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~~December 29, 2014~~ 

VW People’s Car Project: the magnetic suspension vehicle (Hover Car)

Now that flying cars are beginning to emerge, imagination has no more limit … Here is the magnetic levitation spherical vehicle!

The People’s Car Project is an initiative launched by VW in China to design the new people’s car, an open-source project where citizens can submit ideas to VW’s R&D in China.

This is the case of Jia Wang who thought of a solution for traffic congestion in the city of Chengdu with a small urban vehicle, spherical, connected that can be parked everywhere (even in the air!) with a simplified operation allowing everyone to take the wheel.

Starting from these basic concepts, VW’s engineers made this idea become true with an original vehicle using electromagnetic levitation – to provide freedom and comfort – but also safety oriented with distance sensors to avoid crashes.



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~~The People’s Car Project~~

Jay Leno’s Garage

~~Published on Oct 18, 2012~~

The People’s Car Project. Jay joins a Beijing panel to talk about the future of Chinese car design.


~Volkswagen People’s car project, Hover Car, the flying two-seater~

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~Published on May 1, 2012~

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