At the end of the day …. “Viktor Kee …. ‘America’s Got Talent 2016’ …. “!!


~~September 14, 2016~~


I started to watch America’s Got Talent fairly recently.

Tonight is the final.

The winner will be chosen.

There are ten performers left.

All of them are worthy of winning the title and the prize.

This is only one of the performers who has captured my heart.

There are others.




Viktor Kee has been performing on stage since he was six years old, the Ukrainian born juggler is a graduate of the professional Circus School in Kiev. He has won awards at most of the world’s major circus festivals including Cirque de Demain in Paris and the International Circus festival in Monte Carlo.

A favorite with audiences around the world, Viktor has performed at the Moulin Rouge, Lido de Paris, the Friedrichstadtpalast in Berlin, the Mirage, and the MGM Grand with Barbra Streisand in Las Vegas, Teatro Zinzanni in Seattle, the Royal Albert Hall in London, and around the world with Cirque du Soleil’s “Dralion”, “Voyage de La Vie” Singapore and currently in new Cirque du Soleil show “Amaluna“.


In the development of Viktor’s career he has stood on the shoulders of his forefathers in the juggling world. He has pushed the level of artistic expression in juggling to new levels. For Viktor, the world of movement and object manipulation is not only external, but also a physical manifestation of the internal emotional world. It is an ephemeral event that begs to be experienced viscerally as much as visually.

Quite possibly the world’s sexiest juggler, Viktor Kee, has developed a unique, mesmerizing style of juggling.

A style of performance that melds dance, acrobatics and juggling into a wondrous ballet of sensuality.




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Viktor Kee



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~~Amazing Juggler Wows Judges~~

America’s Got Talent 2016

~~Published on Jul 21, 2016~~

Viktor Kee, an Ukrainian juggler brings to AGT stage his amazing skills


We ALL are ONE!!


National Animal Rights Day! …. Wise Up!!

~~May 31, 2014~~ 

“During the first weekend of June, with many others, I mourn the 57 BILLION Land Animals and the 1 TRILLION Aquatic Animals who are Killed Yearly for Food!

Along with the MILLIONS of others killed for fun, fashion, research and greed! 
National Animal Rights Day!”

The National Animal Rights Day (NARD), established by Our Planet. Theirs Too. in 2011, is an annual day observed in the US on the first weekend of June, for the purpose of giving a voice to animals and raising awareness for their rights, until these rights are established and protected by the law.

Since the dawn of humanity, the use and abuse of non-human animals have been part of human beings’ everyday lives. We have gotten accustomed to relying on animals for almost everything we do. And while we raise our children on animal books, puppets, films and television shows, we have devised well-oiled systems, unimaginable in their cruelty, to raise, kill, and use every part of these animals for all our needs: from food, to fashion, cosmetics, medicines, house hold items, labor, sports, and entertainment. When one examines the sheer magnitude of it, it’s unfathomable.

And it’s going on every day, every hour, every moment.

In the year 2014, on planet Earth, 6 million animals are killed in slaughterhouses around the world every 30 minutes. In the United States alone, 10 billion land animals and 20 billion sea animals are killed for food every year. An additional 10 million die in laboratories, and 3 million are killed for their skin and fur. It is estimated that another 200 million are killed by hunters.

That’s 80 million living beings a day!

If these animals could talk, their chorus of cries would drown out every other noise in the world. They would come from every farm, slaughterhouse, meat market, testing lab, breeding factory, fishing pond, hunting ground, circus, zoo, religious temple, pet store, city shelter, restaurant, and dinner table, in every home on every street. These individual beings, who have a soul, a unique character, a will to live, and a natural right to do so, are just like us: they come in all shapes, colors and sizes. Some of them have feathers, some of them have fur, some of them have paws and some have tiny little legs. But they all share the very same thing we have in common too: they want to live. With their loved ones.

Happy and free.

The National Animal Rights Day was created to give a voice to these billions and billions of anonymous nameless beings. Once a year, on this day, around the US, we stop everything else, and remember them. We mourn their loss, express their pain through ours, and reach out on their behalf to anyone who has a heart to listen.

On this day we also celebrate the living animals who are part of our lives now, and the great strides that are made every year towards a cruelty-free, compassionate nation, for all beings.

This tradition will continue until the day when all animals could live on their own terms, with their families and offspring, happy and free. Until the day when these beautiful beings have equal rights to human beings on this planet. Until the day when human beings take responsibility and protect all animals, instead of harming them. Until that day, we will be here. Please join us.


We are ALL connected through NATURE!! 

Wise Up

~~The National Animal Rights Day~~

~~Published on Apr 3, 2014~~

From the opening ceremony of the 3rd National Animal Rights Day (NARD) in Los Angeles, Sunday June 9, 2013.

The 4th National Animal Rights Day will be this weekend. 

We ALL are ONE!!