Cats Knocking Stuff on the Floor …. “Lighthearted Video, #2”!!


~~July 14, 2015~~ 


Let’s face it, cats have an evil streak in them.

Whether they’re trying to get back at us for something we did (that we likely don’t even realize) or they’re just feeling like little punks, cats have a way to get right under our skin.

It seems like all cats enjoy knocking our things onto the floor, no matter how fragile.

Watch as these little felines push things onto the floor right in front of our eyes!

No shame, kitties, no shame.

But even if they’re being bad, we can’t help but love how cute they are.

Katie Finlay


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~~Cats Knocking Stuff on the Floor~~

~~Published on Jan 16, 2015~~

Don’t you just LOVE it when your pet knocks things on the floor?

Video by Emily Pelleymounter


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We ALL are ONE!! 


Natalie …. the piano player from Melbourne, Australia!!

~~November 5, 2014~~ 

You’d Never Notice This Old Woman On The Street, But Hearing Her Play Is Magical

80-year-old Natalie Trayling has been been soothing the weary hearts and souls of Melbourne with her piano playing for years now.

Once homeless, Natalie’s life has been marked by tragedy, including the deaths of two daughters, a son’s battle with depression, and a scholarship to London’s Royal Academy of Music that she had to turn down at 15 because her family didn’t have the money, the Sydney Morning Herald reports.

She now plays on the streets of Melbourne, chauffeured by her son Matthew, who captured this amazing performance of a piece she wrote when she was just 13.





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~Natalie: Iconic Melbourne Piano Street Performer~

Untitled original piece

~Published on Jan 21, 2014~

Matthew Trayling

This musical piece was composed between the age of 13 and 14 and finished some years later. Another insight into the mind of this musical genius. Enjoy. I made a comment 12 days ago after observing the dramatically increasing views on YouTube of this video I filmed an uploaded of Natalie (my mum) that reaching 100,000 views would be a wonderful gift for her 80th Birthday being tomorrow. Well  …. it seems at this stage (884,272 views) that it might just make “ONE MILLION” at some stage during the day. This is not just phenomenal.. It’s rightly earned by her. The world is listening, and not just listening to an old lady playing piano on the street, but listening to musical genius.

(This morning when I checked: 2,412,612 YouTube views)


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We ALL are ONE!!