‘Yo Soy Puertorriqueño’ …. “🇵🇷 Plena Puertorriqueña con Manolo Ramos … colaboración con Olga Tañon 🇵🇷 …. “!!


~~December 1, 2017~~ 

Plena Puertorriqueña


It’s December 1.

The holiday season has already started.

It will be a bittersweet celebration in Puerto Rico. Yet, the Boricua spirit will never be vanquished.

This is a new song, dropping at the perfect time, with the perfect message. The Puerto Rican people shows their strength and resilience during difficult times.

“Que rico es poder decir que yo soy Puertorriqueño, que rico es poder decir que yo soy Puertorriqueño, enamorao de mi tierra de mi cultura y mi pueblo … 

Sube esa bandera al son de una rica plena … “




The plena originated in Ponce, Puerto Rico around 1900

It was first heard in the neighborhood Barriada de la Torre, whose population consisted mostly of immigrants from St. Kitts, Tortola and St. Thomas, who had settled on the island since the late 1800’s. Originally, sung texts were not associated with the plena, which was rendered by guitar, accordion and pandero, but eventually, in 1907, singing was added.

Plena was often called the periodico cantado or “sung newspaper” for the lower classes because it spread messages among people, similar to the corridos in Mexico. The traditional center of plena was probably San Antón, a barrio of Ponce, although the black neighborhood of Loíza is also mentioned as the heartland for the genre. Its popularity peaked in the 1920’s.



Yo Soy Puertorriqueño, Plena Puertorriqueña, con Manolo Ramos y Olga Tañon

Letra y Música: Manolo Ramos

Publicadora: Warner Chap

Cuando me preguntan que donde fue que nací, se me hace un nudo en la garganta y les digo así, nací donde el cielo mostró su primera estrella fue jugo de tamarindo mezclao con parcha, china y quenepa …

De Puerto Rico, Lelolelolelola, Borinqueeeen!

Que rico es poder decir que yo soy puertorriqueño, que rico es poder decir que yo soy Puertorriqueño, enamorao de mi tierra de mi cultura y mi pueblo.

Si tu eres Boricua sientes igual que yo estoy sintiendo.

Le agradezco al cielo, porque fue en este lugar donde abrí mis ojos pa’ ver el sol y aprender amar rodeao de palmeras y el mas bello mar azul




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~~Yo Soy Puertorriqueño~~

Manolo Ramos and Olga Tañón

~~Published on Nov 29, 2017~~

Edwin Jobel

Yo Soy Puertorriqueño, Plena Puertorriqueña, con Manolo Ramos.


We ALL are ONE!! 


At the end of the day …. “Taína …. mi Orgullo …. “!!


~~September 9, 2016~~


My ancestry, my lineage.

My roots, my home.

Forever my pride, forever my joy.

Good night!


redlinebThe Taíno (means “peace” in their language, a mix of Arawak Native) natives of the Great Antilles, were the people who greeted Columbus, and with that, have changed the source of history.

On Nov.23,1493, on Christopher Columbus’s second voyage to the “new world,” he landed somewhere in Puerto Rico on what is known now as the city of Aguadilla. He saw these middle height, bronze skinned people, totally naked, but decorated with paint and feathers, people.

The first word that came from these mysterious people mouths were, “taíno.”

This word meant peace, and that is what Columbus called them for then on, and was surprised at how peaceful and organized they were, and said that their language was the so sweet and the best he have ever heard. Actually, the taino people did not call themselves taino, but Boricua and the island Columbus landed on, Borinquen.

Boricua means ‘people of valiant and noble lord’ and Borinquen means ‘home of the valiant and noble lord’.

The Taino were not only in Puerto Rico. They were in the Great Antilles (Puerto Rico, Cuba, Hispanola (Dominican Republic and Haiti]) and in the Bahamas.

“As it appears in … full read/full credit”


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We ALL are ONE!!

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A Puerto Rican Moment …. “It Happens …. Forever Love ….”!!


~~March 2, 2016~~ 


Would you wear this Puerto Rico Love bracelet?

Of course I would. I want one, at least!

I would get so many of them … and keep wearing them all the time!!




Puerto Rican Pride



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We ALL are ONE!! 

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Thoughts for today, #288 .… “We Come in MANY Colors”!!


~~November 17, 2015~~ 


“Our skins are different.

We have many colors.

We are all Puerto Rican (Borinqueños).




Puerto Ricans (Spanish: Puertorriqueños; Taíno: boricua) are the inhabitants or citizens of Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico is a multi-ethnic nation, home to people of different ethnic and national backgrounds. As a result, some Puerto Ricans do not treat their nationality as an ethnicity but as a citizenship with various ethnicities and national origins comprising the “Puerto Rican people“.

