Something to think about …. “It’s borrowed”!!


~~March 26, 2015~~ 

It seems that the older generation has lost its way as far as protecting our Earth, our Home, our Planet. It’s not ours. It belongs to our children. They have taken in upon themselves to start protecting Planet Earth and its resources. 

We are only the guardians. 


Earth Guardians is an organization of dedicated youth from around the world. We are committed to standing up to protect the Earth, Water, Air and Atmosphere so our generation, and those to follow, inherit a healthy, just and sustainable planet. We are focusing on weaving together the synergy of individual grassroots youth driven projects around the globe, to create one international, intergenerational movement for effective change.

~Earth Guardians~

Historic Journey 

Earth Guardians have a long history and have been building a successful organization powered by youth since 1992. Over the past twenty years we have Earth Guardians leaders have become successful agents of positive change spreading a message of hope and inspiring youth into concerted action.

We have had the opportunity to participate, inspire, speak, present and perform at conferences, festivals, rallies, schools and colleges around the world. The Earth Guardians movement is growing across the globe.

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Earth Guardians is a non-profit organization, comprised of kids advocating for the future of our planet. Through education, demonstration, marches, and community involvement, the Earth Guardians strive to make a difference in the quality of living for those that will inherit our planet.


We ALL are ONE!!