To start the day …. what you resist, persists!!


~~August 21, 2014~~

What You Resist Persists
… say YES! to your problems and watch them melt away.

This reminds me so much about my therapist Julie. This is what she tells me all the time. What I consider problems in my life aren’t really that bad. I would say it’s a matter of perspective. I know others have it worse than me. I really can’t complain.

Granted, I’m not saying this is easy. I’m saying that I have to try.

Need to go with the flow!!


“Whenever you are experiencing discontentment or unhappiness, there is something you are resisting. All suffering is caused by non-acceptance of what is. It may be a thought, a feeling, an emotion or a situation. You suffer when you want things to be different from how they are. What you resist persists.

Most of the time, it is NOT the experience itself that creates pain and suffering, rather the resistance TO the experience. How you label the experience determines how you feel.

So lets get back to the expression “What you resist persists.” The Law of Attraction states that like attracts like.


Through resisting our experiences, we draw more of the same to ourselves. Through focusing on what you don’t want, you attract more of it. A far better (and infinitely more peaceful) approach is to consciously offer no resistance.

Simply acknowledge what is there, allow it to be there and know there is nothing “wrong” with it.

Be aware of any commentary about the experience. There is no need to fix or change anything. Wanting to fix it will create more of it. Simply seeing it is enough. Then see what happens!

Negative states persist because we give them energy and importance by focusing on them. When we offer no resistance, they wither and fade away. And, even if they do remain, so what!!!”






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