Jordan Klepper …. “🇵🇷 Late Night Tackles Drumpf and Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 …. “!!



~~November 15, 2017~~ 


~Late Night Tackles Trump and Puerto Rico~
Jordan Klepper visits Puerto Rico, finds the upside in Drumpf’s post-hurricane ‘trickle-down responsibility’


This is my country.

Puerto Rico is my homeland.

As Jordan very well found out on his own, the people of Puerto Rico are indomitable.

The Boricua spirit won’t be squashed.

The ’10 ouf ot 10′ goes to the people of Puerto Rico!

That’s how Puerto Rico will recover: neighbor helping neighbor.

It’s been a ‘do-it-yourself’ affair since day one!


~November 14, 2017~

“So-called President’ Drumpf declared his response to the brutal hurricanes in Puerto Rico a “10 out of 10,” so Jordan Klepper at Comedy Central’s The Opposition flew down to the island with purportedly high hopes.

Klepper mostly kept up his faux-alt-rightish character in his interview with San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz and other Puerto Ricans, but he declared Drumpf’s recovery effort a sub-par 6.5 (“if you round up, that’s a 10, baby!”), given the huge numbers of people without power, phone service, drinking water, shelter, or working schools.

Still, he found the upside in this federal dereliction.

“I think I’m starting to put it together,” Klepper said. “When Drumpf said it was a 10, he wasn’t talking about his response, he was talking about the response he inspired. See, he’s always thinking a couple of steps ahead, so many steps, often, he’s behind. Something I like to call ‘trickle-down responsibility’ – people in the community, well then they’re the ones who step up, they come together and they fix the problems, they move forward as a people and thus become that much more united.

And we all know, Drumpf, he’s a uniter.” After awarding perfect 10’s to Puerto Ricans doing it for themselves, Klepper also brought back a gift for Drumpf himself.

Maybe Drumpf should accept him (or her).


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Trevor Noah …. “⚖️ Profiles in Tremendousness: Pardon Edition …. Sheriff Joe Arpaio … ⚖️ “!!


~~August 29, 2017~~ 


Trevor Noah Explains Real Reason Drumf’s Arpaio Pardon 

Why is this important?

Drumpf has proven time and time again that there’s no bottom to his rhetoric, demagoguery and simple evil. Using the his ‘presidential’ power to pardon one of his ardent pre-campaign, birtherism buddy and totally white supremacist and racist top cop, law enforcer in Maricopa County.

Trevor explains it better with a slight hint of humor. 

I’ve found this is the only way one can make it through the day in spite of the seriousness of it all.



Hint: it has to do with the Russia investigation

AUGUST 29, 2017 8:55 AM

Drumpf’s decision to pardon Joe Arpaio has already ignited plenty of controversy – not least because many have taken it as the president encouraging law enforcement to break the law.

As Trevor Noah put it on The Daily Show Monday night, August 28, “Drumpf has been president for seven months – and like a teenage boy with a locked bedroom door, he’s been exploring his new powers.

And this weekend, Drumpf confirmed that he can get someone off all by himself.”

That could have very bad implications for Mueller’s investigation, Noah said:

what if Drumpf simply decides to pardon officials within his Cabinet who are convicted? In Arpaio’s case, Drumpf didn’t even wait for him to be sentenced before issuing a pardon. As Vanity Fair’s Emma Stefansky noted this weekend, that means that Drumpf’s colleagues could simply decide not to cooperate or testify in Mueller’s investigation – under the assurance that Drumpf will pardon them anyway.

And even Noah may find that outcome difficult to joke about.

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~~Profiles in Tremendousness: Pardon Edition – Sheriff Joe Arpaio~~

The Daily Show

~~Published on Aug 28, 2017~~

President Trump pardons Joe Arpaio, a controversial former sheriff who advocated the use of excessive force and cracked down on immigration through racial profiling.
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah


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Trevor Noah’s Devastated Monologue … Philando Castile dash-cam footage …. ‘It broke me’ …. “!!


~~June 23, 2017~~ 



Trevor Noah isn’t an American.

Trevor (born 20 February 1984) is a South African television and radio host, and comedian, known for his role as host of The Daily Show on American network Comedy Central since September 2015.

He is a Black man … he knows how this feels.  

America should be ashamed but then again, there is so much to be ashamed for, that this is only a small drop in a huge bucket.




On Wednesday night’s episode, June 21, of Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show,” Trevor Noah devoted the second half of his monologue to his devastation after seeing the just-released dash-cam video footage of the Minnesota police officer who fatally shot Philando Castile during a traffic stop last year.

