IOTD …. Special Edition …. “The Flinstones …. Pedro PicaPiedra … “!!


~~September 30, 2016~~ 


It was 56 years ago today when The Flintstones premiered in 1960

The Flintstones is the first animated primetime American television series.

It was broadcast from September 30, 1960, to April 1, 1966 on ABC.

The show, produced by Hanna-Barbera, fancifully depicts the lives of a working-class Stone Age man, his next-door neighbor/best friend, and their families.




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We ALL are ONE!!


A milestone …. rather than 52, they are already going on 53!!


The Flintstones — 

Television Show 

The Flintstones is an animated, prime-time American television sitcom that was broadcast from September 30, 1960, to April 1, 1966, on ABC.

The show was produced by Hanna-Barbera
First episode: September 30, 1960
  1.                                                 Episodes
Number Episode Air Date
S6, Ep26 The Story of Rocky’s Raiders Apr 1, 1966
S6, Ep25 My Fair Freddy Mar 25, 1966
S6, Ep24 Dripper Mar 18, 1966
S6, Ep23 Jealousy Mar 11, 1966
S6, Ep22 Fred’s Island Mar 4, 1966
S6, Ep21 Boss for a Day Feb 25, 1966
S6, Ep20 Curtain Call at Bedrock Feb 18, 1966
S6, Ep19 The Treasure of Sierra Madrock Feb 11, 1966
S6, Ep18 Two Men on a Dinosaur Feb 4, 1966
S6, Ep17 The Long, Long, Long Weekend Jan 21, 1966
S6, Ep16 Fred Goes Ape Jan 14, 1966
S6, Ep15 How to Pick a Fight With Your Wife Without Really Trying Jan 7, 1966
S6, Ep14 Seeing Doubles Dec 17, 1965
S6, Ep13 Royal Rubble Dec 10, 1965
S6, Ep12 Shinrock-A-Go-Go Dec 3, 1965
S6, Ep11 The Masquerade Party Nov 26, 1965
S6, Ep10 The Stonefinger Caper Nov 19, 1965
S6, Ep9 The Gravelberry Pie King Nov 12, 1965
S6, Ep8 Rip Van Flintstone Nov 5, 1965
S6, Ep7 The Great Gazoo Oct 29, 1965
S6, Ep6 Samantha Oct 22, 1965
S6, Ep5 Circus Business Oct 15, 1965
S6, Ep4 Disorder in the Court Oct 8, 1965
S6, Ep3 The Return of Stony Curtis Oct 1, 1965
S6, Ep2 The House that Fred Built Sep 24, 1965
S6, Ep1 No Biz Like Show Biz Sep 17, 1965
S5, Ep26 Surfin’ Fred Mar 12, 1965
S5, Ep25 Fred Meets Hercurock Mar 5, 1965
S5, Ep24 Superstone Feb 26, 1965
S5, Ep23 The Rolls Rock Caper Feb 19, 1965
S5, Ep22 Deep in the Heart of Texarock Feb 12, 1965
S5, Ep21 Sheriff for a Day Feb 5, 1965
S5, Ep20 Moonlight and Maintenance Jan 29, 1965
S5, Ep19 The Hatrocks and the Gruesomes Jan 22, 1965
S5, Ep18 Time Machine Jan 15, 1965
S5, Ep17 Fred’s Second Car Jan 8, 1965
S5, Ep16 Fred’s Flying Lesson Jan 1, 1965
S5, Ep15 Christmas Flintstone Dec 25, 1964
S5, Ep14 Adobe Dick Dec 17, 1964
S5, Ep13 Indianrockolis 500 Dec 10, 1964
S5, Ep12 King for a Knight Dec 3, 1964
S5, Ep11 Dino and Juliet Nov 26, 1964
S5, Ep10 The Most Beautiful Baby in Bedrock Nov 19, 1964
S5, Ep9 The Gruesomes Nov 12, 1964
S5, Ep8 Dr. Sinister Nov 5, 1964
S5, Ep7 A Haunted House is Not a Home Oct 29, 1964
S5, Ep6 Cinderella Stone Oct 22, 1964
S5, Ep5 Bedrock Rodeo Round-Up Oct 15, 1964
S5, Ep4 Pebbles’ Birthday Party Oct 8, 1964
S5, Ep3 Itty Biddy Freddy Oct 1, 1964
S5, Ep2 Monster Fred Sep 24, 1964

The Flintstones is an animated, prime-time American television sitcom that was broadcast from September 30, 1960, to April 1, 1966, on ABC. The show was produced by Hanna-Barbera. The Flintstones was about a working-class Stone Ageman’s life with his family and his next-door neighbor and best friend.

The show’s continuing popularity rested heavily on its juxtaposition of modern everyday concerns in the Stone Age setting. The Flintstones was the most financially successful network animated franchise for three decades, until The Simpsons debuted.

In 2013, TV Guide ranked The Flintstones the second Greatest TV Cartoon of All Time.

The Flintstones (theme song)


We ALL are ONE!!!


We ALL enjoyed the FLINTSTONES!!!