Something to think about …. “The Flags are Coming Down but … “!!


~~July 10, 2015~~ 

Three weeks after a gunman massacred nine worshippers in a black church in Charleston, South Carolina, the Confederate battle flag that has flown for decades at the state Capitol is gone.

The flag issue has ignited fierce passion on both sides, from those who say it honors Southern heritage and sacrifice and those who call it an ugly symbol of racism and slavery.

Members of a South Carolina Highway Patrol honor guard lowered the flag for the final time.



“In wake of the tragic massacre of nine members of the AME Emanuel Church in Charleston, Gov. Nikki Haley is calling for the removal of the Confederate flag which flies on the premises of the seat of our government.

It’s long overdue and a no-brainer that this divisive symbol has no place on Statehouse grounds.

Put it in a museum, put in in your backyard, put it on the back of your truck, but don’t let it fly on Statehouse grounds.

The Confederate flag is an anachronism — a thing that seems to belong in the past and not to fit in the present — and a contradiction in the direction South Carolina seeks to go.

This is an opportune time to capitalize on tragedy. It’s sad that it took such a horrific event to bring Gov. Nikki Haley and Sen. Lindsey Graham to this stark realization.

But “the arc of the moral universe is long but bends towards justice.”

Dwight Donald



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It must be kept in mind that this is the removal of the flag from the state Capitol. There are many of them all over the South. There are decals on vehicles, there are personal flags, there are souvenirs … you name it.

This is an ingrained value, a feeling of “heritage” and pride in some people.

Maybe because they don’t know the real meaning behind it, maybe because they truly believe in white supremacy, maybe because they are racist, maybe because they are just plain mean.

This is a “step” …. the first step in a long journey.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.



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