At the end of the day …. “Foxgang Amadeus”!!

~~September 22, 2014~~ 


I’m going to go out on a limb here. I’ve been looking for information about this extremely unique piano which sits in a corner of a placid town in Ontario, Canada. The information that I have found is included below. I wonder, why that name? Foxgang Amadeus?

I think that it’s origin comes from the well known musician and composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

The piano is actually a fox … notice the ears. It’s not a wolf. Hence the name: Foxgang … I think!


How did this unique piano come to be?

“Nestled in picturesque Northumberland County, our town is a lakeside community located on the north shore of Lake Ontario, between Toronto and Kingston.

The Corporation of the Town of Cobourg will be committed to responsible governance and to the provision of effective, accessible services consistent with best practices.

The Town of Cobourg is a lakeside community (population 18,500) located on the north shore of Lake Ontario halfway between Toronto and Kingston and has been recognized multiple times by MoneySense Magazine as “One of Canada’s Best Places to Live” in populations under 25,000.

Founded in 1798, Cobourg is rich in heritage offering a vibrant downtown, sophisticated small town atmosphere and renowned waterfront that serves as a popular getaway destination. As the largest town in Northumberland County, Cobourg is personified by historic Victoria Hall, hosts a 27.4 million community centre, an educated and skilled labour force, flourishing commercial sector and supportive municipal government. Cobourg has received the Federation of Canadian Municipalities Sustainable Communities Award, accolades from the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act Alliance, and multiple heritage, environmental, and event awards.”

“As it appears in …. “


~Downtown Vitalization Initiative~

“We’re kick starting the implementation phase of the Downtown Vitalization initiative!”


It’s her street piano, which she designed/painted for the “Keys to our Town” art initiative in Cobourg, Ontario.

“The piano is located at the northwest corner of Victoria Park. Sorab Bulsara carved the ears and stool for me from an old tree stump, using only a chainsaw. The piano is tuned every two weeks. I love to hear your stories about this installation, please send along.”

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~Michael McNamara plays my Street Piano “Foxgang Amadeus”~

~~Published on Sep 10, 2014~~

“I came across Michael McNamara performing on my #streetpiano, Foxgang Amadeus. 

Apologies for the shaky video, I didn’t have time to use a tripod or set up my camera.”


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