even the bravest of generals can commit a fubar.

Here is what you may not know about theā€¦

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Rachel Maddow Connects Dots Between President’s Travel Ban On Chad And Tragedy In Niger

I watched Rachel’s show last night … blood-curling!
‘.. the blood of those four soldiers is on Donald Trumpā€™s hands.’

Gronda Morin

Rachel Maddow on her October 19. 2017, MSNBC TV show connected the dots regarding the October 4, 2017 tragedy in Niger where 4 Army green beret soldiers were ambushed and killed; how the presidentā€™s travel ban on Chad exposed these soldiers to harm; and then why the republican President Donald J. Trump avoided any discussion of what happened in Niger until confronted about this subject by a reporter at the 10/16/17 Rose Garden press conference.

It had been reported 7 days ago that Chad military forces had pulled out of Niger after the republican President Donald Trump instituted his travel ban which included the African country of Chad. It turns out that the Chad soldiers had been keeping the terrorist group, Boko Haram andĀ Islamic extremists like ISIS at bay in Niger.

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Before the president added Chad to his travel ban, he had been warned against this move byā€¦

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