Malcolm X …. “Born May 19, 1925 …. In Memoriam”!!


~~May 19, 2016~~ 


Malcolm X (May 19, 1925 – February 21, 1965), born Malcolm Little and also known as el-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz, was an American Muslim minister and human rights activist.

To his admirers he was a courageous advocate for the rights of blacks, a man who indicted white America in the harshest terms for its crimes against black Americans; detractors accused him of preaching racism and violence.

He has been called one of the greatest and most influential African Americans in history.



Malcolm X has been described as one of the greatest and most influential African Americans in history. He is credited with raising the self-esteem of black Americans and reconnecting them with their African heritage.

He is largely responsible for the spread of Islam in the black community in the United States. Many African Americans, especially those who lived in cities in the Northern and Western United States, felt that Malcolm X articulated their complaints concerning inequality better than did the mainstream civil rights movement.

One biographer says that by giving expression to their frustration, Malcolm X “made clear the price that white America would have to pay if it did not accede to black America’s legitimate demands.”

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Mr. Militant Negro

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We ALL are connected through HUMANITY!! 


We ALL are ONE!! 


At the end of the day … “BeyondBlue: STOP. THINK. RESPECT.”!!


~~April 2, 2015~~ 


I found this video today as I was surfing the net, looking for interesting topics.

My world has been reeling for a while and it became worse when this stupidity about the  national outrage over Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act, signed by Gov. Mike Pence on Friday, March 27, 2015.

There has been huge backlash since the signing of this law.

It’s making me think … it’s discrimination at its best against the LGBTQ community.

However, let’s consider other minorities: African Americans, Native Americans, Hispanic, Latinos, Jews, left handed people, brown eye people, Muslims …. the list is endless.

If this isn’t stopped …. you could be the next one. And it happens everywhere.

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“No one should be made to feel like crap, just for being who they are”


Beyondblue’s national campaign highlighting the impact of racism on Indigenous Australians

Beyondblue recently released a new campaign named ‘Invisible Discriminator’. This campaign is aimed at drawing attention to subtle racism experienced by Indigenous Australians  and the ongoing negative effect racism can have on Indigenous mental health.

The television advertisement was released in response to national data and a BeyondBlue survey of 1000 Non-Indigenous Australians. The survey found that almost ten per cent of non-Indigenous respondents would not hire an Aboriginal jobseeker, based on their cultural identity. One in ten said they would avoid sitting next to an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person on public transport, and one in three people said they believe Indigenous Australians are sometimes a “bit lazy.” Of the males surveyed, more than a quarter said it was hard to treat Indigenous Australians equally to everybody else. “We have launched this campaign to tell people that it doesn’t matter if it’s subtle or overt – racism is still racism and it ruins lives. Australian Bureau of Statistics data tells us that Indigenous Australians are twice as likely to die by suicide as non-Indigenous Australians, and are almost three times more likely to experience psychological distress. Racial discrimination contributes to these tragic statistics and it’s about time things changed,” Beyondblue chairman, the Hon. Jeff Kennett AC said.

The campaign is due to run for six weeks through television and digital media, through an advertisement highlighting subtle forms of racism that experienced by Indigenous Australians on a regular basis. Beyondblue CEO Georgie Harman said the Invisible Discriminator character in the campaign represents the voice inside the heads of some non-Indigenous Australians.

“You’re not staying there, right?”

“What do you think she’s up to?”

“Could you really rely on her?”

“Don’t make eye contact.”

“Come on. It’s only a joke.”



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“Beyondblue recognises that much needs to be done to address depression, anxiety and related drug and alcohol problems in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. Over time and across Australia, generations of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have experienced trauma, grief and loss. Psychological distress is high amongst Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and this is exacerbated by ongoing social and health factors.” The key message of this campaign is that casual racism is just as hurtful as more obvious forms. The message ‘Stop. Think. Respect’ encourages Australians to think about their behavior in relation to Australia’s first peoples.

To see the advertisement and find out more visit:


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~’The Invisible Discriminator’ – Stop. Think. Respect.~

~Published on Jul 28, 2014~

Why should anyone be made to feel like crap, just for being who they are?

Subtle or ‘casual’ racism can be just as harmful as more overt forms. Stop. Think. Respect. encourages everyone in Australia to check their behaviour.

Share this video to help make a difference.


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“New Age of Slavery” …. Patrick Campbell Art!!


~~January 20, 2015~~ 

I’ve seen in graphic before but I didn’t know the meaning or the artist before. It’s amazing to me that this topic is still around. It never went away … it was lurking in the underworld with different manifestation. Now it’s out in the open again …. no hiding. This reality is shameful. 


The inspiring story behind the ‘New Age of Slavery’ painting capturing the movement

“My Country Tis of thee, Sweet land of … liberty
But we wish to inform you that, tomorrow … we will be killed with our families!”

“The New Age of Slavery”
we are the white stripes pure, ignorant; red stripes are the blood of slaves, soldiers and the killings of innocence. When we learn about the history of our country, hate envelopes hence the bleeding over.
are country our is far form perfect and its only going worse!

Thank You Internet world making my flag out there and known!


“New Age of Slavery”

This was a piece originally done because I was sick of the african American death that has been occurring to much with Travyon Martin, Mike Brown, Eric Garner and many more, due to .. .the goverment not caring!

As African Americans what is our life worth?
As a people we SHOULD NOT be afraid of our government.

Please share and spread!
This has to end!



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Like most Black people in the United States, Patrick was paying attention to the news and was seeing people who look like him being killed senselessly. Then in September, Eric Garner died after saying “I can’t breathe” 11 times as a cop choked him.

The searing anger that came with yet another Black life ending spurred him to create New Age of Slavery. “It seems that African-Americans have been targeted in our own state and in our own country. I cannot stress that enough. IT IS OUR OWN COUNTRY.”

So he took a 16×22 white canvas and he didn’t even do a rough sketch in his sketchbook like he typically does. He just started drawing on the canvas itself. He taped off the canvas to create the 13 stripes of the flag and he drew 50 perfect stars too. And then, he started drawing and painting hanging people in every other stripe and he stopped after he did because “what I drew hurt me.” He walked away from the piece for 3 days and when he came back he painted them red, and realized that the stars couldn’t be the old-fashioned ones.

Patrick created cracks through most of the stars, and he turned the others into silhouettes of men. That was what I noticed the 2nd time I took a look at the painting. I saw the men holding guns, and I saw the boys and men who were on their knees, begging not to be shot or with their backs turned. Every time I took a look at New Age of Slavery, I saw something new and it was a fresh gut punch. And the first time I noticed the baby in the 6th red stripe, my heart ached.

I got to hear about his whole process in creating this piece and he diverts from his usual technique of creating art that looks clean here. Because his furiousness would not let him make this clean. The hanging bodies drip into the white stripes, and that is part of what makes Patrick’s work so poignant. The flag’s white stripes can’t be so white because they’re soiled by the blood of black lives taken.

When Patrick finished this piece, he stepped back from it. “I stood back and said ‘What have I done?’ and I cried. I was blown away and was in awe. This is the a piece of mine that I will say is powerful and I rarely say that with any of my pieces. It made me cry.”

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We ALL are ONE!!