Inspired by the Black Panther Party and the Young Lords, Puerto Rican Activists Launch Centro De …

The Boricua Spirit … ‘The last thing you would expect to find in the central mountain range of Puerto Rico is the influence of the 1960’s Black Panther Party. But there it was.’

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Inspired by the Black Panther Party and the Young Lords, Puerto Rican Activists Launch Centro De Apoyo MutuoInspired by the Black Panthers and The Young Lords, Centro De Apoyo Mutuo, a group of community activists in Caguas, Puerto Rico offer aid to residents in need. Centro De Apoyo Mutuo (CAM) means Center for Mutual Help.

By Tatyana Hopkins (NNPA Newswire Special Correspondent)

CAGUAS, Puerto Rico—The last thing you would expect to find in the central mountain range of Puerto Rico is the influence of the 1960s Black Panther Party. But there it was.

The tenets of the revolutionary group, founded in 1966 in Oakland, Calif., by Huey Newton and Bobby Seale, were mixed with stewed pork chops, rice, beans and healthcare on a 90-degree winter day, 20 miles south of San Juan in the city of Caguas.

Volunteers with Centro De Apoyo Mutuo (CAM) prepared meals and provided services to residents in an abandoned building “rescued” by a group of local activists.

Black Panther Principle No. 4:…

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Sunday Morning

Nice thoughts to wake up to … “In a world flooded with distractions, Mongolia returns one to something ancestral. The clock has little meaning here. Days turn into an ageless cycle of random moments, scanning of the heavens, simple meals, long journeys.”
… take me there!!

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Upon arriving in the huge, landlocked country of Mongolia—more than seven times larger than Great Britain—you may be taken aback by the runaway developments in the capital city of Ulaanbaatar. Ever since some of the world’s largest gold and copper deposits were discovered, some within 70 miles of the city, Mongolia’s economy has taken off like a rocket…But then you hear that more than half of the 1.4 million people in the capital still live in settlements dominated by gers (a traditional style of yurt, like a domed felt tent), sometimes in shockingly simple conditions…

As soon as I ventured out of the city and began bumping across the level, otherworldly steppes of Mongolia, in fact, I realized that nothing I’d seen in 40 years of traveling across Asia could compare with its great, heart-clearing stillness. Within 30 minutes of the hyper-malls, herders will welcome you into their…

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day, The Chicago Green River Way!

It’s always amazing to see this ‘green river’ … love it!!

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[note:  the dyeing of the Chicago River in honor of St. Patrick’s Day is an annual event.   This is a repost with some added pictures – I hope you enjoy it and, “Happy St. Patrick’s Day” from Chicago!

Irish eyes must certainly be smiling again this year with the annual green dyeing of the Chicago River in honor of St. Patrick’s Day.

Let’s take a quick jaunt down memory lane to see how this tradition transformed the way Chicagoans view St. Patrick’s Day.

In 1962, Mayor Richard J. Daley advocated to his old school friend (and Chicago Plumbers Union business manager) Stephen Bailey, that part of Lake Michigan be dyed green to celebrate to St. Patrick’s Day.  Mr. Bailey proposed a more practical suggestion:  dye the Chicago River green instead.  Thus became a ritual steeped in mystery as to the actual concoction from which the dye is made. …

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Randy Rainbow 60 Minutes Parody …. “🤨 Secretary of Education (Really?) …. Randy Interviews Betsy DeVos! 🤨 …. “!!


~~March 17, 2017~~ 

Randy Rainbow Interviews Betsy DeVos

‘Are You a Little High Right Now?’

“Laughter is the best medicine.”

Thanks for keeping us kinda sane with these videos during this endless fuckery that Drumpf’s presidency is.

This video says it all.




Satirist Randy Rainbow is at it again with his “interview” of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, who in a recent 60 Minutes interview, proved she knows very little about her job, except for the damage she’s done, like rescinding protections for transgender students, rolling back campus sexual assault guidelines, and slashing guidelines for disabled students.

In a 60 Minutes-esque profile, Rainbow says,

“The wealthiest member of Donald Trump’s cabinet, Betsy DeVos looks like a Macy’s Thanksgiving Day balloon of Helen Mirren and thinks the #MeToo movement is absolutely adorable.”

“When she’s not busy decoupaging or defunding public education she can be found at local elementary schools interviewing potential secretaries of state,” Rainbow continues.

Watch Rainbow skewer DeVos below.




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~~Randy Rainbow Interviews Betsy DeVos!~~

~~Published on Mar 16, 2018~~

Randy Rainbow … right off the presses!!