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~~July 13, 2017~~ 


I’ve been re-discovering the history of my country, Puerto Rico. As I’m going through that process, I’ve thought about other countries which could have experienced similar events as a result of the endless desire of the United States to be a global empire.

My gut was correct!

One of the countries whose history I want to review and research is Hawaii. I found this interesting video that explains concisely some of the information that I’ve been searching for.

Always remember, there’s truth in yest! 

I worked on the Puerto Rico video; here’s the Hawaii one mentioned by the creators.

My heart bleeds for these countries!


~Visit Hawai’i – Honest Government Ad~


I had the magical opportunity to visit Hawai’i at the start of the month and talk with local and native Hawaiians.

They all said the biggest problem they face is the fact that so few people are aware of the history of ongoing US military occupation.

So on my return to Australia, I decided to make a video about it.

~ Giordano~


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~~Visit Hawai’i~~

Honest Government Advert 

~~Published on Mar 22, 2017~~

The US Government just released this tourism ad for Hawai’i and it’s surprisingly honest and informative.

We AL are ONE!!