Keith Olbermann, #136 …. “😜 Donald Drumpf is F*cking Crazy 😜 …. there’s no doubt in my mind …. “!!


~~October 17, 2017~~ 



One doesn’t need to really know the ‘official definition’ of crazy.

One knows crazy when one sees crazy.

Demented, insane, kooky, lunatic, erratic, flight, cracked, crazed. 

This ‘so called president’ has shown all of the above and more.

The video explains a lot.



I feel this is important information about what is happening in the Republican Administration lead by Drumpf and what we need to be aware of.
Keith Olbermann series called “The Resistance” continues.
He has posted installment #136.
The video speaks for itself.
If this resonates with you, good.
If it doesn’t, just scroll away to the next blog.
Thank you!




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Drumpf is the president, which means Keith’s not going anywhere.

Catch every episode of his new GQ show, The Resistance, and then come join the fight.


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~~Donald Trump is F*cking Crazy~~

The Resistance with Keith Olbermann

~~Published on Oct 17, 2017~~

Let’s be honest here, Drumpf’s brain does not work correctly.



We ALL are ONE!! 


Thoughts for today, #387 …. “No one, no where …. not a one …. “!!


~~July 28, 2016~~ 


Imagine, having to teach your child about violence on the streets.

Teaching them how to react in the face of danger.

Danger from those who are there to protect all of us.

This just plainly shouldn’t be.

Yet, this is the reality of many families today.

And, even sadder, this doesn’t even work out the right way.




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We ALL are ONE!! 


The Wolf will continue …. no matter what!!

~~May 20, 2014~~ 

Among wolves, no matter how sick, no matter how cornered, no matter how alone, afraid or weakened, the wolf will continue.

She will lope, even with a broken leg. She will strenuously outwait, outwit, outrun and outlast whatever is bedeviling her. She will put her all in taking breath after breath.

The hallmark of the wild nature is that it goes on.

Arguably no other animal on earth has been as important to humans as the wolf. They were gods in the Norse mythologies and nursed Romulus and Remus, the founders of Rome. Most importantly, the wolf was the first animal to ever be domesticated by man, a process still shrouded in mystery that took place well over 10,000 years ago. They have been our dearest friends and direst enemies, and yet there is still so much we don’t know about them.

Wolves are legendary because of their spine-tingling howl, which they use to communicate. A lone wolf howls to attract the attention of his pack, while communal howls may send territorial messages from one pack to another. Some howls are confrontational. Much like barking domestic dogs, wolves may simply begin howling because a nearby wolf has already begun.

Wolves live and hunt in packs of around six to ten animals. They are known to roam large distances, perhaps 12 miles (20 kilometers) in a single day. These social animals cooperate on their preferred prey — large animals such as deer, elk, and moose. When they are successful, wolves do not eat in moderation. A single animal can consume 20 pounds (9 kilograms) of meat at a sitting. Wolves also eat smaller mammals, birds, fish, lizards, snakes, and fruit.

Wolfpacks are established according to a strict hierarchy, with a dominant male at the top and his mate not far behind. Usually this male and female are the only animals of the pack to breed. All of a pack’s adults help to care for young pups by bringing them food and watching them while others hunt.


~~”I know I’m a Wolf”~~


~~Published on Sep 21, 2012~~

This is a lyric video to one of my favorite songs: “I Know I’m a Wolf” by Young Heretics.

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We ALL are ONE!!