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~~September 24, 2015~~


The dunes of sand  are glowing as this night of April calls
And tides of souls wash in and out to ease the tears that fall
In happiness there are such times when solemn sobs are heard
When all the anguished times of yore seem trivial and absurd
The lonely gull cries out for love its mate responds in kind
While waves of time wash in and out of memories in the mind
The thoughts that stayed and vigils kept until you came around
To fetch the basket lined with hopes … a penny for a pound
I kept it here within my heart and closed the door to others
That came to feed, were turned away… not looking for another.
My tears of joy are faded … and yet the hopes are here
That one by one the sobs of love will expose this pair
Of friends that time has granted … another chance to mend
The hearts that gently went their ways with spirits left to fend
Time is a judge of souls, it seems … and plays the hand that wins
Often to the other love … of the heart that’s on the mend
My guess is just the poser of the answer … I haven’t any
But tears of joy begin to mix with sobs of pains … a plenty
Confusion seems to justify the thoughts that do prevail
Over where you’ve been and why you left, forget it … what the hell!
For sitting here upon the dunes with moon glow overhead
Somehow these tears are here for joy instead of sobs of dread
Forget the past and forge ahead to greet another day
The dunes will stay … the tides will change … and gulls will fly away
And time will seek another pair to smooth the edges over
Their lives will take another turn and hearts will run for cover.

© 1999 Susan K. Rowse



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~Tides of Soul~

Mickael David

~Published on Jul 16, 2015~
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©2015 Mickael David


We ALL are ONE!!