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~~May 24, 2016~~ 


The season is almost done.

Watched last night’s, May 23, episode.

Three couples remain.

Any one has the potential to be the winner of it all.

Each couple performed two dances: a Redemption Dance and the Freestyle.

All are deserving of the title of champion and taking the mirrored ball home.

I must say this will be a hard decision.

The numbers are very close.

Paige’s story is one of triumph over a troubled childhood.

Her family moved from the town where they lived for Paige’s benefit.

Mark created a choreography around Paige’s reality.

The results was emotional and magical.

Take a look!



Paige VanZant was just pure magic during the finals on Dancing with the Stars on Monday (May 15) from Los Angeles

The 22-year-old UFC fighter and partner Mark Ballas recruited his fiance BC Jean to perform “Over the Rainbow” for their performance.

Mark was so moved by their performance, he was crying as they awaited the judges’ comments.

Paige and Mark earned 30 points out of 30, from the judges, giving them a score of 59 for the total night.

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Talk about a romantic way to have a final dance

Paige and Mark have definitely been frontrunners all season on ‘DWTS,’ but their last dance was extra special, thanks to the woman behind the mic.
Mark Ballas‘ last dance with Paige VanZant was like none other — mostly because his soon-to-be wife, BC Jean, performed the number!

Mark, 29, and Paige, 22, danced a powerful freestyle on Dancing with the Stars to “Over the Rainbow,” and BC Jean, 29, absolutely nailed the cover.

The dance was super powerful dance for Paige, bringing her back to the town she left to get away from bullying — it started with her opening a music box, and out came BC!

Mark even cried at the end, making us cry too!

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~~Paige & Mark’s Freestyle~~

Dancing with the Stars

~~Published on May 23, 2016~~

Paige VanZant and Mark Ballas Freestyle dance to “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” by Ray Chew Cover on the Dancing with the Stars’ Season 22 Finals!


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