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~~October 27, 2015~~ 


Florida Called Off Its Big Black-Bear Hunt After It Became a Black-Bear Massacre

By Nathan Pemberton

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Florida decided that something had to be done to reduce the number of black bears interacting with humans, who have increasingly been encroaching on their traditional settlement areas, with sometimes unfortunate results.

The state took the measured response of initiating a week long statewide bear hunt for the trash-hungry omnivores.

It doled out more hunting permits (3,779) than the last known count of the bear population (3,300).

The first weekend of bear bloodbath was such a success that officials had to call off the hunt after only 48 hours.

The bear body count by that point had already reached 295.

The wildlife commission had set a cap of 320 bears, nearly 10 percent of the state’s bear population.

Biologists with Florida’s wildlife commission say the high numbers point to a robust and fully recovered bear population.

Just three years ago, the black bear was on the state’s endangered-species list. The population was bouncing back from a low of around 300 in 1970, down from 11,000 at its mid-century peak.

Hunting was suspended in 1994.

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In Memoriam

The Lingering Stench of Death: Witnessing the Developers’ War on Florida’s Black Bears, October 24-25, 2015


~Florida Ends Black Bear Hunt After Two Days With 295 Animals Dead~

~Published on Oct 26, 2015~

Wildlife authorities say hunt had neared official objective of 320 bears. More than 3,200 hunters had bought licenses to participate. After just two days, Florida ended its controversial black bear hunt because a higher than expected number of bears had been killed. Wildlife authorities said late on Sunday that 295 bears were taken overall, nearing the official limit.

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