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As a retired MD, I say — No HEART for you!! …”There are over 100,000 people on waiting lists for organ transplants. Most of them won’t receive one. So why give one to someone who’s already made health choices detrimental to his survival? It looks like Mr. Ferguson already made his choice with his body.”



DJ Ferguson is an anti-vaxxer. His father says his son “doesn’t believe in it.” According to his GoFundMe page, DJ has been in a Boston hospital since November suffering from a hereditary heart issue that causes his lungs to fill with blood and fluid. DJ needs a heart transplant. DJ does not believe in vaccines. What he does believe in are heart transplants and GoFundMe pages.

Ferguson has been removed from a transplant list, partly over his status as being unvaccinated from the coronavirus.

His father said, “My boy is fighting pretty damn courageously and he has integrity and principles he really believes in and that makes me respect him all the more. It’s his body. It’s his choice.” Yeah, but DJ is trying to make a choice with an organ that’s not from his body.

The person who donated the heart also made a choice with their body, except…

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ANOCRACIES!! This is real, this is true … read on!! … “According to the CSP, under the Comrade Trump administration the polity score of the US dropped to a +5, which drags us right out of the democracy zone and dumps us in with the anocracies. How’d that happen?”

The CIA (yes, that CIA) sucks in massive amounts of data and information from a whole galaxy of sources. One of those sources, when it comes to assessing the stability of a nation, is the Center for Systemic Peace. You’re probably asking, “Greg, old sock, just what the hell is this Center for Systemic Peace…and is that really it’s actual, no-shit name?”

Yes, that really is its name. The CSP was founded in 1997 to conduct “research and quantitative analysis in many issue areas related to the fundamental problems of violence in both human relations and societal-systemic development processes.” Basically, they evaluate a nation’s stability by looking at stuff–like the spectrum of social conflict, the methods of governance, and the various responses of the population. The CSP does this for just about every nation state that has a population of over half a million. Also, stop calling me ‘old sock’.

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Stupid Son Of A…

It felt soooo good but … and I have, and will keep my own opionion!! … “And while we can make fun of it, laugh, and tweet about it, like I did yesterday (only to have a fucker from Fox News steal my joke), a president shouldn’t ever attack the press. But, we know it’s not the first time.”



There may be a lot of douches over at Fox News, but there are only two Doocys (not to be confused with “deuce,” but it’s OK if you do confuse them). They have two Doocys but they can’t keep one Shephard Smith.

Yesterday, the president of the United States of America (in case you’re a Republican, the current president is Joe Biden), called a reporter a “stupid son of a bitch.” Yeah, he’s from Fox News so it’s probably true because, in addition to that fact, he’s also the son of Steve Doocy. And while we can make fun of it, laugh, and tweet about it, like I did yesterday (only to have a fucker from Fox News steal my joke), a president shouldn’t ever attack the press. But, we know it’s not the first time.

Presidents have been quarreling with the press and calling individual journalists vulgar names since…

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Wednesday Wisdom …. “⚔️ ‘Wise Don Quijote and Sancho Panza’ ⚔️ …. “!!

~~January 26, 2022~~


We are fighting against giants, Sancho, dear friend ….



I’ll leave this here!


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Tuesday Thoughts …. “🌸 ‘Handing Out Hope’ 🌸 …. “!!

~~January 25, 2022~~


When in doub and sadness, all that remains.


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Motivational Monday …. “🍃 ‘Inch by Inch, Step by Step’ 🍃 …. “!!

~~January 24, 2022~~


The longest journey starts with the first step, they say.

One step at a time!!



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My Momoa Monday Moment …. “🌺 ‘Close Up In Black and White’ 🌺 …. “!!

~~January 24, 2022~~


It doesn’t matter how you at at him. It doesn’t matter the angle, the activity, the environment, the simplicity, the composition.

He always looks amazing!!




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