Rose and her son Joe …. update #8


~~February 22, 2014~~


The only man of my life … my children are and will always be my first true loves.


~~The Wonder Years~~


 Bless you, Joe and all of you family Rose Hornedo …. Know that you all are in my prayers! Joe is still in the hospital?

~~B and Nick, visiting with Joe~~


He’s been moved to Vitas Hospice in Winter Garden.


 Undying love a never-ending prayers are being sent to you and yours keep on fighting Joe.


 Joe I know you are going to kick cancers ass, please just keep on fighting.


My heart aches knowing what y all are going through. We are here for whatever is necessary. Joe I know it’s tough but we think of you everyday please feel the strength energy we are surrounding u with to continue on remember we are all here with you.


Please know that even though we don’t seem to be around, we care …. and we worry and think about you. We love you!! Never doubt that!


I think we are all keeping the faith – I’ve contacted Moffitt Cancer Centers, MD Anderson in Texas, and an oncologist in Miami … waiting to hear back. I think what made me send out this message is because ALL the staff at hospice – nurses, doctor – we’re very concerned about his state when he arrived.

Once the doctor looked further through his records he had a sit down conversation with me. He reassured me that having faith is very important, but the reality of his situation is the cancer is too far spread.

And so much damage has been done to his lungs, liver, one functioning kidney, and heart that further treatment will be more damaging than not.

He has an appointment on March 5 with Moffitt, but the hospice doctor said he is so critical he may go before then … it could be a matter of days.

Our only alternative is homeopathy or clinical trials …. I love you for your continued faith, love, and support. He went downhill very quickly. I don’t know how long we’ll be here, but I’m not leaving his side …


~~January 14, 2014~~

The story behind the rat tail: Joseph Catino was 5 & loved his rat tail. One day he decided to give his little sister a hair cut. He proceeded to cut 8 inches off the side of Gina’s head. With child safe scissors, no less!

So Mom decided to teach him a lesson & cut his prized possession.

Thing is, I couldn’t bring myself to get rid of it … guess what I just found … lol!



A Mother’s Love [Lyrics] – Jim Brickman


Published on Jun 22, 2013

The love they share as mother & child is a bond of the strongest kind. A love strengthened by overcoming obstacles & facing challenges together.

It is a love of the present, interwoven with memories of the past and dreams of the future.


Created by Chris Dorschner on January 18, 2014

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We ALL are ONE … fighting with all of YOU!! 


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