At the end of the day …. Dorothy, the chimpanzee!!

Dorothy's Funeral

~~November 5, 2014~~ 

The Story Behind National Geographic’s Viral Chimp Funeral Photo

A story of hope. Understand that animals can feel grief. Don’t be sad because Dorothy died. Be happy that she lived and was loved very much by her family.

(I know this happened several years ago. Yet, tonight I feel more at ease and in comfort, in the company of sentient animals like these. They show feelings. They seem aware of community and they lack any subterfuge. Seems better than many members of our human race.)


“On September 23, 2008, Dorothy, a female chimpanzee in her late 40’s, died of congestive heart failure. A maternal and beloved figure, Dorothy spent eight years at Cameroon’s Sanaga-Yong Chimpanzee Rescue Center, which houses and rehabilitates chimps victimized by habitat loss and the illegal African bush meat trade.

After a hunter killed her mother, Dorothy was sold as a “mascot” to an amusement park in Cameroon. For the next 25 years, she was tethered to the ground by a chain around her neck, taunted, teased, and taught to drink beer and smoke cigarettes for sport. In May 2000, Dorothy — obese from poor diet and lack of exercise — was rescued and relocated along with ten other primates. As her health improved, her deep kindness surfaced. She mothered an orphaned chimp named Bouboule and became a close friend to many others, including Jacky, the group’s alpha male, and Nama, another amusement-park refugee.

Szczupider, who had been a volunteer at the center, told me: “Her presence, and loss, was palpable, and resonated throughout the group. The management at Sanaga-Yong opted to let Dorothy’s chimpanzee family witness her burial, so that perhaps they would understand, in their own capacity, that Dorothy would not return. Some chimps displayed aggression while others barked in frustration, but perhaps the most stunning reaction was a recurring, almost tangible silence. If one knows chimpanzees, then one knows that they are not usually silent creatures.”

~Photographer, Monica Szczupider~

“As it appears in …. “



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This touching picture showing the silent honoring of their dead friend is another proof that animals have deep loving feelings. Every species has their own language. People should develop more fast in order to understand the animal language! They have so much to tell us! But in a future time they shall understand each other and be perfect and know! Then the famous words spoken by universal genious Leonardo da Vinci shall become true “There shall come a day when humans shall respect every form of life and treat every animal as they treat their own species.”

Maybe we shall not live that future day but we can work for it!!!

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~~Dorothy the Chimpanzee~~

Do Animals Grieve?

~~Uploaded on Nov 4, 2009~~

Chimp funeral. The group were silent and embraced one another. This is not “normal” behavior for an animal. This video is for educational review. 

This is the story of Dorothy, a chimpanzee that was orphaned when her mother was killed for bush meat (food for poachers). She was sold to an amusement park as a baby. For the next 25 years of her life, Dorothy was tethered to the ground with a chain around her neck. Taught to smoke cigarettes and drink beer. She was constantly teased and was thrown scraps by tourists and passersby.

Chained near her was a male chimp named Nama who was placed further away from the reach of the thrown scraps, so far that he barely received any food at all. He became malnourished as Dorothy became overweight. They could see one another, but could not touch and comfort each other. Nama was there 15 years compared to Dorothy’s 25 years.

They both quickly gained their health back upon arriving at The Sanaga-Yong Chimpanzee Rescue Center in Cameroon. Nama went on to be very close friends with the alpha male, Jacky(they are pictured hugging each other in the video). Dorothy became the mother of an orphaned male chimp named Bouboule, whom she loved as one of her own. The rest of the story lies in the video.

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