Angelika’s Songs …. “Master of Tides”: Lindsey Stirling!!


~~November 23, 2014~~

Angelika, is my oldest grand-daughter, you may have seen her here a few times. She is 9 years old.

She loves music, as much as I do. She’s been keeping me up to date with some of the new songs that are coming out. She knows the songs but doesn’t know the performer most of the time. I’ve trying to teach her it’s important to also know who is singing. Very frequently, we use the “Shazam” app to identify the singer/band.

Last night we were looking at two music posts where I used videos by Lindsey Stirling: “Dragon Age: Inquisition” and “Assassin’s Creed”. She surprised me by asking: “have you seen another one by Lindsey called “Master of Tides“?

I hadn’t. We looked it up together and here I’m presenting it to you.

(This girl has quite a way of teaching me!)


For her new music video, Master of Tides, Lindsey Stirling wanted to do something different. The director of the video, Mike Greene, set up a spontaneous live performance and recorded the footage as Stirling’s new music video.

Those who were present in the Americana Mall Square in Glendale, CA witnessed the video and had no idea before the performance that something like this was going to take place.


Stirling combined many ideas for the creation of this video. She had a pirate themed performance with a fountain show, pyro guns, and background dancers that were dressed to look like pirates and sirens. Suzanne Bernel, Cirque Berzerk Director and Stylist remarked about the costumes and the problems the dancers had, saying,

The biggest challenge in the spontaneous performance was designing these beautiful elaborate costumes, some that had some weight and some structure to them and then having to have them be covered up. And the make up too, is how do you have someone in elaborate, Poseidon/sea siren makeup and having to cover that up to where they just look like a shopper at the mall.

Some of the challenges that the crew faced were dancing and performing stunts on a wet surface, incorporating new moves into the routine that Stirling had never done before, and designing costumes and make up that could be disguised easily to fit in with the crowd.


Stirling concluded the performance by mentioning

The reason I’ve always wanted to do a spontaneous performance is because you get to surprise people; you get to make people, hopefully, make people smile that weren’t expecting this. And I’m looking forward to hopefully, you know, making a memorable night for someone tonight.


“As it appears in .. “


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~~Master of Tides~~

~~Published on Aug 14, 2014~~

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