Rosalind Elsie Franklin ….. 93rd birthday!


Rosalind Elsie Franklin ..... 93rd birthday!

Born: London, England, July 25, 1920
Died: London, England, April 16, 1958

Pioneer Molecular Biologist

There is probably no other woman scientist with as much controversy surrounding her life and work as Rosalind Franklin.

Franklin was responsible for much of the research and discovery work that led to the understanding of the structure of deoxyribonucleic acid, DNA. The story of DNA is a tale of competition and intrigue, told one way in James Watson’s book The Double Helix, and quite another in Anne Sayre’s study, Rosalind Franklin and DNA. James Watson, Francis Crick, and Maurice Wilkins received a Nobel Prize for the double-helix model of DNA in 1962, four years after Franklin’s death at age 37 from ovarian cancer.

Franklin excelled at science and attended one of the few girls’ schools in London that taught physics and chemistry. When she was 15, she decided to become a scientist. Her father was decidedly against higher education for women and wanted Rosalind to be a social worker.

Ultimately he relented, and in 1938 she enrolled at Newnham College, Cambridge, graduating in 1941.

She held a graduate fellowship for a year, but quit in 1942 to work at the British Coal Utilization Research Association, where she made fundamental studies of carbon and graphite microstructures.

This work was the basis of her doctorate in physical chemistry, which she earned from Cambridge University in 1945.

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