At the end of the day …. “Why Columbus Day Isn’t Being Celebrated By Some People”!!


~~October 12, 2015~~ 


I find this so interesting.

I remember, when I was in school, the topic of America’s discovery always revolved around Christopher Columbus and his three ships: La Niña, La Pinta y La Santa María. That’s the way it always went.

As I read today, I discovered that this movement to bring forth the reality of his “conquests” was almost four decades in the making.

We end the day with more information and other points of view about Columbus and his actions in this “new land”.



Christopher Columbus is known for “discovering America” and is honored for this with a national holiday and general acclaim by the American people and their government. While this is a nice narrative that countless Americans can recite, Columbus should be better known for one of his statements regarding the native populations of the places he came across, specifically that “with 50 men we could subjugate them all and make them do whatever we want.”

Columbus isn’t the hero that everyone makes him out to be.

First off, he didn’t “discover America”— people had already been living on that continent for ages. He wasn’t even the first traveler to come across America, as Vikings arrived in America around 1000 A.D. and there are legends of Chinese explorers and Irish monks coming to the continent earlier than Columbus.

So what exactly is Columbus’s legacy?

It is that of a slaver, murderer, and thief who was willing to do anything in order to secure glory and riches for himself.

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~Why Columbus Day Isn’t Being Celebrated By Some People~

~~Published on Oct 12, 2015~~

Instead of Columbus Day, #IndigenousPeopleDay celebrations are gaining steam in the U.S.

Some places throughout the U.S. are celebrating a different holiday on Columbus Day.


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