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At the end of the day …. JLo: “Feel The Light”!!


~~March 25, 2015~~


JLo looked stunning during her performance of ‘Feel The Light’ on ‘American Idol.’ Not only did she sound amazing, but her dress, which her costume designer EXCLUSIVELY told us was ‘special’ for many reasons, was like nothing we’ve ever seen before.

Sings ‘Feel The Light’ From ‘Home
Jennifer first appeared on stage in a large white dress — which consisted of fabric, 20 feet in diameter — and it projected scenes from the movie, as well as some super cool special effects.

As JLo stood there and belted out every mesmerizing note, our eyes were transfixed on that dress — how fierce! Even Jennifer’s costume designer, Mariel Haenn, felt like it was something “special.”

“A lot of things made this dress special, particularly it’s an idea that we’ve had for a very long time that we were just waiting for the right time to execute it. The white dress on it’s own was an idea that Jennifer had for a performance, but then when we were working on the creatives for the Home music video, we talked about using the dress as a canvas to project stuff onto it, and incorporate the movie into her dress, which is something I’ve never seen before. It felt really special,” she told

“As it appears in …. full read”



Here I go
Feel better now
Feel better now
Here I go
Here I go
It’s better now
Feel better now ….

Do you remember when we fell under
Did you expect me to reason with thunder
I still remember when time was frozen
What seemed forever was just a moment
Hurry up, hurry up
There’s no more waiting
We’re still worth saving …..

Feel the light
Shining in the dark of night
Remember what we forgot
I know it’s a long shot
But we’re bringing it all back
We’re bringing it all back
Feel the light
Shining like the stars tonight
Remember what we forgot
I know it’s a long shot
But we’re bringing it all back
We’re bringing it all back ….



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~”Feel the Light”~


~Published on Mar 19, 2015~

Sitting in her judge chair, Jen’s job is to critique the talented performers who grace the Idol stage. But there’s a reason she’s sitting in that chair in the first place … What a treat to watch our very own Jennifer Lopez take the stage to perform the awesome “Feel the Light” from the upcoming movie ‘Home’.


We ALL are ONE!!