VOTD …. “🎼🎼 Ave María …. Kanneh-Mason Family 🎼🎼 …. “!!


~~June 3, 3018~~ 



I’ve watched to Harry and Meghan’s royal wedding during the weekend.

I was totally impressed by Sheku Kanneh-Mason, the young cellist who played during the ceremony.

Take a look at his other siblings.

Beyond amazing!!



~Kanneh-Mason Family play Ave Maria (with Hobbit intro) at Bath Festival 2018~

This is the first time I was privileged to hear all 7 of these anointed musicians play together.

Ever since the Royal Wedding and me encountering the dynamic gift of Sheku Kanneh-Mason on the cello, and then the tremendous talent of his siblings as well, I have not been able to stop crying.

God’s hand is so powerfully on this family.

Just as King David played the harp, this entire family of psalmists is transforming the lives of others and taking authority over the atmosphere through song. They have been raised up strategically for such a time as this. May God crown them with glory, with open doors, and unprecedented favor.

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~~Kanneh-Mason Family play Ave Maria with Hobbit Intro~~

Bath Festival 2018 

~~Published on May 27, 2018~~

Stuart Mason





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The Voice 2016 …. Wé McDonald and Alicia Keys …. “Ave Maria …. “!!


~~December 13, 2016~~ 


Four incredible artists competed in The Voice Finale 2016 last night.

Wé McDonald is my favorite.

She has an excellent musical education, amazing talent and a chemistry that exudes when she performs.

The results will be known tonight.

Rooting for Wé!



The Voice Live Finale: We McDonald Teams With Alicia Keys On ‘Ave Maria’

Wé McDonald teamed with her coach, Alicia Keys, to perform Stevie Wonder’s version of Ava Maria. The duet had a full choir of kids in the background for a powerful version that also saw both We and Alicia playing piano.

Quite excellent.

The finals are upon us as the remaining 4 hopeful artists compete to come out on top on The Voice. Fans have waited all season to see who will be crowned the next champion on The Voice.

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~~”Ave Maria”~~

The Voice 2016 Wé McDonald and Alicia Keys Finale

~~Published on Dec 12, 2016~~

Wé McDonald teams up with Coach Alicia Keys to sing the traditional classic “Ave Maria.”


We ALL are ONE!! 


At the end of the day …. “Flor Palida”!!

~~May 14, 2014~~ 

I have connected with a dear blogger friend who likes music. She has followed a previous musical series … “At the end of the day ….”.

I would like to introduce her to another type of music which I think she may not be familiar with. 

I hope you like it, Val … 

This is salsa music. I know that the words are in Spanish. I will try to translate because the lyrics express a beautiful love story.


I found a flower one day, along the road. It was wilted, lifeless and leafless. The flower was pale, appeared to be drowning in a sigh. I took it home with me, placed it in my garden. I cared for it. 

The petals were asleep but they started waking up with my care. It had lost its color but slowly regained it because she found someone to water it.

I offered my love slowly. I kept her warm during winter so that it wouldn’t spoil.

That flower belongs to me now. I promised to care for it. No one will ever steal her color away. And it will never leave me.

So many things grew from that flower. A lost love grew. With the light of the sun, the shadows disappeared and with the shadows, distance and forgetting disappeared. 

~~”Flor Pálida”… Marc Anthony ( Album 3.0)~~


~~Published on Aug 19, 2013~~



Halle una flor
Un día en el camino
Que apareció marchita y deshojada
Ya casi pálida, ahogada en un suspiro
Me la llevé a mi jardín para cuidarla

Aquella flor de pétalos dormidos
A la que cuido hoy con todo el alma
Recuperó el color que había perdido
Porque encontró un cuidador que la regara

Le fui poniendo un poquito de amor
La fui abrigando en mi alma
Y en el invierno le daba calor
Para que no se dañara

De aquella flor hoy el dueño soy yo
Y he prometido cuidarla
Para que nadie le robe el color
Para que nunca se vaya

De aquella flor surgieron tantas cosas
Nació el amor que un día se había perdido
Y con la luz del sol se fue la sombra
Y con la sombra la distancia y el olvido

Le fui poniendo un poquito de amor
La fui abrigando en mi alma
Y en el invierno le daba calor
Para que no se dañara

De aquella flor hoy el dueño soy yo
Y he prometido cuidarla
Para que siempre este cerca de mí
Para que nunca se vaya

(Para que nunca se vaya)
(Para que nunca se vaya)
(Para que nunca se vaya)
(Para que nunca se vaya)

Le fui brindando cariño un poquito de amor (para que nunca se vaya)
Y en el invierno lleno mi jardín de color (para que nunca se vaya)
Ay cuando la vi, me enamore y me la lleve y me la lleve
Ave Maria, Puerto Rico!
Ataca Sergio!

We ALL are ONE!!