Despite its multi-ethnic composition, the culture held in common by most Puerto Ricans is referred to as mainstream Puerto Rican culture, a Western culture largely derived from the traditions of Western European migrants, beginning with the early Spanish settlers, along with other Europeans arriving later such as the Corsicans, Irish, Germans and French, along with a strong West African culture which has been influential.

Puerto Ricans commonly refer to themselves as boricuas. “The majority of Puerto Ricans regard themselves as being of mixed Spanish-European descent. Recent DNA sample studies have concluded that the three largest components of the Puerto Rican genetic profile are in fact indigenous Taíno, European, and African”.

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We ALL are ONE!! 

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IOTD …. Image of the day, #351 …. “Puerto Rico’s Indigenous People: TAINOS”!!


~~October 6, 2015~~ 


Until the day I die.



is the name of my land

Before the conquerers came

Before the poverty

Before the blood shead

my people
de lo Boriquen island

Tene la sangre
de los Santos

lo sangre de Dios

He sleeps in our hearts

Tu corazon
they call it

We were Taino Indians

Till we had to hide our skin

We were once naked

Our land clothed us

Our bodies
beautiful in its natural form

Our fruits of our land
was pure

Our skin
the color of gold

Our waters
clear as sky

Then one day
we died

We now hide
in the blood
of the spanish pride

We are still alive ….

Razon Santos



The Taíno are an Arawak people who were indigenous peoples of the Caribbean and Florida. At the time of European contact in the late 15th century, they were the principal inhabitants of most of Cuba, Jamaica, Hispaniola (presently Haiti and the Dominican Republic), and Puerto Rico in the Greater Antilles, the northern Lesser Antilles, and the Bahamas, where they were known as the Lucayans. They spoke the Taíno language, one of the Arawakan languages.

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“IOTD” is image of the day, a concept I came up with. I teach visual meditative therapy – or in easy terms – a mini mental holiday. For some people it is very difficult for them to get their image right. I post an image a day for people to use in their mini mental vacay. Some are serious, some are silly, and some are just beautiful!”


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We ALL are ONE!! 

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To start the day … “Puerto Rico: Mi Tierra”!!


~~August 7, 2015~~ 


Puerto Rico, Discover a Magnificent and Unique Island
Puerto Rico, officially known as the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico (Estado Libre Asociado de Puerto Rico), is an “unincorporated territory” of the United States, located in the northeastern Caribbean, east of the Dominican Republic and west of both the U.S. Virgin Islands and the British Virgin Islands.

Puerto Rico is only 100 miles long by 35 miles wide, making it the smallest island of the Greater Antilles. Puerto Rico (Spanish for “rich port”) consists of an archipelago that includes the main island of Puerto Rico and several islands: Vieques, Culebra, Mona and numerous islets.

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The United States “liberated” Puerto Rico from Spain in 1898. The following year, Hurricane San Ciriaco destroyed millions of dollars in property and nearly the entire year’s coffee crop. Banks swept in, buying land at a steep discount.

Even worse, in 1901, property taxes on every remaining farmer in Puerto Rico were raised. Farmers were forced to borrow from American banks at usurious rates; many lost their land to foreclosure. By 1930, 34 percent of land in use was managed on behalf of absentee owners.

Independence is the only solution, for Puerto Rico and the United States. After 117 years, many Puerto Ricans are victims of Stockholm syndrome, fearful of losing the “safety net” of United States benefits. But it’s clear that the safety net is a chimera. A gradual transition to independence (like that of the Philippines in 1946) would allow both island and mainland to adjust to a sovereign and self-sustaining Republic of Puerto Rico. It is the only way to end this colonial tragedy.

Nelson A. Denis, author of “War Against All Puerto Ricans”

“As it appears in … full credil/full read


I was born and raised in Puerto Rico, always within the framework of the USA presence.

It was a dream for me. I didn’t know anything else.

The American influence is and always be in my most innermost spaces.

Recently I’ve learned a lot about my country’s history.

A country rich in culture, heritage, natural resources and very good and genuine people.

They say “ignorance is bliss” … and this is so very true.

It’s very sad to know the reality of my country’s history. And it even sadder to see what it happening to Puerto Rico now.

This video shows what my country is all about.

The song, the music, the singer, the images all show the greatness of the Island and it’s culture.

Here I am … wishing and hoping but not holding my breath,



~~Puerto Rico … Mi Tierra~~

~~Published on Nov 13, 2014~~

Dedicado a todos los Boricuas de corazon …. como yo!

Nelson E. Garcia Mangual


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We ALL are ONE!! 



we all ALL are connected through our blood and heritage

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