At the end of the day …. The Piano Guys: “What Are Words”!!


~~May 9, 2015~~ 

I am so thrilled to share Peter Hollens & my collaboration with The Piano Guys. Such a beautiful song with a meaningful message & what an honor to work with the incredibly talented Jon Schmidt while we were in Hawaii. Enjoy!

Evynne Hollens


Peter Hollens is an American singer/songwriter, producer and entrepreneur.

He has been involved with a cappella music since 1999 when he and Leo da Silva founded the University of Oregon’s a cappella group, On The Rocks, known as the first official collegiate a cappella group in Oregon. He regularly releases new music videos to his YouTube channel.

Hollens is married to Evynne Hollens, founder of the a cappella group Divisi. Evynne has her own YouTube channel, posting music videos, occasionally collaborating with her husband. On November 28, 2013, she posted a video on her channel, which revealed that she was expecting a baby.

The couple announced their baby’s name to be “Ashland James Hollens” and he was born on 31 March 2014.

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~~What Are Words~~

Peter & Evynne Hollens


~~Published on May 7, 2015~~

We hope you enjoy our arrangement of Chris Medina’s tune, “What Are Words.”

We were inspired by this song because it was originally written as a tribute to Chris’ fiance who suffered a brain injury as the result of a car accident. Chris wouldn’t abandon her when she needed him most — the lyrics are beautiful, filled with poetic promises.

Listen to the original song and learn more about the story here:

We would also like to give a HUGE THANK YOU to Peter Hollens and his angel wife, Evynne whose transcendent voices gave this arrangement wings.

Thanks again for watching!!!

Title: What Are Words
As performed by Chris Medina, written by Rodney Jerkins, Andre Lindal and Lauren Christy
Arranged by Jon Schmidt, Tom Anderson, Peter Hollens & Evynne Hollens
Produced by Jon Schmidt & Peter Hollens
Performed by:
Peter Hollens, vocals
Evynne Hollens, vocals
Jon Schmidt, piano


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