Last week, the officer was acquitted on all charges, including manslaughter.


I won’t lie to you.

When I watched this video, it broke me.

It just – it broke me. You see so many of these videos, and you start to get numb, but this one? Seeing the child, that little girl, getting out of the car, after watching a man get killed, it broke my heart into little pieces.

Like, I thought of every joke people make about “Oh, the most confusing day in the hood is Father’s Day”:

“People don’t know where their parents are, ha-ha. Black dads.” That’s a black dad that’s gone.

That’s a child that grows up not knowing what it’s like to have somebody in their life.

It’s one thing to have the system against you – the district attorneys, the police unions, the courts – that’s one thing. But when a jury of your peers, your community, sees this evidence and decides that even this is self-defense, that is truly depressing. Because what they’re basically saying is in America, it is officially reasonable to be afraid of a person just because they are black.

And that’s the truth of what we saw with this verdict.

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~~The Truth About the Philando Castile Verdict~~

The Daily Show

~~Published on Jun 21, 2017~~

After dashcam footage of Philando Castile‘s police shooting is released, Trevor breaks down America’s unconscious bias against African Americans.


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Mission Accomplished … “Jon Stewart’s Final ‘The Daily Show’”!!


~~August 7, 2015~~ 

Jon Stewart’s Final ‘The Daily Show’ Brims With Warmth, Emotion

Genuine warmth is an extraordinarily rare commodity on television, which is why Jon Stewart’s final “The Daily Show” was something to be treasured, savored and maybe even played back a few times. As with most media-hyped events, Stewart’s exit came with such inflated expectations that it’s the sort of thing the host himself would have delighted in skewering.

Yet the parade of former correspondents who lined up to bid him farewell not only celebrated what he called “the talent that has passed through these doors” but the guy who gave them that opportunity as he rides into the sunset.

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~Brian Lowry~

MSN Entertainment

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Jonathan “Jon” Stewart (born Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz; November 28, 1962) is an American comedian, writer, producer, director, actor, media critic, and television host. He was the host of The Daily Show, asatirical news program that aired on Comedy Central, from 1999 to 2015.

Stewart started as a stand-up comedian, but branched into television as host of Short Attention Span Theater for Comedy Central. He went on to host his own show on MTV, called The Jon Stewart Show, and then hosted another show on MTV called You Wrote It, You Watch It. He has also had several film roles as an actor, but has done few cinematic projects since becoming the host of The Daily Show on Comedy Central in early 1999. He is also a writer and co-executive producer of the show. After Stewart joined, The Daily Show steadily gained popularity and critical acclaim, resulting in his eighteen Emmy Awards.

Stewart has gained acclaim as an acerbic, satirical critic of personality-driven media shows, in particular those of the U.S. media networks such as CNN, Fox News Channel, and MSNBC. Critics say Stewart benefits from a double standard: he critiques other news shows from the safe, removed position of his “fake news” desk.

“As it appears in … full read/full credit”



~Jon Stewart’s final ‘Daily Show’ in 3 minutes~

~Published on Aug 7, 2015~

Jon Stewart signed off after 16 years at the helm of

The Daily Show.’

Brian Stelter breaks down his final episode.


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To start the day … “Gay Wedding Advice”!!


~~July 6, 2015~~


‘Key & Peele’ return to Comedy Central in expanded fourth season

Finding the perfect soul mate can be tough, and most matchmakers don’t recommend searching for Mr. Right at the club. But for Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, a small, dingy club in Chicago was the perfect spot for their fairy-tale bromance to start.

It wasn’t just any club — certainly not the kind of club their popular characters Meegan and Andre frequent in Key and Peele’s Emmy-nominated sketch comedy show appropriately titled “Key & Peele.” The pair met at the famed Second City Comedy Club, where they “fell in comedy love,” Peele nostalgically recalls.

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With this introduction, you know a bit about these characters who have taken their humor after the momentous SCOTUS ruling about marriage equality in this country.

It’s always good to start the day with a good laugh! HortyRex©


~~Gay Wedding Advice~~

~~Published on Sep 22, 2014~~

A family unfamiliar with the concept of a same-sex wedding holds a Q&A session with a gay man.


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Jon Stewart ….. “I Got Nothing for You”!!


~~June 19, 2015~~ 

Choked-Up Jon Stewart Says He Can’t Tell Jokes After Charleston Massacre
Too much to handle for the funnyman.

