Who is awesome?? …. You are!!


~~July 18, 2014~~


Inspiring an overwhelming feeling of reverence, admiration, or fearcausing or inducing 

awean awesome sight.Showing or characterized by reverence, admiration, or fear; exhibiting or marked by awe.


~~Who’s awesome? You’re awesome!”~~

(“Sos Groso Sabelo”) is a catchphrase used in image macros wherein the subject is pointing at the camera while smiling, and sometimes winking. They are typically used to cheer up or compliment others in random act of kindness.


The meme began in September 2004 with the launch of an Argentinian website called SosGroso.com.ar, which featured a picture of American TV actor Don Johnson smugly pointing at the camera with a winky smile and the caption that read “Sos groso, sabelo!” In Argentinian dialect of Spanish, the phrase can be literally interpreted as “You’re awesome! Know it!”

Created by two college students Diego and Federico Marino, the site received an unexpectedly high volume of traffic, leading the visitors to send their own “sos groso” pictures to be featured on the homepage. Though circumstantial, it is widely held as true that the meme inspired the creation of the English equivalent “Who’s awesome? You’re awesome!” macro series.


Even though the original “SosGroso.com.ar” site has been on hiatus since October 2004, the image macro trend continued to spread through other Argentinian photo-sharing sites, such as Fotolog which was extremely popular around that time. “Sos groso” macros are still shared from time to time on Argentinian sites like Taringa!




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Lyric Video – Lego Movie – Tegan and Sara feat. The Lonely Island

~Published on Jan 26, 2014~~

Video to the song “Everything is AWESOME!!!” by Tegan and Sara. it features The Lonely Island too. 

And if you haven’t seen “The Lego Movie”, I highly recommend it! 


We ALL are ONE!!