Trump-ology …. “The Series …. #1 …. I suspect there will be plenty …. “!!


~~January 5, 2017~~ 


The inauguration of the President of the United States is a ceremony to mark the commencement of a new four-year term of a president of the United States

An inauguration ceremony takes place for each term of a president, even if the president continues in office for a second term.

Since 1937, Inauguration Day takes place on January 20 following a presidential election.

The term of a president commences at noon (ET) on that day, when the Chief Justice administers the oath to the president. However, when January 20 falls on a Sunday, the Chief Justice administers the oath to the president on that day privately and then again in a public ceremony the next day, on Monday, January 21.

The only inauguration element mandated by the United States Constitution is that the president make an oath or affirmation before that person can “enter on the Execution” of the office of the presidency.

However, over the years, various traditions have arisen that have expanded the inauguration from a simple oath-taking ceremony to a day-long event, including parades, speeches, and balls.

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I wonder how this one will go when compared to plenty others.

One thing I know is I won’t be watching.




Occupy Democrats


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Resonating Thoughts #1 …. “Stir and Restrain”!!


~~November 16, 2015~~ 


I frequently look, scroll and find many thoughts through my Facebook Timeline, my Tweeter and Instagram feeds which resonate with my innermost beliefs and values.

This shows me that there are others who have gone through situations I’ve gone through, who have experienced the world as I have.

It may be many centuries prior to my time or if maybe during this current time on Earth.

When I read these, many time I find that what happened long time ago, still applies to today.

Then I ask myself: What did we learn?

Sometimes it seems we didn’t.

Definition of “resonating”:

Evoke a feeling of shared emotion or belief ….

I would like to share some of these with you.



André Paul Guillaume Gide (22 November 1869 – 19 February 1951) was a French author and winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1947 “for his comprehensive and artistically significant writings, in which human problems and conditions have been presented with a fearless love of truth and keen psychological insight”.

Gide’s career ranged from its beginnings in the symbolist movement, to the advent of anticolonialism between the two World Wars.

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To start the day …. “Sheep in The Island, #1″!!


~~August 27, 2015~~ 


A short, animated film for adults. Not really for children.

Two ships collide in the middle of nowhere and sink in the ocean. An island can be seen nearby.

Two boxes make it safely to shore.

There’s one very hungry sheep who was in one of the boxes. She successfully makes it out of her box and finds a fork. She will use it, by all means. There’s no doubt about it.

She initially finds a frog which she quickly “terminates”.

Her sights are then on the other box.

It is here, that the action starts.

There’s a third box approaching the Island.

Wonder what it could have in it?

In the meantime, the scene switches to a dinning table.

Take a look.

Hope you enjoy!




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~~Sheep In The Island 1~~

~~Uploaded on Mar 19, 2009~~

Sheep In The Island 1: The first episode


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Why did the elephant cross the road? …. “Lighthearted Video, #1”!!


~~July 14, 2015~~


“Why did the chicken cross the road?” is a common riddle joke.

The answer or punch line is: “To get to the other side.”

The riddle is an example of anti-humor, in that the curious setup of the joke leads the listener to expect a traditional punchline, but they are instead given a simple statement of fact. “Why did the chicken cross the road?” has become largely iconic as an exemplary generic joke to which most people know the answer, and has been repeated and changed numerous times.

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In this case, why did the baby elephant cross the road?

Because the parents pushed him!!



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~~Cute Baby Elephant doesn’t want to cross the road~~

~~Published on Mar 7, 2015~~

A very small elephant does not want to cross the road.

It gets some encouragement and eventually makes it across.

Video by Carl Salsbury, filmed in Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Tanzania, Feb 2015.


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What if I told you … #1!!


~~January 17, 2015~~ 


Police brutality is the wanton use of excessive force, usually physical, but also common in forms of verbal attacks and psychological intimidation, by a police officer.

Widespread police brutality exists in many countries, even those that prosecute it. It is one of several forms of police misconduct, which include: false arrest; intimidation; racial profiling; political repression; surveillance abuse;sexual abuse; and police corruption.

However, as aforementioned, it may involve physical force but never reaching death under police custody. Although illegal, it can be done under the color of law.

“As it appears in … “


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IOTD ….. “Image of the day”, #16!!


~~September 17, 2014~~ 



a notable achievement
use of physical or mental energy, hard work
earnest and conscientious activity intended to do or accomplish something
series of actions advancing a principle or tending toward a particular end


A dear blogger friend showed me what this means: mchelsmusings.

You can find her here:


IOTD is image of the day, a concept I came up with. I teach visual meditative therapy – or in easy terms – a mini mental holiday. For some people it is very difficult for them to get their image right. I post an image a day for people to use in their mini mental vacay. Some are serious, some are silly, and some are just beautiful!”

