October 12 …. “Not Columbus Day …. Happy Indigenous People’s Day!”


~~October 12, 2015~~


Since 1992, Berkeley has renamed Columbus DayIndigenous People’s Day” in support of the world’s indigenous peoples that have suffered greatly under the Europeans’ conquest of the new world.

Such incredible arts & crafts have come from these cultures, from the Native Americans, the aboriginal cultures of Australia and New Zealand, the Berbers in Morocco, and throughout the rest of the world. in honor of all of those cultures, today seemed like the perfect day to share images from the Chichicastenango Market in Guatemala. The most colorful market in the world, “chi-chi” is held on Thursdays and Sundays with vendors offering fruits, veggies, pottery, textiles and other traditional k’iche’ maya crafts.

Here’s to cultural preservation, understanding, and unity!

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On August 3rd, 1492 Italian explorer Christopher Columbus set sail from Palos de la Frontera, Spain, to seek out a western sea route to China and India. However, the explorer and his crew never made it to the gold and spice islands of Asia. Instead, about two months later, on October 12th, they landed on a small island in the modern-day Bahamas that Columbus claimed for Spain and named San Salvador.

The arrival of the Explorer credited for ‘discovering’ the Americas has since been celebrated with religious ceremonies and parades in many U.S. States. In 1937,  President Franklin D. Roosevelt declared October 12th a Federal holiday and Christopher Columbus Day became afixture on the American calendar. In 1971, to enable residents to enjoy a long weekend, the holiday was moved to the second Monday of October.

However, the holiday has always been mired in controversy.

That’s because many Americans argue that Christopher Columbus did not ‘discover’ America.

The Native Americans already lived here.

Then there is also the issue that his mission was not a scientific ‘voyage of discovery’, but one geared to conquer and colonize the lands he discovered. Critics argue that the Spanish army brought by the explorer on his second voyage was responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of indigenous Americans. Those that survived were enslaved and forced to work in mines and plantations. They, therefore, believe that his arrival should not be celebrated.

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Happy Indigenous People Day


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~~The History of Columbus Day~~

National Geographic

~~Published on Oct 8, 2017~~

What is Columbus Day? Why do we celebrate it?

Find out the history of the holiday, the 1492 voyage it commemorates, and the controversy it has ignited.




We ALL are ONE!! 

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