IOTD, #554 …. “Take deep dive into this Trump family portrait …. “!!


~~August 23, 2016~~ 


I want to promise that this will be the only reference today to this “man”.

I found this family photo and the information below yesterday.

I think it bears “scrutiny”.

What a family portrays says a lot about the individual.

To me, this is a “picture saying a thousand words”.

All credit given to Daily Kos and it’s writer.



By kos

I know this photo has been floating around for several weeks, but I can’t let it go. It haunts my dreams. It haunts my waking moments. It mesmerizes me. I can’t turn away, coming back to it again and again. Let us count the ways the photo above is creepy, weird, bizarre, and ridiculous.

We can debate all day whether the decor is “gauche chic” or “petty dictator chic,” but really people, it’s both.

Donald is smiling, his son Barron is … sad and lonely way out there in the hinterlands, and Melania is working on her best Blue Steel. They are just like us!
Credit given where credit is due – they didn’t want anyone mistaking any glimmer of “love” in this family, and they succeeded!
I won’t lie, that gulf between parents and son breaks my heart.
Trump had no problem taking photos with his female daughter on his lap!
Little Barron is being prepped for the day he illegally hunts and kills big game.
Fun fact: That’s Chris Christie dressed up as a toy lion!
They have the kid play with toy limos. And guys, it’s important for everyone else to know that, so let’s get the toy limos into the shot!
Trump apparently carts that throne around everywhere he goes.
The über-rich even get their own micro breezes, targeting Melania’s dress and nothing else!

Someone get gold leaf on that living plant, STAT!
What else do you guys see?



“As it appears in … full read/full credit”



Daily Kos


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