So far a lot of people l have enjoyed this when I’ve done it on


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The meaning of Memorial Day …. May 26, 2014!!

~~May 23, 2014~~ 

Memorial Day is a US federal holiday wherein the men and women who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces are remembered. The holiday, which is celebrated every year on the final Monday of May, was formerly known as Decoration Day and originated after the American Civil War to commemorate the Union and Confederate soldiers who died in the Civil War. By the 20th century, Memorial Day had been extended to honor all Americans who have died while in the military service. It typically marks the start of the summer vacation season, while Labor Day marks its end.

Many people visit cemeteries and memorials, particularly to honor those who have died in military service. Many volunteers place an American flag on each grave in national cemeteries.

Annual Decoration Days for particular cemeteries are held on a Sunday in late spring or early summer in some rural areas of the American South, notably in the mountains. In cases involving a family graveyard where remote ancestors as well as those who were deceased more recently are buried, this may take on the character of an extended family reunion to which some people travel hundreds of miles.

People gather on the designated day and put flowers on graves and renew contacts with kinfolk and others. There often is a religious service and a “dinner on the ground,” the traditional term for a potluck meal in which people used to spread the dishes out on sheets or tablecloths on the grass. It is believed that this practice began before the American Civil War and thus may reflect the real origin of the “memorial day” idea.

Memorial Day is not to be confused with Veterans Day; Memorial Day is a day of remembering the men and women who died while serving, while Veterans Day celebrates the service of all U.S. military veterans.

~~History of the holiday~~

The practice of decorating soldiers’ graves with flowers is an ancient custom. Soldiers’ graves were decorated in the U.S. before and during the American Civil War. A claim was made in 1906 that the first Civil War soldier’s grave ever decorated was in Warrenton, Virginia, on June 3, 1861, implying the first Memorial Day occurred there. Though not for Union soldiers, there is authentic documentation that women in Savannah, Georgia, decorated Confederate soldiers’ graves in 1862.

In 1863, the cemetery dedication at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, was a ceremony of commemoration at the graves of dead soldiers.

Local historians in Boalsburg, Pennsylvania, claim that ladies there decorated soldiers’ graves on July 4, 1864. As a result, Boalsburg promotes itself as the birthplace of Memorial Day.




Memorial Day was started by former slaves on May, 1, 1865 in Charleston, SC to honor 257 dead Union Soldiers who had been buried in a mass grave in a Confederate prison camp.

They dug up the bodies and worked for 2 weeks to give them a proper burial as gratitude for fighting for their freedom. They then held a parade of 10,000 people led by 2,800 Black children where they marched, sang and celebrated.


The country has been in turmoil for long. There have been countless wars and the justification for them may be long forgotten. There are many trials and tribulations to surmount. 

This is a day where we forget all of the division, arguments and separations. We honor those that fell, giving their all for their belief of country, honor, courage and sacrifice. 


~~Memorial Day Tribute~~

~~Published on May 23, 2013~~

A tribute to the men and women who fearlessly defend the freedoms we all enjoy.

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At the end of the day …. Seniors texting code!


~~April 7, 2014~~

We all know that with the advent of the current technology: tablets, iPods, iPads, iPhones, Samsung, MicroSoft phones, etc., texting has become worldwide. We are actually learning a new language. 

For those of us who as a bit into our years, note the abbreviations listed above.

Text messaging, or texting, is the act of composing and sending a brief, electronic message between two or more mobile phones, or fixed or portable devices over a phone network. The term originally referred to messages sent using the Short Message Service (SMS). It has grown to include messages containing image, video, and sound content (known as MMS messages). The sender of a text message is known as a texter, while the service itself has different colloquialisms depending on the region. It may simply be referred to as a text in North America, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines, an SMS in most of mainland Europe, and a TMS orSMS in the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Text messages can be used to interact with automated systems to, for example, order products or services, or participate in contests. Advertisers and service providers use direct text marketing to message mobile phone users about promotions, payment due dates, etcetera instead of using mail, e-mail or voicemail.

In a straight and concise definition for the purposes of this English Language article, text messaging by phones or mobile phones should include all 26 letters of the alphabet and 10 numerals, i.e., alpha-numeric messages, or text, to be sent by texter or received by the textee.

~~The History of Text Messaging~~

The world’s first text message was sent from a computer to a cellphone by British engineer, Neil Papworth. As reported by CTV News, Papworth sent the text message to his boss on December 03, 1992. It read: “Merry Christmas” and this single text message revolutionized the way we communicate.

~~1,400 Online Chat and Text Message Abbreviations~~

Full Read/Full List:


We ALL are connected through this wonderful web we WEAVE!! 


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