Saturday Night Live: Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Cold Open …. “With 72 hours remaining until Election Day …. “!!


~~November 6, 2016~~ 


(we hope)

SNL has simply become one of the best shows to portray, through humor and satire, the reality of these presidential candidates.

The debates are over.

There are three days before election day is upon us.

Kate McKinnon is amazing.

She has been ‘playing’ Hillary for a while.

Alec Baldwin joined the cast and plays ‘the donald’.

Laughter is the best medicine, I’ve always said.

That’s the only way you can go through this incredibly crazy election cycle.

I loved it.

I have to say, I will miss these ‘encounters’.

Hope you enjoy!



Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump break the 4th wall in ‘SNL’ cold open

Saturday Night Live took its last possible opportunity to skewer the election once more, bringing back Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump and having Kate McKinnon reprise her role as Hillary Clinton.

The two took to a CNN talk show for perhaps one of the most uncomfortably real cold opens in recent memory.

Tackling everything from Clinton’s latest email debacle to Trump’s miraculous ability to sidestep controversy in a news cycle increasingly dominated by negative press for Clinton, the skit also managed to bring some legitimate surprises to the table.

“Don’t you guys hate feeling like this?” Baldwin says, breaking character.

The two soon make a break for it, departing from their skit and running through the streets of Times Square to the tune of Arcade Fire’s “Wake Up.”
Perhaps more important than making you life, cry, cringe, and want to run away, SNL wants you to vote.

“We can’t tell you who to vote for, but we all get to choose what kind of country we want to live in,” McKinnon concludes.


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Alec Baldwin and Kate McKinnon Break Character to End the Election Vitriol on SNL

In its final cold open before Tuesday’s presidential election, Saturday Night Livebrought in veteran castmember Cecily Strongas CNN’s Erin Burnett to moderate a conversation between the two major party nominees.

What started as a regular cold open with Republican nominee Donald Trump portrayed by Alec Baldwin and Kate McKinnon‘s Hillary Clinton ended in unusual fashion: the two sketch actors breaking the fourth wall and addressing the crowd directly.

“”As it appears in … full read/full credit”

Alec Baldwin and Kate McKinnon Break Character to End the Election Vitriol on SNL


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~~Hillary Clinton & Donald Trump Cold Open~~

Saturday Night Live

~~Published on Nov 6, 2016~~

With 72 hours remaining until Election Day, Hillary Clinton (Kate McKinnon) and Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin) appear on Erin Burnett (Cecily Strong) OutFront.


We ALL are ONE!!