“I have one job, and it’s a pretty simple job,” Jon Stewart said on “The Daily Show” on the night after the #CharlestonShooting “I come in in the morning, and we look at the news and I write jokes about it.”

But that’s not what happened last night.

What follows is a heartfelt appeal to America on the issue of race and our strangely inconsistent application of outrage. He noted that two wars and trillions were spent to fight a force far less dangerous that domestic shootings and American racial terror — Islamic radicalism. He would go on to highlight some of the lower-level forms of abuse, from the confederate flag over South Carolina to the residual heritage of slavery.

“We have roads named after confederate generals.

Black people have to drive on roads named after those who would prevent them from driving.

That’s insanity.” As America renews its debate over the use of Confederate imagery,and its pernicious effects on black society, his point is an urgent one, indeed.



“As it appears in … full read/full credit”


~~Daily Show’s Jon Stewart on Charleston shooting~~

‘This was a terrorist attack’

~~Published on Jun 18, 2015~~

The Daily Show host Jon Stewart has slammed America’s response to the mass shooting in a South Carolina church, predicting that nothing would be done in the wake of a “terrorist attack” that left nine people dead.

In a sombre opening to a show he promised would contain no jokes, Stewart said some people were already working hard to discount the idea that racism was the motive behind the massacre.

Prior to introducing his guest – Nobel peace prize-winner Malala Yousafzai – Stewart told viewers: “I have nothing other than just sadness that once again we have to peer into the abyss of the depraved violence that we do to each other, and the nexus of a just gaping racial wound that will not heal but we pretend doesn’t exist.

“I’m confident, though, that by acknowledging it, by staring into that and seeing it for what it is, we still won’t do jackshit.

“Yeah. That’s us.”

The reluctance to label domestic shootings of this kind as terrorism, he went on, led to what he called a “disparity of response between when we think people that are foreign are going to kill us and us killing ourselves”.

“If this had been what we thought was Islamic terrorism … we invaded two countries and spent trillions of dollars and thousands of American lives, and now fly unmanned death machines over, like, five or six different countries …

“Nine people. Shot in a church. What about that?

Eh. What are you gonna do?

Crazy is as crazy is, right?”

The media response had been too slow to acknowledge the culture that made such violence possible, Stewart said: “I heard someone on the news say, a tragedy has visited this church. This wasn’t a tornado. This was racist. This was a guy with a Rhodesia badge on his sweater … This one is black and white. There’s no nuance here.

“And we’re going to keep pretending: I don’t get it, what happened, there’s one guy lost his mind. We are steeped in that culture in this country and we refuse to recognize it, and I cannot believe how hard people are working to discount it.”

Stewart pointed to what he called the “racial wallpaper” of South Carolina, where a confederate flag continues to be flown within the grounds of the capitol building: “The confederate flag flies over South Carolina. And the roads are named for confederate generals.

“And the white guy’s the one who feels like his country’s being taken away from him.”


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At the end of the day …. Race/Off: Jon Stewart’s Rant!!


~~August 31, 2014~~ 

There’s a well known saying: “There’s truth in jest”.

Jon Stewart proves it again. His “rant” covers so many points. It’s right on the money and we need to hear all of it attentively and with an open mind.

I guarantee you that every person of color in this country has faced an indignity, from the ridiculous to the grotesque to the sometimes fatal, at some point in their … I’m going to say last couple of hours. 

Race is there, and it is a constant. You’re tired of hearing about it?

Imagine how ****ing exhausting it is living with it.”

I had to re-write it to make sure we get this!! 


~~As it appears on ….”~~

~~This Might Be Jon Stewart’s Best Rant Ever. Because Ferguson~~

“By now, some of you are thinking, “Man, I’m so tired of hearing about Ferguson.” I see it in my comments all the time. But rather than explain to you why I think that’s not the best thing to say, I’m gonna let Jon Stewart do it. He’s way more eloquent than me. And he smashes pretty much every argument you might have about why we need to keep talking in an eloquent manner.”


I am borrowing powerful images which my friend MrMilitantNegro has included in his slideshows in powerful posts. They need to be shown and shared time and time again.

I’m sure hope he doesn’t mind. I’m almost sure … brother and sister get along quite well. 

You can find him here:

Jueseppi B.

Take some time and look at all of these pictures. There are quite a few. Stop at each and think how it would feel if it affected you personally. 

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~~The Daily Show – Race/Off~~

~~Published on Aug 28, 2014~~

The shooting of an unarmed black teenager by the police in Ferguson, Missouri, strikes a racial nerve in the U.S., but Fox News manages to remain colorblind.


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