Grandparent’s Day ….. at Sophia’s school!!


~~April 24, 2015~~ย 

It’s been a busy morning … getting up early to go to school.

The Annunciation Catholic Academy of Altamonte Springs celebrated today “grandparents’ day”.

This was my first time going because the other grandma is out of town.

Today was very important because it’s only done up to second grade students.

This is Sophia …. she’s completing second grade this month.



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~~Annunciation Catholic Academy~~

Welcomes you to Grandparent’s Day

April 24, 2015

We honor the special people in our lives


Courtyard activity

Photographs will be taken of you and your grandchild

Stroll through and enjoy the artwork that your grandchild has done for this special day

Visit the Media Center and read a book or two with that special someone


Eat breakfast with your grandchild


Make a project with your little one


At 10AM all classes will proceed to the gymnasium for the special Grandparents’ Day Program.

Juanito Cuando Baila

Safe and Sound

I Can Can

Feel This Moment

Be A Superhero

Good Time


Ann B

Sophie was kind enough to share me with her. Ann didn’t have a grandparent with her.

It was fun.

Sweet little Ann.


~~Happy Grandparents Day~~

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Grandparents Day is a day to show appreciation for our grandparents. It’s also a day to help children of all ages become aware of the strength, wisdom, and guidance that older people can offer.


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Soon it will be Reed’s turn


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